Bragging Rights…

I am an absolute sucker for Hallmark movies any time, but at Christmas, I overload the DVR with them. My guilty little pleasure each night is staying up late to slaver over them, likely with a steaming cup of pumpkin spice coffee at my side. (I am one whom caffeine doesn’t seem to affect.)


Sometimes hubby wrecks my routine and joins me. Bless his heart. Last night as I savored one with him at my side, he mentioned (worded against any spoilers), I bet he/she she finds whatever they lost just in time.  I bet the kids become friends.  I bet he/she fall in love.  I bet it does snow on Christmas Eve.


Okay, why not? I said. What Christmas movie doesn’t have the blizzard stop at the right time? The gentle snowfall START at the right time on Christmas eve? ? The old man making peace with his son? A special kiss under the mistletoe? The little boy getting exactly the present he’d ached for? Finding the lost money or Old Ebenezer waking up in time to make everything nice… Come on!

(I’ve got an original Thomas Kincaid’s  “Deer Creek Cottage” which is the photo above, and it hangs in our guest room. The pic below is what I think Hearts Crossing Ranch would look like it if were real…)


Well, with this attitude in mind, it’s no wonder my latest release (last Friday. 11-11-11  !!)  ended up set at Christmas. The heroine Tiffany (named for my dear friend and neighbor) has been abandoned and disowned by her own family. She blames herself. She comes to work at nanny at Hearts Crossing Ranch, where the baby’s uncle, hottie cowboy Bragg Martin, tries to lead her to peace and faith…and love. All the while a big “bag o’ rocks” hangs around his own neck. The thing is, I’d sold this novella on a one –paragraph synopsis, so upon setting down to write the story and delve into its why’s and wherefore’s, I realized the plot just begged to take place at Christmastime.

(Okay, Tiffany doesn’t nanny this baby…he’s real and my two-week old grandson. Sighing again…)

You can probably predict the ending  🙂  , but I hope you’ll read Right to Bragg anyway. I’ll be giving away a watermark PDF copy today to a commenter, with my love and sincere holiday wishes.

And I truly think Bragg is a hottie cowboy.


Disowned by her family, Tiffany Vickers faces a lonely Christmas and takes great comfort in the baby boy in her care. Her faith in tatters, she guards her heart against the baby’s uncle, handsome cowboy Bragg Martin, a man with baggage of his own. While Bragg longs to open his heart and family to the lovely nanny, he doesn’t understand her interest in his arch enemy. Saving a man’s life and saving Tiffany’s faith bring the couple together…and home to Hearts Crossing Ranch.


Tiffany got up for another cup of coffee, Matty’s eyes watching her every move.

“He sure notices you,” Bragg remarked as the baby drained the bottle.

“Yeah. We bonded right off. I’m so glad about it.” As she’d made a snap decision just then, she rushed on. “I left behind my precious nephew. I guess in my psyche somewhere I figured maybe nanny to Matty might help ease that hole in my heart.”  Gently she rubbed her hand over Matty’s head, the edge of her hand tugging at Bragg’s shirt and causing a funny havoc. Mostly though he listened to her pain.

She sank back down into a kitchen chair, resting her cheek in her hand. “I was with Connor from the moment he was born. Paul and Diana wanted me there. Then things went haywire. It was my fault. You talk about forgiveness, but there isn’t any in this case. And I miss that little boy. Oh, I miss him so. I need him. His love was unconditional, you know. He’s three now. I can’t let him forget me.”

Bragg’s heart tugged at the agony on her face, and Matty’s little hand flailed. Tiffany took it at once. “It can’t be that bad, can it?”

“I’ve been disowned, so, yeah, Bragg. It’s that bad.”





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41 thoughts on “Bragging Rights…”

  1. Oh your grandson is so cute, just love babies.

    I am also a sucker for Christmas movies but I usualy watch them in the mornings and read at night. I may just watch part of the movie then finish it later, I DVR them and watch them when I have time. I have to watch the Dolly Parton’s Smokey Mountain Christmas every year. Also the movie The Holiday. Sunday afternoon is a great time to watch Christmas movies. Also love a good Christmas book.

  2. I am right there with you on overloading the DVR here in my house. I love these happy holiday ending movies. They are a favorite of the season. More to the point, I love novels set in this beautiful holiday season.

  3. I’m with you on the Hallmark movies, Tanya, and I love when the Hallmark channel starts its countdown to Christmas. But then again I’m a sucker for anything Christmas.

    BRAGGING RIGHTS sounds like a real Christmas treat. And judging by the cowboy on the cover you’re correct about Bragg being a hottie.

    Your grandson is so CUTE!!! Congratulations!


  4. I LOVE Hallmark Movies too,an am happy that they are showing them early too,,,,Your Grandson is a little doll,,,I hope u love being a grandma as much as I do


  5. What a cutie your grandson is, Tanya. I just want to reach out and hug him (bet he gets lots of grandma hugs).
    Your card and your story made me feel all Christmas-y. And your book cover is gorgeous. That handsome cowboy should fly off the shelves.

  6. Wow, Tanya. Love the excerpt. Love the Christmas movies (if the snow DIDN’T start falling on time what would be the point?)

    And LOVE that precious little boy. What a doll baby. My grandson is 8 months old and so beautiful it’s almost impossible to speak of it. But he’s BIG. No more precious newborn cry. Mine is more interested in shoving everything he can reach into his mouth and throwing himself at the floor, while I’m holding him, so he can crawl around. A very death defying attitude for one so young.

    While You Were Sleeping is my favorite movie of all time. A perfect Christmas romance.

  7. Woo-Hoo! Congratulations on both your new grandson AND the new release!! They look wonderful. I’d like to kiss those chubby baby cheeks. And the book will go on my buy list.

    I like Christmas movies too even though most are predictable. If you haven’t yet seen Debbie Macomber’s MRS. MIRACLE that is regularly on the Hallmark channel I fully recommend it. It’s a perfect holiday movie, at least in my opinion. One thing I make sure of when I turn to a Christmas movie is to have plenty of tissue handy. Like you, I enjoy watching these by myself so I don’t have to try to hold back the tears. Sometimes it’s really good to cry. Kinda cleanses the soul.

  8. Such a sweetie you got there, Tanya. Adorable!

    I love Christmas movies. I usually go for the classics – Miracle on 34th Street, It’s a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, etc. Love those sigh-worthy endings.

    Thanks for setting the mood. 🙂

  9. hi Quilt Lady, always so awesome to see you here! Ain’t Christmas movies great LOL? I also enjoy the Holiday…that little English cottage screams out for me. Another favorite of mine is The Family Stone. I guess because my hubby is a cancer survivor. It’s a real tear-jerker of lovely sadness.

    Christmas stories are my favorite, too.Thanks for posting.

  10. Kirsten, thank you for all the compliments! I just love that little guy; he has already run away with my heart. I kinda like Bragg, too. So good to see you here this morning!

  11. Vicki, oh, being a gramma has been my very most favorite thing ever since my first grandson (almost five) came into my world and made it practically perfect. I have never been so happy. Little Rhys was named for my husband, who is way over the moon.

    Yes, I am soooo glad the countdown came before Thanksgiving, even though I normally wish the season didn’t start until Thanksgiving Friday. But I’m in LOVE with the schedule. So good to see you here!

  12. Hi Elizabeth and Mary, my filly sisters. I love that snowy pic. So glad the animation worked. I know fast babies grow and change. He’s already more grown up lol. Thanks for the good wishes.

    We should a grandchildren blog here sometime!

    I doesn’t snow where I live…unless you count the mountain range about 40 miles away. Sometimes it wears snow for a few days at Christmas, but it doesn’t last long. I think I would like it to snow around here…then again, I have seen yournblizzard pictures, Mary. Brrrrrrrr. Love ya both.

  13. Hi Linda, oh I love Mrs. Miracle. I think there’s another one with her in it as well. I also love Silver Bells…watch it every year. We had such a great vacation in NYC recently. I’m I love with the city. Not normally an Anne Heche fan but she’s great in it.

    Oh and I love those cheeks, too! He already gained 10 ounces! oxox

  14. Hi Tanya,
    What a cutie pie! Is is being a good boy? And of course, I love the cliche Christmas movie, but that’s what Christmas is all about…feeling good, learning a lesson, becoming a better person. I love western Christmas stories the best!! Of course! 🙂

  15. howdy all, I’m having trouble today with a stubborn server or something, so forgive my delays in getting here. I’ll try to catch up now.

    Karen, hi filly sister. Yes, he is adorable. And I love the classics too. (Both White Christmas and A Christmas Story play a bit part in “Right to Bragg.

    A tradition for me is George C. Scott’s A Christmas Carol. I love his Ebenezer. It’s my favorite of all the Dickens productions. oxoxo.

  16. hi Robena, I’m all about heartwarming. I know sometimes it’s not exactly like that in real life, which is why we need Christmas stories! Yay. Thanks for the kind words.

  17. I’m another Hallmark fan . . . I’ve got a bunch on the DVR. I watched a bunch of Christmas ones last year and will happily watch them again 🙂

    Your new grandson is so precious!!!!

  18. Holiday movies always give me this great feeling after watching them… love them!
    What a lovely pic of your grandson… how cute!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Happy November!

  19. hi Paty, oh yeah! I can’t wait to watch him grow and to be there every step of the way.

    Ladies, I’m doubling up a little bit. I’m having trouble connecting and the frustration is mounting LOL.

    Charlene,how’s that baby girl of yours? I totally agree with your sentiments. It’s great to end a year with good feelings, hope, and peace. Thanks for posting, you two. oxoxox

  20. Hi Tanya!
    I love hearing how books come about. I’m also a sucker for a good Christmas movie. I get weepy at Hallmark commercials, so you can imagine how I get with their movies!

    Gorgeous grandbaby. Love ’em up!

    May I be the first to wish you Merry Christmas! and much success with your Christmas book.

  21. Speaking of Hallmark, I even sniffle and shed a tear when I watch the Hallmark card commercials! Your grandson is precious. Isn’t God wonderful to grant us such blessings?

    –Carol Ann

  22. Hi Vicki, yes indeed. I am a re-run watcher myself. Although the new 2011 ones are stirring my heart as well. Thanks for posting, sister.

    Colleen, thanks for commenting today and for your good wishes.

    I’m doubling up on my comments, please forgive. I keep getting kicked out of the system after each comment, and then having trouble re-loading. Grrrrr.

    Oh, no. I mean: HO HO HO

  23. Tanya, thanks for this info! I’ve been out of the loop for so long that I’ve missed the lead-in to this brand new book! After the deaths of my father-in-law and sister-in-law within 5 days of each other, then the blessed birth of our grandson (Parker will be 5 weeks old this Friday), I truly need a pick-me-up. I’m ashamed I haven’t already purchased this great-sounding book! Maybe I’ll win this copy!

    Great pix–keep us updated! Love you! Thanks for all your work for our entertainment.

  24. Hi Lynne, my Wild Rose pal! Thanks for hanging out with me today. Thanks for the Christmas wishes. And yes, I get all weepy at the commercials, too.

    Has anybody seen November Christmas, starring the best ever Sam Elliott? (John Corbett isn’t too bad either.) I bawled for 90 minutes straight the other night LOL. In a good way.

  25. hi Carol Ann, thanks for featuring me at your own blog today. I praise God for those two precious blessings, our little grandsons. Life is so much better with them in it! I’m so glad you came by today. oxoxox

  26. Hi Brenda, my heart and prayers go out to you at such terrible losses, and so close. But God did sent that new little life. I wish we lived close enough so we could get our grandsons together. Thanks for stopping by today, Brenda. You are ever my favorite fan and your kind words about my books really lift me up when times are low. Love you, my friend! oxox

  27. Hi Cher, I’ve known guys whose favorite Christmas movie is Die Hard. You’re the first girl LOL. We do need to analyze that preference 🙂 It had a happy ending but no snow, being in LA.

    Thanks so much for chiming in. oxox

  28. Love, Love, Love Hallmark movies!!! Tears at the Hallmark commercials, and tiny babies. Your grandbaby is precious.

  29. Hi Connie, you’re in good company today! It’s great to hang out, even through cyberspace, with so many wonderful people who love and appreciate the same things. thanks for the good words!

  30. I love Christmas stories. I have a shelf double stacked with Christmas anthologies and a very large box of Christmas books, for both adult and children. It is the perfect time of the year to watch sappy movies and indulge in as many happy endings as we can find. I always look forward to the HAllmark movies, as much for the commercials as anything else. Shedding a few tears is good for the soul if shed for the right reason.

    Good luck with the release of RIGHT TO BRAGG. I hope it does well for you. It sounds like a winner.

  31. Tanya! I hope this one goes through! LOL What a precious picture of your new grandbaby. You must be thrilled to death, and I know he will bring you much joy through the years to come. This will be a very joyous Christmas for your family, for sure. Loved the cover of your new book! Yes, I agree, Bragg is a HOTTIE! I haven’t seen the Hallmark Christmas movies in years, and I know they still have new ones every year. I used to love them–Gary was on night shift part of the time, and gone, too, and I could actually hold the tv controller. SIGH. Then retirement came…LOL Through the years, I have gotten to where I don’t watch a lot of tv or tv movies. Maybe I should get in the habit again…your description of a “guilty pleasure” made me think that might have to be something I get back in the hang of! Great post, Tanya, and I wish you much happiness with RIGHT TO BRAGG.

  32. Hi Tanya!

    I love Hallmark movies! Christmas ones are the best. I enjoyed your write-up on gristmills.

    And your grandson is a cutie. Looks like he wasn’t too keen on having his picture taken, though. LOL. Congratulations on “Right To Bragg”

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