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Hi, y’all, I’m back again! Last month I dropped in to tell you about the PREQUEL called “Christmas at Cahill Crossing” in the SNOWFLAKES AND STETSONS anthology from Harlequin. I hope you enjoyed meeting Rosa, Lucas and Dog. They are an integral part of THE LONE RANCHER—the first continuity book featuring Quin, the eldest son of the Cahill family of Texas.

If you recall, you met Quin at Christmas. However, his problems escalate when Rosa’s first cousin, Adrianna McKnight, steps off the train from Boston to claim the neighboring ranch Quin tried to purchase to keep his departed parents’ dream of expansion alive. (Not that his two brothers and sister care about legacy and tradition. The ingrates! They flit off to chase their own rainbows while Quin nearly works himself into an early grave trying to run the 4C Ranch alone.)

Quin makes his first blundering mistake with Adrianna by telling her to go home where she should have stayed in the first place. He sticks both booted feet in his mouth when he insists she sell out to him because a greenhorn lady rancher has disaster written all over it.

That is not what Adrianna wants to hear when she moves west to make a new start in life. To spite her obnoxious neighbor, she hires his efficient foreman out from under him. To retaliate, Quin hires away Adrianna’s gourmet cook. The feud is on and they blame each other for the increase in rustling and prairie fires on their adjoining ranches.

Hold on to your hats, pardners, this wild ride is teeming with fast-paced adventure, romance, mystery and suspense. In addition, Quin and Adrianna will appear in book 2 written by my good friend, Debra Cowan, in December. In January and February Quin and Adrianna will make appearances in book 3 by my new friend, Carol Arens, and in book 4 by my other new friend, Jenna Kernan.

A great deal of brainstorming took place among Debra, Carol, Jenna and me before writing the continuity books. We wanted to get our stories and characters straight as they stepped from one book to the next. We also wanted an ongoing mystery to resolve, in addition to untangling the conflicts between Quin,Bowie, Chance and Leanna that caused them to scatter to the four winds without contact for two years.

Instead of flashbacks to explain the family rift, we decided to create a prologue featuring the volatile confrontation that caused the split. All four books begin with the same prologue and dialogue—but told from each individual Cahill brother or sister’s point of view. We wanted each sibling to speak in his or her own voice in the prologue, so the author that created each Cahill family member did the talking when words and tempers started flying.

Although coordinating dialogue, choreographing the scene and adding visual descriptions and details was time-consuming, the results make the prologue unique. It’s like four eyewitnesses describing a traumatic event. Readers get to see how the conflict affects each Cahill personally and how it changes the course of each life.

I hope you’ll like the ongoing stories of the Cahill family in this continuity saga.  Happy reading… and do drop in to blog. I enjoy hearing from all of you!!!!

Carol Finch

Miss Carol has agreed–after a bit of arm twistin’–to give away one copy of The Lone Rancher to one of y’all that leave a comment. So git typin’!

Prequel—“Christmas at Cahill Crossing” from SNOWFLAKES AND STETSONS, Oct., by Carol Finch.

Book 1—THE LONE RANCHER, Nov., by Carol Finch.

Book 2—THE MARSHAL AND MISS MERRITT, Dec., by Debra Cowan.

Book 3—SCANDAL AT CAHILL SALOON, Jan., by Carol Arens.

Book 4—THE LAST CAHILL COWBOY, Feb., by Jenna Kernan.

To purchase, click on back cover.

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35 thoughts on “A Wildflower Welcome to Carol Finch!”

  1. Hi Carol, welcome back! Great post, your book sounds fantastic and I love the cover! I do love me some cowboys no doubt about it. I love the western romances, its my favorite read. I will have to say I have not read your work before but that is going to have to change real quick because you write my westerns. Thanks for sharing your books with us today.

  2. Carol, I loved Christmas at Cahill Crossing from Stetsons and Snowflakes. Looking forward to The Lone Rancher and the other books in the Cahill saga. I really enjoy the Harlequin western historicals and wish there were more than one each month. Thanks for the hours of enjoyment I receive from your wonderful books.

  3. Hi Carol,

    So glad Quin’s story is out. I’ve been looking forward to it since SNOWFLAKES AND STETSONS. The continuous prologue in all four books sounds interesting and original, a bit like a mystery seen from all the players.

    Can’t wait to read them all.


  4. Looks like Adrianna is going to have her hands full teaching Quin a few important life lessons!!

    Best wishes for success with your book The Lone Rancher!!

  5. Howdy, Quilt Lady, thanks for dropping in! I hope you’ll like my westerns. I’ve written about 50 of them as Carol Finch, Gina Robins and Debra Falcon. The other 50 books range from contemporary romance to medieval England, to vampire and time-travel romances. Plus a series of mysteries. Have fun reading your westerns. I’m pretty partial to them myself. ;-}

  6. Hi, Lori. So glad to hear you like Rosa, Lucas and Dog. Here’s hoping Quin, “Boston” and the new gang bring you a few hours of reading pleasure!

  7. Hi, Laurie. You’re right, Quin is a rough and tough cowboy but Adrianna (“Boston”) is his match and she gives as good as she gets. Hope you’ll enjoy the read.

  8. The whole series sounds very intriguing! Have Snowflakes and Stetons on my tbr pile. The weather report says it’s going to snow here next week. Perfect timing for reading that book. 🙂
    Looking forward to reading all the forthcoming stories!

  9. Hey, Claudia. SNOW!!! Yikes! We’ll be in the 65-70′ range next week down here on the ranch. But you better bundle up and I hope you enjoy the read!!!!

  10. Hi, Cindy. Be prepared for Quin and “Boston” to butt heads and torment each other. All in fun, of course. Happy reading!

  11. Thanks for sharing Carol! How difficult is it to have characters interact between books when they are created by different authors? How do you all keep everything straight?
    Happy November!

  12. Hey, Colleen, You have to be meticulous and constantly check with the other authors to see if characters that step from one book to the next stay in character. We were constantly e-mailing snippets of scenes to each other to make comparisons. How did we keep it straight? By keeping a LARGE binder of all the e-mails we sent to each other with info about characters and details of places used in all 4 books. Happy holidays to you!

  13. Since I read the prequel I’ve been waiting for Qin’s story to come out! So glad it’s finally here! I look forward to hearing his story! I hope that the characters from the prequel make an appearance too! I liked them! I look forward to hearing about Quin’s family too!

  14. Hey, Valri, glad you’ve read the prequel and I hope you enjoy Quin’s story. Not to worry, Rosa, Lucas and Dog, plus several of the other characters from C-mas at Ca-Cross will reappear. Enjoy!

  15. I’m so glad that Rosa, Lucas and Dog are coming back in Quin’s story! That’ll be fun to “see them again”! Sometimes I’m afraid I start thinking of these characters are too real 🙂 That’s how into a book I get……. !!!!

  16. Thanks, Carol, for a great post. Sorry we’re so late checking in, but we’re booksigning in Oklahoma and having a little R&R with other writers at Quartz Mountain. “The Lone Rancher” looks like a great read. Love the cover. Loved your story in “Snowflakes and Stetsons”. Again, thanks for stopping in Wildflower Junction for a visit. Wishing you much success. Hugs, Phyliss and Linda

  17. Hi, Carol/Connie! Finally made it home from my niece’s 8th birthday party so I thought I’d drop in to read your blog. Excellent post! And thanks for plugging my book, the next one in the series. 🙂 After all our years of being friends, it was wonderful to write a series with you. Very special. 🙂

    Readers are going to love Quin’s book! Adrianna “Boston” McKnight is one woman who can keep Quin on his toes and get underneath his tough exterior. My kind of heroine!

  18. Hi, Phyliss and Linda. You’re in Oklahoma? At Quartz Mountain? Why, you’re just a couple of hours from our ranch! C’mon over! and thanks for stopping in. This is my fave place with so many wonderful readers and writers!!! Enjoy your R&R. That’s a great place to relax.

  19. Hi, Deb. Thanks for stopping in! I loved writing the continuity books with you!!!!!! You made a difficult job much easier. I know readers are going to love your next book with Bowie. You should drop in to P & P and let the gang know what’s in store for them. Tracy and Linda are so great to work with and all the ladies are so welcoming and friendly. There is no other place like P&P!!!

  20. I’m gonna say adios for the evening and I want to let everyone know how much I enjoyed hearing from you. It’s always a pleasure!!!! I hope you like Quin and “Boston”‘s story– and stay tuned for Debra Cowan’s THE MARSHAL AND MISS MERRITT next month. You’ll be glad you did. Until next time… Happy Trails, y’all….

  21. It must be a bit difficult to coordinate a series like this. I have read several and am always amazed at the continuity the authors manage. I think starting each book with the same scene from a different persons perspective is a great idea. We all know how our perspective affects how we perceive a situation. We don’t often get to see events from enough of the characters’ view points. This will add a nice depth to the stories.
    I look forward to reading this series. THE LONE RANCHER sounds like a good start. I hope the release goes well.

  22. Hi Carol!
    I love your books and am so glad you’re back! I enjoyed the first 2 Cahill Cowboys stories and am eager to read the rest of the series. I’m glad I found this website because I hadn’t realized the other books in this series weren’t authored by you and would have been disappointed to miss them.

  23. Carol,Connie
    I’ve been reading your books for years. I love your fast paced dialogue and spunky heroines. I’ve read the first three books in the cahill series and I’m starting Leanna’s story. I love all the stories and appreciate all the talent and hard work that has gone into the books. I’m looking forward to all future stories to come. Connie if you are ever in Nebraska let me know I would love to meet you. Once again thank you for your many wonderful books


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