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Howdy, y’all! Let me begin by saying I am honored to join two top-notch authors—Jillian Hart and Cheryl St. John—for a western holiday anthology. I am pleased SNOWFLAKES AND STETSONS has received complimentary reviews. I hope readers will enjoy the stories featuring community, family, friends and romance.

          In thirty years, as an author of one hundred books, I have written the DEAD IN mystery series under my real name, Connie Feddersen. Also, I’ve written historicals about medieval England, Revolutionary America, War of 1812, the frontiersmen, mountain men and Antebellum eras, Indian Mystics and westerns—under the pen names of Carol Finch, Gina Robins, Debra Falcon and Connie Drake.  I added time travel, vampire romance, contemporary romance, romantic suspense and category romance along the way. But creating “Christmas at Cahill Crossing” for the anthology was a new experience for me. Harlequin asked me to do this particular holiday tale as a PREQUEL for the 4-book Continuity Westerns that I will launch in November.

          “Christmas at Cahill Crossing” introduces the upstart Texas community, its founding family and its citizens that work as shopkeepers, tracklayers, soldiers, ranchers and law enforcement officers. The community itself is a prominent character because it plays an important role in all four books.  I thought it might be difficult to incorporate information and settings used throughout the next four books without overshadowing Rosa Greer and Lucas Burnett in the holiday story. But Rosa and Lucas insisted—loud and clear—they had a story to tell so I fretted for nothing. In fact, the outspoken couple kept me awake at night. (Yes, I’m sorry to report that I heard voices quite often.) I had to climb from bed to write down their rapid-fire conversations so I could type them verbatim the next morning.

          In “Christmas at Cahill Crossing”, the Yuletide season blasts across Texas ranch country as a blizzard that strands Rosa Greer—talented clothing designer and boutique owner—in a snowdrift with her wagonload of supplies. What she needs is a guardian angel to rescue her. What she gets is a snarly wolfdog and a hard-bitten ex-Texas Ranger—that needs thawing out a lot more than she does.

The real question is who saved whom at Christmas.

Lucas Burnett has seen the worst folks can do to each other. He prefers to live in isolation on his horse ranch. But Rosa is determined to repay him—like it or not, and he doesn’t!—for saving her life by including him in the community activities she has organized for the holidays. Lucas complains and drags his feet, but he is helplessly drawn to the lively but persistent woman who is hiding secrets from the world—and only he has discovered what they are.

I’ll be back next month to re-introduce Quin Cahill, THE LONE RANCHER, and explain what caused the rift between his two brothers and sister that sent them tramping off to chase their own dreams, leaving him to manage the sprawling ranch alone. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy meeting Rosa, Lucas and Dog. They will return next month to help Quin sort out his problems with Rosa’s Boston-born cousin.

I would love for you to stop in to chat and please sign up for the two free copies of SNOWFLAKES AND STETSONS I’m giving away.  

Enjoy the upcoming holidays!     Carol Finch

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  1. “Christmas at Cahill Crossing” snarly,remote Lucas and exuberant, outgoing Rosa sounds like quite an unusual pairing!! I love Christmas stories!

    Snowflakes & Stetsons with Jillian Hart (enjoyed her McKaslin family series) and P&P’s Cheryl St John!! Perfect for all of us to get into the Christmas spirit!

    Thanks for the chance to win Snowflakes and Stetsons!

  2. Welcome to P&P, Carol! It’s always wonderful to have you here. The antho looks delightful–a perfect way to get in the Christmas spirit. And 100 books . . . That’s awesome!

  3. CHRISTMAS AT CAHILL CROSSING was such a fun and read and I loved the interactions between Rosa and Lucas. Can’t wait to read Quin’s story.

    100 books…Wow, that’s amazing!


  4. I always read Christmas stories in the weeks leading up to Christmas. I especially enjoy historicals because I like reading about Christmas traditions in the past where celebrations were simple, yet meaningful. This new anthology sounds like a must-read for me this year!

  5. Hi, Kirsten, so glad to hear you enjoyed visiting with Rosa and Lucas in Ca-Cross. I made certain the newlyweds put in several appearances in Quin’s story.

  6. I agree with Cheryl C. reading Christmas anthologies in advance of the holidays puts me in the spirit, too. And yes, the old-time traditions remind us of simpler times and homemade gifts that came from the heart.

  7. Hey, Cheryl St. John I just received the large print version of the Christmas Anthology ’09 that I did with Elizabeth Lane and Pam Crook. It’s being distributed overseas so I’m hoping our new anthology gets the same treatment. I love those large prints. So much easier on the eyes!

  8. To Liz, Laurie and Victoria. Thanks for dropping in to say howdy. I appreciate it. I love to come to P & P. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and helpful about getting the information set up for the site. Just all-around nice folks. I hope everyone will sign up for the free book give away!

  9. Our son and daughter-in-law decided to make a spur of the moment visit since they hadn’t been to the ranch in several months. I’ll be visiting with them and checking in to P&P every hour or so. Our two daughters and families will be swarming the place to visit and picnic. I love to watch our kids interact! It’s sort of like kicking back and reading about characters in a book. And how is it possible for 3 kids, raised in the same environment to be such different individuals? Luckily, they are fun-loving and like to tease each other. It makes for lively get-togethers.

  10. Carol, a big welcome back to the Junction. I hope you have a fun day here. Love the little blurb about your story in Snowflakes and Stetsons. Holiday stories are my favorites. And I can’t imagine spending a more pleasurable time with Rosa and Lucas. You’ve certainly caught my interest.

    Also, how neat that you wrote a big book about the Cahills. I’m looking forward to seeing why the family split. Sounds like plenty of conflict.

    Happy Chatting! 🙂

  11. Warm-hearted Christmas romances are one of my favorite holidays traditions, they go perfectly with a cup of hot chocolate. Snowflakes and Stetsons is on my book shopping list.

  12. One hundred books, and so many eras and genres. Impressive.

    Best wishes for success of Christmas at Cahill Crossing and your new series.

  13. Hey, Linda, Summer, Liz and Colleen, thanks for taking time to say hi. Hope you enjoy Rosa and Lucas’s story and the set-up for Quin’s story next month! Now, if the weather in Ok. would break it would feel like the holidays. It’s 88 today. Skip the hot chocolate and bring water! ;]

  14. Welcome Carol! I have always enjoyed Christmas stories and will read them all year round. A Christmas anthology is new to me but I know I’ll enjoy it for family, friendships and love.

  15. My favorite romances are historical westers and when they are in a Christmas anthology – all the better. I have enjoyed your Harlequin westerns over the years and look forward to many more. Thank you for your wonderful books.

  16. Howdy, Na, Estella and Lori D. Thanks for dropping by. I agree. Westerns and Christmas stories just seem to go together!

  17. Definitely will be looking forward to this
    anthology and the Cahill series that follows!
    The anthology seems to have several of my
    favorites story components: Christmas, winter,
    holidays, a contentious couple, and a Texas
    Ranger. Thanks for visiting with us today!!

  18. I am starting to acquire my books to read during the holidays so have written down your book. Sounds really good.

  19. Thanks to everyone for dropping in to say hi today. And many thanks to Tracy and Linda for their time and effort. It is greatly appreciated!!!! As I said, this is my fave site because everyone is so welcoming and friendly. Sincerely, Connie (Carol Finch)

  20. Cahill Crossing sounds like a good place to visit. Full of real people with real problems and failings. Life would be boring if everyone were perfect.
    I love anthologies and have a shelf, double stacked, of just Christmas ones. I pull out as many as I can every year to reread favorite stories. I will be adding SNOWFLAKES AND STETSONS to the collection. The spirit of the holidays adds its own special character to the stories.

    I enjoyed THE GUNFIGHTER AND THE HEIRESS among other of your books. Both Natalie and Donovan learned much about themselves and what is important in life. Two interesting and likable characters.

    I look forward to the CAHILL COWBOYS and hope the series does well for you.

  21. Snowflakes and Stetsons are at the top of my list on my kindle. Hurring to read the one I am on so I can get it started!

  22. Cowboys! Sometimes I’m so caught up in my stories I forget the modern world is out there and I have to go work in it. Whew! I’d love to read your story of Rosa and her Lucas. Thank you!

  23. I first want to say. I am a Hugh fan. I can’t get enough of your books. I can’t wait to read your newest.

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