Filly New Release Update – October 2011

Listed below are the upcoming releases from our talented writers here at Wildflower Junction.  To purchase any of these fine books, just click on the book covers.  And to learn more about the authors, click on thier names.

By Donna Alward

Clay Gregory’s known Megan Briggs her whole life, and he’s been plenty worried about her while she’s been getting medical treatment. Now she’s back home and hiding away on the family ranch.

Knowing the stubborn cowgirl won’t accept his help willingly, he invites her to a family wedding to help him avoid his aunt’s matchmaking!

He plans to remind Meg she’s still the girl who can beat him in a horse race! But as she steps out in her curve-hugging red dress, her skills on a horse are suddenly the furthest thing from his mind….



By Donna Alward

The last thing she needs is a hero…

First Responders, Book 1

Paramedic Gabe Brennan’s job is saving lives. When he witnesses an accident and rushes in to help, the victim brings back memories of the night that marked him forever. The night he almost couldn’t save his best friend,Brandon.Brandon’s sister is in the car. She’s pregnant. And his longing for her is just as sharp as ever.

Carly’s never been so glad to see a friendly face. Gabe’s gallant rescue—and the gentle kiss he bestows upon her at the hospital—resurrect feelings she buried long ago. Having just closed the book on a crumbling marriage, she’s not too keen on opening herself up to hurt again. Not even for the one man who’s always seemed to be there when she needed him most.

Gabe knows he shouldn’t be falling for Carly, especially since she insists she’s off the market. But the chemistry still simmering between them after all these years is no accident. Now all he has to do is convince her she belongs in the empty space he’s always held open for her. The one next to his heart…

Caution: Contents—and paramedic hero—may be too hot to handle!


Multi-author Anthology

In the Texas Panhandle, the winters are long, the storms fierce–and the Yuletide nights are sizzling. New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas along with Linda Broday, Phyliss Miranda and DeWanna Pace, bring you one tempting holiday delight…..On the eve before Christmas a blizzard arrives, transforming a smallTexastown into a night to remember. Four ladies desperately in need of saving, four hard-ridin’ cowboys who aim to please….

From author Linda Broday
The Christmas Bell 

A brave heriress can’t believe a rugged angel is riding out of the night to save her and her fellow train passengers–until she gets him under the mistletoe.. 

From author Phyliss Miranda
Away In A Manger

A quiet loner wants to help a stranded widow have a holiday to remember


By Victoria Bylin

He hired a governess, but what retired officer Tristan Willoughby Smith needs is a wife. Not on his behalf, but to protect little Dora and Freddie.  When Caroline Bradley arrives at his Wyomingranch, she seems perfectly suited–capable, efficient, intelligent . . . if a trifle too appealing.


Caroline knows what a real union of heart should be, and the major’s polite, non-nonsense offer hardly qualifies. Still, she accepts for the children’s sake, little knowing the complications the marriage will bring to test her confidence and her faith. Yet in this unusual match, Caroline starts to see a glimmer of something strong and true–the makings of the family she never thought she’d find…


By Mary Nealy (Mary Connealy pseudonym)

A demon possessed serial killer acts out the Ten Plagues of Egypt on the city of Chicago.

An inner city mission pastor draws the attention of a madman and becomes the focus of his rage.

A lady cop with the spiritual gift of discerning spirits gets the case and is confronted with an evil unlike any she’s ever known.

The pastor and the cop race to stop a murderer, knowing that the plague of the first born and the plague of darkness are being saved just for them.



Multi-author Anthology

Thanksgiving is a time for family gatherings and reflecting on life’s blessings.  But for those who feel alone or outcast it can be a lonely time indeed.  These two novellas provide powerful positive messages about belonging, being thankful and the healing power of love.

From Author Winnie Griggs
Home For Thanksgiving

All that stands between Ruby Anne Tuggle and a fresh start is an escort to Tyler, Texas.  Rancher Griff Lassiter is too kind to refuse, but too wary of being hurt again to offer anything but protection on the journey. 

Then unexpected trouble forces an desperate detour and a chance to find the place they both belong…


Donna Alward would also like to let readers know that she has some free reads available.

If readers want to try a sweeter read, HIRED BY THE COWBOY is available for free at

And if readers want to sample something slightly sexier, SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER is a free kindle download from Oct 1-14.  You can find it at  THIS LINK 

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