California Dreamin’…on such an autumn day. ~Tanya Hanson

A few years ago, my hubby and I took a leaf-peeper trip throughout New England, and the blinding colors of Massachusetts’ Berkshires and Vermont’s Green Mountains still glow in my memory. But I got to thinking about the kind of autumn offering we might have out here in the West. Searching around a little, I found photographer/communications consultant John Poimiroo willing to share some of his glorious photographs of the Eastern Sierras with us!

We’ll start off with Conway Summit, at 8,143 feet, a mountain pass in Mono County, California. It’s the highest point on U.S. Highway 395 which also traverses high passes at Deadman Summit and Devils’ Gate Pass. (I don’t know about you but I LOVE these names.)

The summit is named for John Andrew Conway, who settled the area in 1880.

This stunning shot below was taken near Lee Vining, a town started up as a mining camp in 1852 by Leroy Vining.

Leroy’s western adventures tragically ended in 1926 when he accidentally shot himself, and the town’s name was chosen in his memory in 1953. However, it was often called Poverty Flat for its unfavorable conditions for farming. According to the last census, 222 people call it home now, down from 398 in 1990.

Yosemite is one of those places where I sincerely believe God lives. Here’s Fern Springs in the fall.

The Ahwahneechee tribe first called this heavenly land home, until the violence of the mid 1800’s that displaced them. In 1851, the Mariposa Battalion entered this exquisite valley to remove the native people. Gold seekers disrupted the land with mining sites, lumberjacks left behind giant stumps, and people arriving on horseback and building railroads and rustic hotels spurred cries for conservation from those who loved the land. President Lincoln signed a bill in 1864 granting Yosemite Valley and the Mariposa Grove to the State of California and John Muir, the seminal environmentalist, helped to create Yosemite National Park in 1890.

At 2,425 feet from the top of the upper falls to the base, Yosemite Falls is the highest waterfall in North America  and qualifies at the sixth highest waterfall in the world.

Last but not least, the Pacific dogwood blooms here from late April into May but leaves behind a legacy of glorious fall color. The nutallii has a long life span and will often reach a height of 75 feet.

I hope you enjoyed some California color today! And thank you, John, for sharing.

Oh, sometime this fall, the fourth in my Hearts Crossing Ranch series will be available. You can click on the cover for a link to notify you.



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47 thoughts on “California Dreamin’…on such an autumn day. ~Tanya Hanson”

  1. Beautiful! Best wishes with your Fall release of Right To Bragg!

    It’s peak Fall color where I live in central Wisconsin. I’m already raking leaves and pine needles.

  2. Hi Tanya! These pictures made me so homesick for California that I’m about to book a plane ticket for LAX. The mountains just call to me . . . Autumns in the East are spectacular. It’s my favorite time of year here. But there’s something about the California contrasts that always appeals to me. Thank you for the pics!

  3. Gorgeous photos, Tanya. One doesn’t think of California as a great autumn color place but it truly is.
    Ten days ago I hiked Mt. Timpanogos in Utah with my son’s family. When we hit the trail in the morning the leaves were just turning. On the way down, we saw that they’d changed in a single day to breathtaking reds and golds. Wish I had photos to share.
    Love your new cover!

  4. Beautiful pictures, Tanya! I love Autumn and especially in the mountains. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Tanya what lovely autums sences. That must have been spectacular to see in person… I think no matter where we go or life, the turn of the season is reflected in some way… Well not all, but for most of us who live in North America.. Some don’t get snow of course, but you sure can see it on top of this mountain…

  6. Beautiful pics, Tanya. Yosemite has long been one of my favorite places on earth. I love mountains, waterfalls, meadows – everything that Yosemite offers. We didn’t have time to take the kids there when we did our west coast road trip two summers ago, but I plan to go back someday soon and hike them all over that glorious place.

  7. HI Laurie, so good to see you here. Oh, I can just imagine those colors. It almost makes raking leaves fun, huh. It was peak season when we visited Notre Dame for a football game a while back, and the pix I took are spectacular. I gotta get to Wisconsin some day. Thanks for the post.

  8. Hi Elizabeth, friends just drove through Utah on the way home, Colorado too, and said God’s truly been at work with His paintbrush. Glad you enjoyed the hike!
    Thanks for the compliment. It’ll be out 11-11-11, I just learned. Sounds like a pretty good date! Thanks for the post.

  9. Thanks, Kirsten. I found the photographer kinda through Facebook when I “liked” Mono County Tourism and fell in love with their photos. Spectacular indeed. So appreciate the post.

  10. Beautiful Pics, love them. Great post very interesting. I love reading parts of history on this blog I learn a lot from the post here.

  11. Hi Kathleen, indeed, even around Los Angeles there is some autumn color…but it happens closer to Christmas. It isn’t nearly a dramatic but it’s lovely. Autumn is usually the warmest season around here, so it takes a while for a cold night or two to help turn the colors. I know, don’t laugh. Cold here is in the low forties LOL. Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Hi Karen, oh, indeed, bring the kiddoes to Yosemite. It’s gotta be on everybody’s Bucket List. I spent childhoods in King’s Canyon in the Sierras (very similar to Yosemite with its glacial features, but on a smaller scale)…and I saw Yosemite for the first time when we took our kids. I’ve always heard “catching your breath” in books, but I was absolutely breathless and speechless upon seeing Half Dome from Glacier Point. Another Bucket List. Thanks for the post.

  13. Hi Quit lady, I think we’re all pretty much history buffs around here. Good place to hang out. So glad you like the pictures. I can’t take responsibility for any of them LOL Always good to see you here!

  14. Absolutely gorgeous photos Tanya – thanks for sharing them with us. Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year, even if we don’t get such dramatic change around here

  15. Thanks for sharing those beautiful Autumn pictures Tanya. Congratulations on your fall release of Right to Bragg.

  16. hi Winnie, it’s my favorite time, too…love the colors and the anticipation of Christmas. I actually live near the beach where it’s pretty much the same all the time, Mono County is probably four to five hours away. Hope I can see this in person sometime.
    Thanks for posting.

  17. Hi Paty, thanks as always for popping by. I love history and things stick in my head like a burr to a sock. But this time around, I had fun learning about stuff I had no idea…never knew how Lee Vining got its name, for one thing. oxo

  18. I am so glad John shared his pictures with you, Tanya, and with us. They are lovely. I grew up in the Adirondacks in Northern New York on the shores of Lake Champlain with a view of both the White Mountains and Green Mountains. Fall was always glorious. We lived in Colorado for 3 years and California for 2. The Fall colors are just as beautiful but in a different way out West. John’s pictures highlight that wonderfully. We now live in the Smoky Mountains and are enjoying their beauty. Everyplace has its own special beauty. Different is good. It gives us more to enjoy.

    Best of luck with the release of RIGHT TO BRAGG. Thanks again for the pictures. Good memories for us.

  19. Hi Babette, I know what you mean! My first fall back east was stunning. But looks like if you drive a bit throughout my state, we’ll hit some beauty. Thanks for writing today.

  20. Hi Patricia, wow, you sure have lived in some wonderful places! Other than college in Nebraska and student-teaching in Colorado, I’m a California girl through and through. We visited Burlington VT on that leaf peeper and took the “Ethan Allen” on a tour of the lake. We had lots of rain but the day was splendid anyway.

    And thanks for the good wishes. It’s exciting and scary too.

  21. I’m such a visual girl – these pictures drew me in like a magnet! Love them – and the info. What a great post. Brava, my dear!!! God bless, and can’t wait for Right to Bragg to be released!!!! 😀

  22. Wonderful photos, Tanya. Fall is my favorite time of year, and I love the changing colors and cooler weather. Can’t wait to read RIGHT TO BRAGG. Here’s hoping it will add to your success.

  23. Such wonderful & beautiful pics! Thank you for sharing them! I truly love the one with the leaves in the water! 😀

  24. Hi Tanya!

    Beautiful photos. My husband and I enjoy photography, and Yosemite is one of our favorite places to go. We love going the fall and winter.

    I find it interesting that so many people love fall (it’s my favorite season as well). For me it’s the sense of a crisp new beginning.

    Thanks for the pics and congratulations on your new release!

  25. Thanks for finding and sharing the photos, Tanya, and love your cover, too! Congratulations on the new release!
    Almost every year we take a fall foliage drive. Every part of the country has its own beauty, but I never imagined California would have such beautiful fall foliage.

  26. Lovely. We just drove through Colorado, Utah, and California on the way home from Nebraska and leaves were just starting to turn colors. Corn and soybeans were turning brown, getting ready for the harvest. The colors and smells of harvest are things I miss from growing up in Nebraska.

  27. Beautiful pics, Tanya! Here in the heartland, the oaks are just beginning to change. I have always loved fall–the colors, cool nights, the scent of smoke from the fireplace… Love it!

  28. Hi Tanya,
    Thanks for showing pictures of my backyard. MONO County is just a few miles north of my home. We enjoy the Fall colors very much. We even had rain today. Snow above 6,000 feet. Still beautiful.

  29. Hi Caroline, yeah, Fall sure is a favorite in Wildflower Junction. Today we’re having rain and it’s cold enough that Hubby cooked up a big pot of chili. Yay! Thanks for wishing me luck!

  30. HI Kathy, I haven’t been to Yosemite in the fall, but one of the most perfect days of my life was skiing in Badger Pass on New Year’s Day while 8 inches of fresh powder fell. One of our best family vacays ever! Thanks for the congrats!

  31. HI Judy, I was surprised, too. California is so big I shoulda figured it did this somewhere LOL. I’d love to get to the Gold Country (Highway 49) in the fall some year. Thanks for the post.

  32. Hi Tracy, I know what you mean. I love warming my toes by the fireplace, waiting for Thanksgiving and Christmas but hoping they don’t get here too fast. There’s a giant farm near here with a huge pumpkin patch and hay rides…can’t wait to take my grandbaby. The California Life oaks do not change color because it doesn’t freeze, but they are beautiful, too. oxox

  33. HI Mary J, I remember your homeland. I still wanna get together with you on a blog about the donkey sanctuary. I hear they’re bringing some wild donks over from Kona to keep them safe from traffic. I got the idea from the Mono County Tourism page on Facebook. Check it out! Thanks for visiting with me here today.

  34. Hi Joye, so glad you liked them. I just couldn’t resist. John sent such lovely scenes.

    Connie, there are a lot of fall fans here today! Thanks to you both for hanging out here in Wildflower Junction.

    Thanks to all who enjoyed John’s photos! oxox

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