What Are You Reading?

It isn’t often I’m at a loss for something to blog about–but this month finds me in just that predicament. So, I thought we’d start a conversation about something close to all our hearts: BOOKS.

What are you reading right now?

I just finished Linda Lael Miller’s A Lawman’s Christmas. It’s her newest McKettrick story and Clay McKettrick is very nearly a perfect hero.

Before that I read Victoria Bylin’s Marrying the Major. I won’t spoil it if you haven’t read the book yet, but suffice it to say that Major Tristan Smith won me over on the first page. And Miss Caroline is a perfect match for him.

I also read Christine Feehan’s Dark Predator this week. While I will always pick up a western first, Ms. Feehan’s Dark series books are an auto-buy for me.

Up next is Noelle Marchand’s Unlawfully Wedded Wife and Jane Graves’ Heartstrings and Diamond Rings.


And Filly Margaret Brownley’s NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING A Log Cabin Christmas Anthology. Congratulations, Margaret!






How about you? What are you enjoying right now? Did you just finish a book that you can recommend to all of us? I can’t wait to hear all about it. 

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30 thoughts on “What Are You Reading?”

  1. I read all over the spectrum, Tracy. Currently reading a gritty vampire thriller called BLOODLANDS by Christine Cody, which my hero read and recommended. Excellent writing. So far not a romance but I’m only a few chapters into it. Maybe later on…
    Have a great week everyone.

  2. Thank you, Tracy! I’m glad you enjoyed “Marrying the Major.”

    I read almost exclusively romance, but those romances run the gamut from historical to contemporary. I’m currently reading “Unexpected Dismounts” by Nancy Rue. It’s Book #2 in “The Reluctant Prophet” series, about a woman on Harley who gets “Nudges” from God.

  3. I just finished Kaki Warner’s HEARTBREAK CREEK, and would highly recommend it. Before that it was STETSONS AND SNOWFLAKES, a super set of Christmas novellas. Now I’m on to MARRYING THE MAJOR, and can’t wait to meet Tristan and read Miss Caroline’s story.

    Glad to hear A LAWMAN’S CHRISTMAS is good as it’s next in line.


  4. The Lawman’s Christmas is waiting for me at the library. I just got the notification on the weekend. Although I don’t like to read Christmas books this early, Iwill have to in this case.

    I am in the middle of reading Sain’t Gate by Carla Neggers… I enjoy her books. Next on my list is Yankee Doodle Dixie by Lisa Patton.. I read her first book Whistlin’ Disie in a Nor’easter and I was hooked…

    These are both library books, so I have to get them read and back. As I picking up three more from the library today…

  5. I’m reading Renegadeby Diana Palmer and amxiously the eharlequin.com sale in October to pick up some Christmas anthologies.

  6. Fun topic, Tracy! I always love talking books. I’m re-reading two of Jodi Thomas’s Whispering Mountain books – Tall, Dark, and Texan (finished this weekend) and The Lone Texan (reading now). I’m refreshing my memory of the McMurray clan before jumping into Jodi’s latest installment – Texas Blue.

  7. I read Marrying the Major (Victoria Bylin), A Lawman’s Christmas (Linda Lael Miller), 1225 Christmas Tree Lane (Debbie Macomber), Kissing Comfort (Jo Goodman). Now I am reading Lethal (Sandra Brown). I also read Stetsons and Snowflakes as well as Prey (Linda Howard).

  8. I have recently read Pam Crooks The Lawman’s Redemption, Lady Lavender by Lynna Banning, The Bride Raffle and Mail Order Groom by Lisa Plumley, and her Wyoming Man by Cheryl St. John.

  9. Wow. So many great recommendations, so little time. I’ll have to let my tbr pile grow a little more if I’m going to get any writing done on my own stories.

    Elizabeth, I read all over the spectrum too, although mostly romances within each subgenre. I love paranormal romance, contemporary, romantic suspense–all of it!

  10. Vicki, the Reluctant Prophet series sounds excellent. And thanks for the lead, Kirsten, on Stetsons and Snowflakes. My tbr pile is going to topple over one day soon. 😉

  11. Kathleen, I’m not familiar with Lisa Patton. I’ll have to hunt up her latest.

    Karen, Jodi’s books are on my keeper shelf. Maybe it’s time to do some revisiting…

    Goldie, Sandra Brown is one of the authors who got me hooked on reading romance years and years ago. Great writer!

  12. I just finished Kaki Warner’s Heartbreak Creek and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve not been disappointed in any of her books. And before that, I read two by Sharon Sala–Rider on Fire and When You Call My Name. Both were excellent. I have LLM’s A Lawman’s Christmas ordered but haven’t received it yet. I’m so anxious for it. And I haven’t gotten A Cabin Christmas yet but I’ll change that soon.

  13. Hi Tracy, wonderful topic! I am taking a romance break and just downloaded Richard Castle’s latest,Heat Rises. I’m only a few pages into it and found the opening pages full of way-too-long paragraphs, but who am I to critique HIM? He’s a jillion seller with his own TV show. The books you are featuring today honestly are on my TBR list. oxox

  14. Linda, I’m glad Kaki will be joining us in November to chat about Heartbreak Creek and her other books.

    Tanya–you do know he’s fiction, right? 🙁 Sorry to break it to you. lol

  15. I just finished Hunger Games – a gritty, engrossing, totally can’t-put-it-down read. I’m currently reading something much more heart-warming, Karen Witemeyer’s A Taylor-Made Bride.

  16. Yeah Tracy, the book is one of those that stays with you long after you put it down. As soon as I closed the book on the last page I went to my computer and ordered the second in the series.

  17. Hi Tracy,

    I love this topic…writing books….so let me see I am currently reading about screen writing. I want to learn it, hey its writing too.

    Thanks for the post


  18. Currently reading Gap Creek by Robert Morgan (fiction – Appalachia, earlyy 1900s) and Mrs Lincoln & Mrs. Keckley by Jennifer Fleischner(non-fiction). Next up is Winnie Grigg’s Once Upon a Thanksgiving. I read the Hunger Games Trilogy last summer and they kept me up reading into the night! I enjoy many genres, and am always interested in what other readers recommend!

  19. Re-reading an oldie but goodie: Reckless Love
    by Elizabeth Lowell. Up next is Sara Bennett’s
    Rules of Passion. Like Judy H., I read a wide
    variety of genres except for dark paranormals
    and overly erotic romances!

    Pat Cochran

  20. Screenwriting is absolutely writing, Melinda. Good luck!

    Judy H, Winnie’s Once… is on my list, too. I love the idea of a Thanksgiving anthology.

    Pat C, almost anything by Elizabeth Lowel is a favorite. Have you read her westerns: Only His, Only Mine, Only You, and Only Love. Yummy reads, every one.

  21. We just finished unloading the car from a week+ vacation. It is the first trip Where I didn’t have time to read even a short book. This week will be spent unpacking from the trip and getting ready for my husband’s surgery on Thursday. Am not sure what I will pull out of the TBR mountain. Probably an anthology.

  22. These books are going onto my tbr pile. I am very fond of Christmas list so they will probably be on top!

  23. I have Margaret Daley’s debut historical, From This Day Forward sitting on my desk and it keeps calling me. But I’m beta reading a novel on my e-Reader for a friend and have to finish it first. Work before Play, eh.

    But oh, I’m itchin’ to get into Margaret’s story. 😀

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