When You Need a Hero….. Reminder


Just in case it’s slipped your mind……………

Monday we kick off the Fillys’ week long party.

When You Need a Hero…..head for Wildflower Junction!

When: Anytime you get darn good and ready

Monday, Sept. 26 to Friday, Sept. 29th

Why: So you’ll have a chance to win one or more of the 17 prizes; there’ll be drawings every single day with a Grand Prize on Friday.

This shindig will make your eyes bug out and your heart beat like a tom-tom.

Yessiree…..we’ll have some of the sexiest hunks of manhood all together at one time. And the best part is you can vote as often as you take a notion!

So rise early and stay late. All we care about is that you’ll have a grand time and remember this occasion for years to come.

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