I couldn’t let another day go by as we rush into fall without showing off my new “stand alone” short stories.  Let me tell you why I’m so excited about these stories.

First of all, I love to read and write short stories as well as novels.  In today’s world, short stories are growing increasingly popular because they can be finished in one sitting, usually. Publishing by Rebecca J. Vickery, and her imprints, Western Trail Blazer and Victory Tales Press, have been a fantastic source of anthologies and “stand alone” short stories in today’s growing market.

The anthologies are themed anthologies, based upon a season or holiday. The stories that are contracted for those anthologies cannot be reprinted anywhere else for six months. But, when their “time” is up, a contract may be put in place to continue to sell them in the anthologies and to also offer them as “single sell” .99 offerings, as well.

I just had three of my stories come up for that option this past month: ALWAYS AND FOREVER, which first appeared in A HALLOWEEN COLLECTION last year; THE LAST OF HER KIND, which came out in A MYSTERY/SUSPENSE COLLECTION; and A HEART FOR A HEART, which was first offered in A VALENTINE COLLECTION.

This growing short story market has been a great way for readers to sample different authors in sub-genres they love, or take a chance on an author that maybe they’ve never read before in a sub-genre they wouldn’t normally read—because the price is right.  At just .99 a story, you really can’t go wrong.

All of my short stories are available on Nook, through Barnes and Noble, and on Kindle, through Amazon.   Here are some covers and blurbs for the latest short stories of mine that have come out this past month as single sell offerings. 

If you enjoy Native American heroes, you will find them in two of my newest single sell offerings, featured below, A HEART FOR A HEART and ALWAYS AND FOREVER. (And it never hurts to have Jimmy Thomas on the cover, either.) <G>

I hope you enjoy!

THE LAST OF HER KIND (paranormal suspense):

An old Victrola is the cherished possession of Cassie’s grandmother.  Her father also seems oddly attached to the antique phonograph, but her new stepmother detests it and wants it gone.  Grandmother is sick, probably dying, and Cassie will be the only one left in the house who sees through Trish as Cassie’s brothers no longer live with them. 

 Then Cassie discovers a wonderful, yet frightening secret.  Will her new knowledge save her family or destroy it?

 ALWAYS AND FOREVER (contemporary “2nd chance at love”):


At a children’s Halloween carnival, a Gypsy fortuneteller predicts a new love for both Cindy and Gage.  When the two meet over a poorly carved pumpkin, love flickers to life and the stars begin to align.

But the odds of finding a new love later in life seem insurmountable and the prophecy seems too good to be true.  After all, Gage has been burned before and Cindy doesn’t believe in fortunes or second chances. 

Will doubt overshadow their attraction or has love already been set in motion?  Can the star-crossed pair put their faith in the love that was foretold? Can they believe in each other? 

A HEART FOR A HEART (sweet romance):


 Kiera is all set to welcome Cory into her home as a foster child.  Orphaned and with a learning disability, Cory is looking forward to living with his tutor.  Until his uncle shows up… 

Sam Tiger returns from military duty to find his deceased brother’s son being taken in by a stranger.  The boy needs his family and Sam is it.  He never expects the tutor to stand up to him and want to keep Cory.  Then the worst happens—he finds himself attracted to Kiera. 


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  1. These all sound wonderful, Cheryl. And for .99? What a great way to test the waters with a new author, or just buy something fun to read one night.

    I’ve been really impressed with everything I’ve heard about Western Trail Blazer and Victory Tales Press (and with any book I’ve purchased from those publishers). I hope Rebecca has continued success, as well as all the authors.


  2. Wishing you success with these intriguing stories, Cheryl. The publishing world is changing, with new opportunities to intoduce our work. You are so wise to take advantage. Love your covers.

  3. Hi Cheryl, I finally got a Kindle last month and bought a bunch of books I plan to read this winter, but I’ve been looking for some shorter reads for now. With Halloween right around the corner and spooky things starting to appear, at least two of these sound perfect! And what a bargain! I had wondered what length a “single” was, so thanks for the helpful information.

  4. Hi Kirsten,

    Thanks so much! I have enjoyed working with Rebecca so much. And I love the different lines she’s created. The shorts ARE a great way to learn your way around some new authors for a small price and be entertained in several different sub-genres.


  5. You have some great stories here Cheryl. You really know how to touch the heart. I especially love your A Heart for a Heart.. I love stories with children and big strong men who have a soft centre…

  6. Hi Elizabeth,

    I have truly enjoyed working with Rebecca’s company and the opportunities it has given me. I never really considered myself a “short story” writer, but this has allowed me to go that direction and I’ve enjoyed that so much. Not that I’ll ever give up my full length novels…LOL Short stories are fun, though, to write and to read.

    Thanks for the kind words about the covers, too. Most of my single-sell covers were created by Karen Nutt, who does a fantastic job.


  7. Judy,

    I would suggest you hop on over to the Victory Tales website, and also The Wild Rose Press. Both places have short stories available as single sells, anthologies, and some free reads. Also, at Victory Tales, there is a sample available of each story that I think is invaluable in being able to read a bit more than just the blurb/grabber so you can see if it’s something you might like. I hope you enjoy!


  8. Aw, Kathleen, thanks so much. I am a sucker for those kinds of stories myself. More and more, I realize that I’m including a child somewhere in my stories. LOL I think it’s because I just love the interaction they provide with the hero. I’m so glad you enjoyed A HEART FOR A HEART. I’ll be releasing another one soon (probably in early November) with Victory Tales Press in the Christmas anthology. It’s a time travel story that takes place during the Civil War.

  9. Cheryl,
    Anthologies have always been a favorite of mine for the reasons you mentioned. They are a great way to sample authors and are quick reads. I think all the anthologies I have read have been made up of novellas not short stories. The short story form is one that has been ignored for the most part in recent years. I am glad to see it making a comeback.
    Once I get an e-reader, I’ll be looking at the anthologies and short stories Victory Tales Press and the Western Trail Blazer line offer.

    Good luck with the new stories.

  10. Hi Patricia,

    The thing I love about Victory Tales Press anthologies is that there is no word limit, so some of the stories are longer than others, but there are usually no more than 4-5 authors in each book. I’ve written some stories where mine was the shortest on in the anthology, and also others where mine has been the longest. Sadly, I think the short story has been ignored because it has been viewed as a literary writing form that doesn’t appeal to the masses BECAUSE it is literary (I’m thinking of all those short stories we read in high school and college that were teaching tools, but though they were literary, they were also interesting to read–just maybe not age-appropriate for understanding to be at the right level). My daughter just got a Nook color and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO JEALOUS. I have a kindle, but now am wishing I had the nook. It is just gorgeous and does more than my kindle does…sigh.

  11. These sound so fabulous, I want every one of them! And those are some gorgeous covers. You have such a nice engaging writing style, Cheryl. I’m so proud to be able to say “I knew you when”

    Take care! Maggie

  12. CHERYL–It was fun to see all your short together on one page. They are wonderful, and the covers just make the reader sit up and take notice. All your shorts are so good–you could make a career out of short stories!
    One of mine is out, and in a couple of months or so, the other two will be also.
    Here’s to us making a little money on these!!!

  13. I couldn’t believe it–I found 2 of your short stories I haven’t read. I love the covers for your stories. Jimmy is just so knock dead gorgeous that he makes every cover he’s in just sparkle. Your stories deserve marvelous covers because they are such tender stories. I love yoour historic details and the depth of your characters.
    As always, I wish you the very best.

  14. Maggie,
    Thank you so much for all your wonderful support and VERY KIND WORDS. I appreciate you! I love these covers, too. Can’t think Karen Nutt enough for coming up with them.

    Thanks so much for coming by, Maggie!

  15. Hey Celia,

    You have a Jimmy Thomas cover or two on your stories, don’t you? Love that guy! I really do love the concept of getting these short stories out there as single sell stories. What a great idea. Thanks so much for coming by and leaving a comment! I’m anxious to read your stories that will be out soon–can’t wait.

  16. Sarah,
    Thank you so much for popping over and leaving a comment. I appreciate that! You are so sweet to say such nice things about my writing and my covers. I know you are hard at work on your sequel to HARMONICA JOE’S RELUCTANT BRIDE. If you go to my Amazon page I think all my short stories are listed there except the free fread I have with TWRP. Thanks so much for being such a fan!

  17. Jeanmarie,
    Thank you so much. I appreciate that–I know how busy you are right now, and I surely do want to say thank you for coming by and reading and commenting. You are a dear!

  18. I used one of his photos for one of my backlist titles I put on Smashwords and Kindle, BE MY GUEST. My husband blocked out the scene surrounding Jimmy and slapped him onto a photo I took of a field of wildflowers. Looks pretty good. I wish Jimmy did more real western poses.

  19. Hi Cheryl!

    What a great idea to showcase your short stories together on a post.

    I’m so glad you like your cover. 🙂 I enjoy creating them, especially since I have the opportunity to browse JT’s site for just the right pose. lol

  20. Caroline, I am soooo with you on that one! I would love to see him do more western-y and historical stuff, but Karen works wonders with him, for sure. LOL I am going to have to go take a look at the cover for BE MY GUEST. You’re very lucky to have a husband to do that kind of stuff for you. Had thought mine would when he retired, but no such luck.

  21. Hi Karen,

    I can’t tell you enough how wonderful I think your covers are. I absolutely love every cover you have made for my short stories. Thanks again so much for all your hard work, and the lovely results!


  22. Cheryl, congrats! I love having stories available of all lengths. Short stories and novellas are perfect when you’re at the doctor’s office, or sitting in front of the school waiting for the kids to finally acknowledge your presence. 🙂 Then sometimes it’s nice to have a full length book to get a deeper emotional experience and more complicated story. It’s all good. I love the opportunities we have now in the new publishing atmosphere.

  23. Hi Jacquie,
    One thing I started doing is taking anthologies that had my stories in them to the Dr.’s office and leaving them there. I’d mark it with “OFFICE COPY PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE” and leave it on the table. I have had people write me e-mails telling me how much they enjoyed my stories while they were waiting for their appt. I love having the different lengths, too, and the fact that short stories are now “coming back”.

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