Filly New Release Update – September 2011


Listed below are the upcoming releases from our talented writers here at Wildflower Junction.  To purchase any of these fine books, just click on the book covers.  And to learn more about the authors, click on their names.

A Log Cabin Christmas Collection
Multi-author anthology

From author Margaret Brownley: SNOW ANGEL

The moment schoolteacher Maddie Parker walked into the tumble-down log cabin schoolhouse, she knew coming to Maverick,Texas was a mistake.  Now she’s stuck at school with three of her rowdiest pupils during a blizzard and in terrible danger of becoming unglued. Sheriff Brad Donovan is fit to be tied.  What kind of teacher would keep pupils after school in such weather?  It’s up to him to rescue them-no easy task.  For now he’s stuck at the schoolhouse with no means of escape.  But while the storm rages outside, hearts are thawing inside. Was it fate or bad luck that brought them together? Or could this have been God’s plan all along?



The Traditional West
Multi-author anthology

From author Cheryl Pierson: THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS

Jericho Dean has one thing on his mind: revenge for the murders of his wife and two little girls.  As he closes in on the ruthless gang of Comancheros, he is joined by an odd cowboy, Freeman Hart, who possesses some powerful magic. He won’t use it to stop Jericho from his mission, but doesn’t offer to help him, either. The two men come upon the outlaw band as they are attacking another homestead, and Jericho must make a decision. Will the relentless pursuit of vengeance destroy him, or will he find redemption and a reason to live in the eyes of three orphans who are left with no one to care for them but him?

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