We have a winner (and an answer)!

And the winner is:  Pageturner!  Many congratulations go to Pageturner.  Please if you would drop me an email at karenkay.author@earthlink.net — we can discuss what books you might like from the Blackfoot series.  That’s right for all of you who guessed the Blackfeet — it was the Blackfeet tribe.  Did you know that the Blackfeet (who are really the Piegan) are a different band than the Blackfoot?  Just a little bit of trivia.  The headdress that man is wearing has the feathers sticking up, instead of flowing up and out.  Let me show you the pictures so you can see it.

I made this full size so you could more easily see the difference: the headdress here is with the feathers standing almost straight up.  This is as opposed to what we are used to seeing in the headdresses of the American Indian (often of Sioux origin) — and here’s a picture of that:  I blew this one up, also so you could see the difference.  And from the post today, you can probably also guess that the picture below (the very big one of the four men) is of the Crow tribe.  Notice the style of hair.  🙂

Anyway, my congratulations go out to Pageturner.  Pageturner, you can go to my site ahead of time and read the exerpts:  www.novels-by-KarenKay.com.

Many thanks to all who posted today.

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  1. Congratulations, pageturner. You should enjoy Karen’s books.

    Sorry I missed your post yesterday, Karen. Enjoyed it a day late.

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