Wow, Petticoats and Pistols has an amazing lineup of writers . . . I mean, fillies!  I feel privileged to spend the day here, and I’m grateful to Mary for inviting me.  I’ve been a Westerner since my dad moved the family from Indiana to Arizona when I was ten.  I didn’t want to go, principally because I couldn’t bear to leave my first love, a boy named Kenny, who was very cute and very short.

To protest the move, I ran away from home, which consisted of going around the block and sitting under a weeping willow where nobody could see me.  But I’d neglected to take any food, so eventually I got hungry.  When I came home for dinner, my mother promised me I’d like Arizona way more than Indiana because there were horses everywhere!  Why, I might even get one of my own!  That didn’t pan out, although my little sister got a horse after I went off to college, not that I’m holding a grudge or anything.  But it WASN’T FAIR.  The only thing I loved almost as much as Kenny was horses, so I agreed to move to Arizona.

Today, as an adult (mostly, except when I’m mad about that horse my sister got), my perspective is slightly different.  I still love horses AND Arizona.  A ride through the desert in springtime is breathtaking.   But the scenery on any country-western dance floor is much, much better!  I am so over Kenny.

My preoccupation with cowboys, on the dance floor or off, has led me to write books about them.  Many, many books.  My current Harlequin Blaze series, Sons of Chance, is my latest ode to the studliness of cowboys.  Last summer the first three books came out, and three more will show up this summer.  Another three are scheduled for the summer of 2012.  I’m awash in cowboys, and I love it!

SHOULD’VE BEEN A COWBOY is on the shelves now, but I thought it might be fun if I gave away the July book, COWBOY UP, on today’s blog to one lucky commenter.  Don’t worry if you haven’t read any of the books yet.  Yes, they’re a series, all set in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, but I’ve worked really hard to make sure each book stands on its own.

You may wonder, since I’ve lived most of my life in Arizona, why I didn’t set the series in my home state.  It’s like this:  I suggested setting them in Arizona, but my editor Brenda Chin piped up with “they’ll be out in the summer, and nobody wants to read about Arizona in the summer.”  She had a point.  Thus Jackson Hole and my imaginary Last Chance Ranch in cool Wyoming.

SHOULD’VE BEEN A COWBOY, the June book, picks up the story of a couple who had a hot time in the hayloft in CLAIMED!, out last August.  They run into each other this summer only to discover the heat’s still on.  Alex, a guy who’s recently discovered the cowboy way, is willing to fan the flames, but Tyler works on a cruise ship that’s ready to sail from L.A. in a week.  She has no intention of scrapping her career to hang out in Wyoming.

COWBOY UP, the July book, brings together Clay, who runs the stud operation for the Last Chance Ranch, with Emily, who was conditioned by her very urban mother to stay far away from sweaty cowboys who smell like horse.  Needless to say, she doesn’t totally listen to mom’s advice.

We’re chatting on a blog that’s dedicated to Western romances, so I’ll assume you all love cowboys in general.  But getting specific, what’s your very favorite thing about them? One lucky commentor will win a copy of COWBOY UP, which isn’t even in stores yet.


Should’ve Been a Cowboy

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31 thoughts on “Vicki Lewis Thompson: DON’T YOU LOVE THOSE COWBOYS?”

  1. Good morning and welcome, Vicki. Love both Arizona and Wyoming. You are right, Jackson Hole is a much better place to spend the summer. I think one of the things I like most about cowboys is the Old West ethic so many of them live by. I think of the two that were on The Amazing Race. They were the good guys. They were nice to everyone, did their best and really should have won the first time. The team that won basically cheated. The cowboys response was typical of the way they probably live their lives. No whining or accusations, just a laconic we’re proud of the way we ran the race and kept our integrity to the end. They deserved to win, didn’t, and got on with their lives.
    By the look of your covers, you won’t be doing anything to help the ladies keep cool this summer. Good luck with the release of this summer’s series.

  2. Hi, again —

    Decided to post once more because my previous one says it’s waiting for moderation, and I hope that’s not because I added a couple of links to the Boas and Tiaras event today. 🙂 I’m not a techie and never know for sure how these things work.

  3. Hi, Patricia!

    I agree — real cowboys don’t whine. I’m going to add that to my list of attributes that I love about them. And yes, my covers are liable to turn up the heat this summer. I *love* the covers I’ve been given for this series.

  4. Me, again —

    I’m guessing those links to the Boas and Tiaras live streaming are what kept my first post from going through. I’m in Dallas, and soon will don my tiara and plunge into the festivities. I plan to keep checking the blog on my phone, though. I wanted to give you all the link to watch the event live, but I’m afraid that puts the comment into another category, which I do understand.

  5. Vicki,

    Wow! Good Saturday morning! Those covers are HOT!! I’m awake now for sure. Jackson Hole is a great location. I grew up just a short distance away from there, and loved going to the Tetons every summer.

    There’s so much to love about a cowboy it’s hard to choose just one thing, but I think for me it’s the confidence they exude. A surety they can handle anything that comes their way. And a bonus is their sense of humor.

    That’s why I love writing about them and reading about them. I’ll definitely be picking up this series.

  6. Hi Vicki, cowboys work hard and talk so polite. Plus they wear their hats and jeans so well, lol. 🙂

  7. LOL, Kirsten! Yes, the covers tend to work better than a cup of coffee to wake a person up on a weekend morning. 🙂 Alex, the guy on the cover of SHOULD’VE BEEN A COWBOY, definitely looks confident, doesn’t he?

    Can’t beat polite and gorgeous, Dina!

    Karen — the cover gods definitely smiled on me for this series.

  8. Vicki, I’m sorry that your first comment got hijacked into moderation. I just went and released it. I’m not sure why it wound up there. Hmmmmm. Like you, I’m not a techie.

    I want to say welcome back to the Junction. We’re excited to have you here. It’s such an honor. I love your covers. Hot, hot, hot! Wow. Those men are something else. Very nice. They should do really well in helping sell books. You’ve had back to back releases. That makes for a hectic promotional blitz. You barely get through with one and have to plunge into another.

    Hope the Boas and Tiaras shindig goes well. Sounds like a lot of fun. Wish I was there. Hope the Dallas heat doesn’t get to you.

  9. I love about everything there is about a cowboy, but I guess what I love the most is that they are hard working men, very polite and they take care of their women. Western romance is my favorite read. I can’t wait to read your books in this series.

  10. There is nothing like a cowboy.. I have always been a city girl, although now I live in the cusp of lots of rural areas of Ontario… But cowboys have always been one of my fantasy heros..
    Can’t wait to read this book…

  11. These books sound so good. I love the cowboy swagger, that self-assured, easy in his own blue jeans way they have.

  12. Hi to Linda, Quilt Lady, Kathleen and Sunner! Answering from my phone is tricky. Boas and Tiaras is a blast, thougb!

  13. Hello Vicki! I loved your other Sons of Chance books… have to get my hands on this next group of books in the series! Love the way cowboys look in their jeans, boots and hat… love their manners and speech… etc! 😀

  14. It’s the whole package! 🙂 The outfit (tight fitting jeans, boots, hat), their impeccable manners, they can work with their hands and they are down to earth. What’s not to love about that?

  15. Vicki,

    I love the covers of your books.Yes I love cowboys to and the main reason the horses they ride when they take off into the sunset in an Arizona setting…

    I live in AZ too and I love it here.

    Walk in harmony,

  16. I think it’s that they are a good combination of the good guy and the bad boy. The code of the west and their politness but also such selfconfidence and swagger and the willingness to use that gun if they have too (and since they’re so physcially fit with all that hard work they’re sexy as all get out in those chaps and boots and oversized hats lol). Great covers and I know from reading some of your other books, that these are going to be wonderful reads too!

  17. The best part of a cowboy is that he’s the ‘old fashioned’ sort of gentleman.
    As for the tight jeans—-in my family they have to be somewhat tight (and the stretch kind) because all my sons have no butt. If the jeans are tight enough (with no belt) they don’t have to keep hiking them up. That is a constant especially when they refuse to wear suspenders! The stretch kind help when they bend their knees to get into the saddle. They only wear belts when they dress up.

  18. Heroes have always been cowboy, haven’t they? Who doesn’t love them
    I think I like their look-even when they have mud on their boots and dust on their jeans, they still look good. Better,in fact, than some men who wear the baggy clothes, the uncoordinated look, the wrinkled look. Well, you know the type. I think it is considered a “uniform” because the clothes they wear tells you a lot about the man inside of them.

  19. Oh my, I need to have these books just for the cover art. I’m sure that I could manage to open them to read because the stories are intriquing! But those covers!!!!

  20. Hi Vicki, Great post! I love the cover of your books. I think want I like most about cowboys is the code so many of them live by. I like how they treat their horse and how polite they are to people.

  21. Hello, Vicki–I understand the horse thing. I didn’t get one either, even though I had my boots, my jeans, my red felt cowboy hat, and my cap pistols strapped around my non-existant hips. Which is not true today. But I got to sit on a pony, one of those that come by houses and for x amount of dollars, I could sit up there and the man would take my picture. I have the snapshot so I guess he kept his word.
    Congratulations on your success and career–yep, gotta love those cowboys. Celia

  22. Ahhh, cowboys — with their take charge attitude and little boy grins that turn us to mush.

  23. This blog’s been busy! A shout out to Claudia, Runner, Colleen, Melinda, Catslady, Mary, Joye, Connie, Becky, Estella, Celia, Vickie, and Hilltop farmwife! Whew. Hope I didn’t miss anyone. Boas and Tiaras is officially over, and we all had such fun. Wish you all could have been there!

  24. Thanks for blogging at P&P. You always bring with you some fantastic lookin’ cowboys and great reads. Fun to hear about your move to Arizona. I wonder where Kenny is today! LOL Hugs from Texas, Phyliss

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