Make Welcome Vicki Lewis Thompson


Hello Darlings,

Oh my dear Lord in Heaven! This Saturday we have award-winner Vicki Lewis Thompson.

You can thank the Fillies for this wonderful treat. Miss Vicki is such a talented author.

And when I got a gander of her two newest covers my teeth nearly fell right out of my mouth. Three words describe these–HOT, HOT, HOT! I’ll probably never be the same. Bet you won’t either.

You’ll be overjoyed to know that Miss Vicki’s giving away an autographed copy of COWBOY UP to one lucky person. Woo-Hoo! You’d better get to lining up now.

If you don’t want to left in the wagon dust you’d best hightail it over here on Saturday.

I’ll share my cider with you to help clear your throat!


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