Wedding Memories

My youngest son is getting married on Saturday!  I couldn’t be happier for Dave and Whitney, my new daughter-in-law. It’s our second wedding in eight months. My oldest son and his wife tied the knot in October. In honor of both brides, I thought I’d talk about family wedding memories.

My husband and I had a whirlwind courtship back in 1980.  We’d been acquaintances in high school and later became friends. He rode up to my house on a big red motorcycle one evening, suggested a movie and off we went to see the first Star Trek movie.  Four months later we got married in a very small ceremony in my parents’ living room. I wasn’t the girl who always dreamed of a big wedding.  In fact, Mike and I planned to elope until my dad said, “I think your mother would like to see you get married.” 

Well, my mom said, “You’re getting married here? I thought you were eloping?” She liked the idea of eloping  just fine. It was my dad who wanted to see the big moment and he did.  Short and sweet. Family. A wedding breakfast, where I found out my husband of 45 minutes didn’t like quiche.  Thirty-one years later, we’re going strong and he hasn’t had quiche since.

My parents’ wedding in 1954 was much more traditional My mom wore a beautiful white dress with a sweetheart neckline, lots of lace and a veil. Her bridesmaids wore shades of aqua, ballerina length dresses and cute little hats. The best picture, I think, is “the kiss.”  No wonder my folks were together for 42 years!  A lot of love was there from the beginning. So was faith and a willingness to talk, talk, talk things through.

My mom’s wedding dress got worn again in 1993. When my brother and future sister-in-law got engaged, she had trouble finding just the right dress.  My mom’s gown fit her perfectly. Not only did she wear the dress, she and John got married on my parent’s 39th wedding anniversary. My oldest son was the ring bearer. He looked great in a tux! He looked even better on his own wedding day,which leads us to . . .

The most recent wedding is my oldest son and his wife.  Awesome day!  They got married at Woodlawn Plantation in Alexandria, Virginia.  String quartet. Delicious food. Lovely flowers. Gorgeous pictures. Best of all, family got to celebrate with them.

So those are my wedding memories. What are yours?  Of maybe you have a favorite wedding scene in a book?  I’d love to hear about them.

I’ll be in and out today . . . The wedding ramp-up is starting.  Can’t wait for Saturday!  P.S.  Sorry not to have family pictures . . . I don’t have the older ones on the computer, and the newer ones are on the old computer which isn’t here today.  They were on this computer until I had a virus a few months ago.  They’re safe, just not easily accessible.

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  1. Love those cakes, Vicky. I’ve had two daughters get married with all the hoopla, in a small town, so the cost, though it was shocking, I suspect I have no CLUE to what weddings can cost.
    But why not have your wedding be the biggest party of your life. If you do it RIGHT, it is about the biggest day of your life.
    My wedding .. 34 1/2 years ago .. cost $400. Can you imagine?
    I wore my sister’s dress, which she made for her own wedding six months before mine. We had cake and punch in the church social hall. No sit down dinner. No dance. No open bar.
    We had a beautiful wedding though, even though it wasn’t expensive. My dress was wonderful. We had a lot of professional pictures taken. The cake and punch were delicious and everyone, including me and my husband, got to hit the road in plenty of time to get home at a reasonable hour.

  2. What wonderful memories! Thanks for sharing them with us. This touched me especially since the first of my own children, my oldest daughter, will be getting married in just over a month. My own wedding was very modest by today’s standards, the reception was held in the church’s fellowship hall and attended by family and just a few very close friends. But the memories are incredibly dear and I wouldn’t change a single thing if I could.

  3. Well, Vicky, you know we have an October wedding. Just yesterday we were discussing invitation design and cake toppers.

    My daughter did a great job coming in under budget on her dress. I can’t believe I paid $300 back in 1980 for mine. That seems like a fortune but I felt like a princess. We will see how the other expenses go.

    What I remember from our wedding in the DC area was 101 degrees, 100% humidity and NO air-conditioning in the church. One of the ushers soaked his tux. All of them looked miserable. I am thinking they had to burn them afterwards.

    Blessings this week!

    Peace, Julie

  4. Hi Mary, The cost is astronomical these days. If you upgrade one thing, you want to upgrade everything. I’m all for simple, but like you said, it’s the biggest day of your life. Do it the way you want! Make it a celebration for sure!

  5. Hello Winnie! So you’ll be a MOB (mother of the bride)! I think MOGs have it easier, but we still get to do the dress shopping. Tomorrow is the rehearsal dinner, and then the big day . . . we’re praying for no rain and NOT a heat wave!

  6. Hi Julie! I know all about the Wash DC heat. I can just see the groomsmen. There’s nothing like a DC summer. October is a wonderful month for a wedding no matter where you are. It’s between summer and winter, not too hot, not cold yet. Your family’s going to have a wonderful time!

    Dave and Whitney have gone with a cupcake wedding cake. It’s definitely “them.” They like cupcakes 🙂

  7. I have never been married.. But I have been a bridesmaid many times… It is the one thing I regret that I never gave my mom before she passed away last month, was the chance to be Mother of the Bride..
    I wish your son and his bride many happy years together…

  8. What a beautiful post, Vicki. I, too, loved the cakes. Weddings here in Los Angeles are expensive, I must admit. My younger daughter, in order to avoid her family having to foot her bill, thought to “elope,” but she told all of us and so she had her wedding after all. 🙂

    Beautiful post. Hope the wedding is spectacular.

  9. Hi Kathleen, Thank you for the kind thoughts. With two weddings in 8 months, I’ve seen how important bridesmaids and groomsmen are to the bride and groom. It’s a special time for friends as well as family. Hugs!

  10. Hi Karen! I like Kentucky, but I still miss Los Angeles. So glad you got to be at your youngest daughter’s wedding. There’s a certain romance to eloping, though. Right now, a destination wedding in the Caribbean sounds kind of nice 🙂 It’s 90 degrees and humid here, and it’s only 11:00. Hope it cools down for Saturday.

  11. Vicki,
    WOW, 2 weddings in 8 months! You must be exhausted. You deserve a nice vacation after all this. Congratulations! What a lot of wonderful memories and happiness, for everyone.

  12. My sister, whose dress I wore, got married on one of the hottest days in the history of the universe in August. Six months later I got married on one of the coldest days.
    My sister took off on her honeymoon and left us to load all her gifts. Then six months later I took off on my honeymoon and left my family to load all my gifts.
    I still feel guilty about that.

  13. So many wedding memories…but will try to be short. We were married in September 1963 and had two flowergirls. During one of the solos the little ones had moved to stand between the minister and my husband and me. Then they started sing ……. Jingle Bells. It was hard for Pastor and us not to laugh.By the way, my wedding gown cost $65!
    I love weddings!

  14. Hi Cheryl, the thing with two weddings is needing two MOG dresses. Different seasons, different colors. I live in jeans and running shoes, shorts in the summer, so shopping was a real challenge!

  15. Hi Mary, I’m sure hoping that Saturday doesn’t break records. Outdoor ceremony . . . June is so iffy here. Hoping for no rain, though everything could be moved indoors.

  16. We were married 50 years ago in our parish chapel,
    I made my dress, my sisters were my attendants,
    and the reception for family and friends was held
    in the parish hall. Simple but sweet! Son and his bride were married 21 years ago in her grandparent’s
    home by their family minister in a lovely ceremony.
    Daughter and her groom were married, also 21 years
    ago, in our parish church by our pastor. Family and
    friends enjoyed the beautiful ceremony & reception.
    Two weddings in a year! A busy year & a half, but
    lots of wonderful memories for all of us!!

  17. Hi Pat, What lovely weddings you’ve described! In the end, what really matters is the bride and groom and the commitment they’re making to each other. It’s the personal stuff that makes the day so special.

  18. Hi Vicki–and congratulations on the upcoming wedding joy! Mid-July will mark 30 years for dh and me. I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. I have lots of good memories from that day. We were surrounded by family and friends, had an hour of special music before the wedding (both of us were music majors in college)… My favorite picture of the day is the one of my then two-year-old cousin hugging me. She thought I was a princess. I felt like one when I heard that. 😀

  19. Awesome post, Vicki, and have a terrific time tomorrow.

    My wedding memories: Fainting at the first wedding I was ever a bridesmaid in. It was Arkansas in July and about 110 degrees. (Me I’m a California beach girl.)

    Wearing a real English sixpence in my shoe when I got married. Our daughter wore is in her wedding in 2008. I had gotten it on a visit to London beore the sixpence got decommissioned. (It’s the last line of “Something borrowed, something blue. And a sixpense in her shoe.” For luck.) And my luck has lasted with hubby for 37 years! Yowza. We must have been infants when we got married LOL.

    Another treasured memory…our daughter having a yellow “Livestrong” wedding in honor of her dad, a testicular cancer survivor!

    Oh, and I have two wedding scenes in my “Paradise Brides” series. In Marrying Minda, she’s a mail order bride who finds herself married to the wrong guy. A very hot cowboy, by the way.

    And in Marrying Mattie…her sister gets her wedding broken up at the altar by her crazy ex.

    Ah, good times.

    Love to the newlyweds, Vicki, all four of them! oxoxox

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