My BABIES IN THE BOARDROOM mini-series for Harlequin Romance began with THE BABY PROJECT. In May, book 2 SECOND CHANCE BABY was released. In a few days, June 10th (I think) book 3, BABY ON THE RANCH will hit the shelves.

This is one of the few times in my life that I’ve wanted to burst with pride over a release. Usually by the time a book or books are being released I’ve talked myself out of liking them!

Writers are crazy people. Seriously. We love books so much that I sometimes think we find it hard to believe somebody let us write them! To quote Wayne from Wayne’s World…We are not worthy.

But the three books for the BABIES IN THE BOARDROOM were different. Not only did they virtually write themselves, but the characters and stories came to me full blown.

I could see these three guys, all of whom shared the same dad, but had a different mom. I could see the resentment the younger two sons had for the oldest, if only because Stephone Andreas had married Darius’s mom. He hadn’t married either Nick’s or Cade’s.

It takes some time of getting to know each other before Nick and Cade recognize that living with Stephone Andreas hadn’t been a picnic and that maybe, just maybe, their moms had gotten off easy.

I could also see the difficulty Darius would have accepting Cade and Nick. I could understand why the two younger Andreas brothers wouldn’t give a flying fig if their dad’s company did fall apart. They’d both become rich on their own. Only Darius depends on the company for his livelihood.

So when they came around and began helping Darius put the shipping conglomerate back on its feet, it was easy to see that bonds were growing that the half-brothers were beginning to like each other, that they were beginning to respect each other — that they were becoming family.

But the most interesting, richest part of each of the three BABIES IN THE BOARDROOM books was the way the heroines impacted the family dynamic. Whitney, from book one, THE BABY PROJECT, forces Darius to at least try to get his brothers to work together. Maggie from SECOND CHANCE BABY forces Nick to see his brother needs him. Suzanne from A BABY ON THE RANCH already knows the brothers are tight and wonders if they actually see the strength of the bonds they’ve created. Family bonds she longs for.

The BABIES IN THE BOARDROOM mini-series is sort of like a family saga not told in one book, but three. It’s not the first time I’ve written a series, but it is the first time I’ve written one so rich and emotional.

The books stand alone but each tells a piece of a bigger, broader story. And, to me at least, they feel very real!

So, since I’m biased (to say the least). I have a question for you. Do you like this kind of series? Would you rather see these kinds of stories in single titles? Or do you want your category/series romances to be filled with a little chunk of family and friends?


Second Chance Baby

The Baby Project

A Baby on the Ranch

Susan is holding a drawing to give away an entire set of BABIES IN THE BOARDROOM mini-series to one person who leaves a comment today!

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61 thoughts on “Susan Meier: BABIES BABIES BABIES!”

  1. I wondered about all the pregnancy and baby books. Where was the appeal? I had been there and bought the maternity clothes. But the pregnancy plots started growing on me. Then I became a grandmother (earlier than expected, mind you) and fell for babies all over again.

    But what I love about your series (and yes, I do love a good trilogy) is the brother dynamic and how their wives change their outlook.

    Gotta say that baby on The Baby Project cover is ALMOST as cute as my two grandbabies. 😉

    Looking forward to reading your books.

    Peace, Julie

  2. Lots of people coo and ooohhh over the baby on the cover of THE BABY PROJECT. I have to admit I said, “Ah, isn’t he cute!” myself.

    I think the thing that hooked me into writing baby books was the automatic family dynamic. A lot of times, a hero or a heroine seems to be adrift before they find their one true love. But finding a lover doesn’t mean the same things as creating a family.

    I sort of see happy mornings, goodnight kisses, playing with puppies when I add a baby into the hero/heroine dynamic.

    Even as they are courting, they have to show signs of creating that family dynamic or the story doesn’t work for me. LOL

    And I think that’s the appeal. Add a baby to a romance and I see consistency, continuity, generations…which might make me a bit of a hyperbolist!…but I see a bigger, broader, happier romance because of the family.

    Sheesh, I’m a romantic! LOL


  3. Hi Susan, One read-through of your post, and I want to know all about these three men and the women who are helping to know themselves and each other. I’ll take a family story in any form–a three-book series or in one big book. Brother stories always appeal to me, maybe because I have two boys, five years apart, who are as different as night and day.

    The baby on the cover is cute as the proverbial button!

  4. Victoria, all 3 of my kids were different. My husband and I often said we had to learn to parent 3 different ways.

    But I’m with you on the brothers. I love ornery, supposedly self-sufficient men. I love watching them really fall in love and then realize that life is sort of empty unless you’re sharing it. LOL

    Or maybe I just like to torture them.

    But I love that moment in a book when a family really becomes a family.

    I have that moment in all three books, but in BABY ON THE RANCH, there’s a moment in the epilogue where Gino (who had been 6 months old at the start of the series and is now 3) is the ring bearer in Cade’s wedding…and it just melted my heart! LOL

    Maybe I’m just a sap? LOL!!!


  5. These books are the kind I love to read. I am mom to four and had them all within 5 years so they kept me busy and like most kids..everyone was different. I set back and wonder HOW DID I DO THAT now that they are adults on their own. ha ha susan Leech

  6. Susan, don’t you really sit back and say, “Wow, I did that…” when they get to be adults and make some good choices?

    Four kids in five years? I would say that is definitely busy!

    So glad you like the books! An author can never hear that too often. It isn’t that we’re riddled with insecurities…it’s more that we often feel that we’re writing to the big, black unknown.

    Feedback is wonderful. 🙂


  7. Susan, I’m hooked! Have been since the release of The Baby Project. I’m on medical leave but itching to get back to work so I can buy all three. Of course, winning them at this point would be a bonus. 🙂

    I like babies however I can get them. They make a family complete. And I love your writing! The idea for this series is awesome. Good job!

  8. I like a series. I always like to know what happened to the couples from the other books.

  9. Susan,

    This series sounds wonderful. I’m hooked already and can’t wait to find out what happens to these three brothers as they form a family with each other and their ladies and babies. I love a good baby story. Babies add a sweet dimension and allow for a whole new level of fun and learning for the hero and heroine. And I like the idea of this being a series; letting us dig deep into these relationships one brother at a time.

    Thanks for the peek into the series.

  10. Thanks, Lorraine!

    I’m getting a lot of love this week on those books and it couldn’t come at a better time since my curent WIP is being sassy! LOL


  11. Thanks, Goldie. I’m with you. I’m nosey enough to want to know what happens to everybody in the book!

    As a little treat, I’m putting up stories for the Babies of the series, 30 years later, on my website. Those were fun.

    If you’re curious. The first two are up on


  12. You’re welcome, Kristen.

    I think it was the idea of have 600 pages to really dig deep into this family that intrigued me so much. Doing it one romance (and one baby) at a time made it extra fun.

    Cade’s story is a real hoot. But also kinda sad. I hope everyone loves it as much as I do. LOL


  13. I know! As a writer the idea of pulling the babies 30 years into the future and seeing who they’d end up with was such fun.

    2 stories are done and up. GINO MEETS HIS MATCH and FALLING FOR THE PLAYBOY (this is Michael, Maggie’s baby from SECOND CHANCE BABY.) Mitzi’s story (Suzanne’s baby in BABY ON THE RANCH) is still in process. She’s been a little harder to get moving. LOL!!!!

    Mostly because all she thinks about is running Cade’s ranch…beating out one of the boys for the job as Ranch Foreman.

    She’s quite a girl! LOL



  14. I’ve read books one and two and have number three pre-ordered. Can’t wait to finish the series!

    I have two kids of my own, and they really are night and day. It always amazes me how the same two parents with the same DNA can product two such radically different human beings! I am one of four myself, and the same holds true there.

    Really looking forward to BABY ON THE RANCH, Susan!

  15. Hey,Deb!

    As Deb knows, there are 11 kids in my family, and, seriously, we are so much alike … all 11 of us … that it’s kinda Stepford scary. Lots of us even look alike.

    But…we each also have a quirk. I’m the only writer. Though most of my sisters cook well, my youngest sister Tammy is a cake baker like nobody else. Diana sews. Helen is the family mother hen. Janette is a decorator (as in interior decorator…though Helen has that gene too). Laura’s a beautician who loves to walk and stay fit and trim. (I’m the family chub-ball.)

    I could go on forever…or at least for 11 times.

    So when my kids were all so different it threw me for a loop!


  16. Hi, Susan,

    I read and write category/series romance and *love* connected books where family and friends help the romance along. Or make it more complicated. 😉

    I wish a few of my story ideas would come to me full-blown! LOL

    I also love how the three brothers in your books learn to get along and how much the heroines have to do with that.


  17. Thanks, Barbara! Stories don’t often come to me full-blown, so I wish more of mine would too! 🙂

    I also like the complications extended family add to a story. Babies usually bring couples together in my books, but oh, that extended family can be a real buggaboo!


  18. I enjoy series. Being able to follow characters and a connecting story line for several books makes them all richer and more fully developed. Having a family based series offers good dynamics to incorporate into the story. Nothing is quite the same as the emotions, conflict, and possibilities involved in family relationships, be they good or bad. Add a baby to the mix and all bets are off. They bring out the best and the worst in people.

    We have our own little family baby/sibling “drama” going on here. Our oldest daughter is due to have her first baby any day now. Her younger sister (they are both in their 30’s) is laughing all the way to the waiting room. Her son will be graduating from high school the year her older sister’s child starts kindergarten. Dear grandson has endeared himself to his aunt by guessing the baby will weigh 20 pounds at birth : ) What does a 13 year old boy know? He doesn’t know why his mom thinks it is funny and his aunt is not amused.

    Best of luck with the release of BABY ON THE RANCH. Sounds like a good series.

  19. Oh I love stories that involve hunky males and babies… I like to see a Alpha male go all mushy over a sweet little baby… Will be putting these on my tbr list for sure Susan…

  20. Hi, Susan. I’ve been a fan of you and your work since I “met” you on one of the writing loops. You were always so generous about sharing your knowledge for those of us who are just coming up. So thank you.

    And on to the topic at hand — when I read your description above, it reminded me of that show I used to watch when I was a kid: Bonanza. Three handsome brothers with the same dad and different moms. There was a mystery about them that really appealed to me. I loved the episodes when one of them would fall in love (of course, it was the kiss of death for the women, but still).

    Anyway, I love the idea of the brothers finally finding love and making their own families. I also like series, which let us readers keep tabs on the characters we’ve come to care about. Love it!


  21. Oh,Patricia! That’s funny. That 13-year-old better hide out while she’s in labor!

    My youngest sister is 20 years younger than I am. Her children are more like my grandkids than nieces and nephews! And I spoil them that way, when I get the chance.


  22. I really think that’s the bottom line, Kathleen. We love those Alpha males going all mushy!

    And in this series I have three of them. I really did indulge myself! LOL


  23. Oh, Sophia, I had forgotten about Bonanza, but now that you mention it, that was the same dynamic. But, oh, yes. Kiss of death for the woman they fell in love with. We still laugh about that! If you fell in love with a Cartright, you were doomed!


    Thanks for the lovely compliments. I love to teach. (And share.) My ezine now has 4 of the POWER OF QUESTIONS workshop lessons in them. And I decided to put out the next four lessons in the next four months, even though I don’t have a book to promote. I think we can have fun and share some info without promoting a book! LOL!!!!

    And my blog is all about motivating writers.

    At the risk of sounding like an advertisement, you can find both at 🙂


  24. I love series if I can get all the book pretty quick. I do hate it when you have to wait a year for the next book to come out. I guess a person should wait until they get all the books before they read them but I can’t seem to do that. I do love finding out what happen to all the characters. Your books sound really good and I would love to read them. Thanks for sharing.

  25. I love books connected by family. I’m currently reading a Superomance series by Joan Kilby that follows a brother and his two sisters.

  26. Quilt Lady! I am with you. Last year, I stood in Walmart, debating buying a Nora Roberts book that was the second or third in a 4-books series.

    An older woman just strode up and bought the book. I must have looked at her funny because she said, “I’m saving them all to read at once!”

    I laughed. (And bought the book and saved it until I could buy them all) But that also clued me in that books that are a series or even a duet should come out back to back if possible!


  27. I love that connection between books especially if it is of characters that are related. I enjoy seeing characters that get touched upon in another story have their chance to share their story and HEA with us. 😀

  28. Colleen, I also did some neat things with weddings and family events…as ways of not just moving the plot for the current H&H but also to show us the characters from the past books getting married, etc.

    It was just tons of fun.


  29. Susan,

    I love the covers of your books. Also, I like the way you have done your books. I like the family and friends in there. To me family is the core of life. Without family you are always searching.

    My husband and kids are the center of my life. They are there for me no matter what.

    Thanks Susan for some remarkable readings

    Walk in harmony,

  30. Susan, welcome to P&P. I’m a little late chiming in, but wanted to extend a welcome. Your Babies in the Boardroom series looks wonderful. I always love books about babies. Guess it brings out the mother in me. Babies are pretty amazing little beings. I like watching them grow and finding out about this world we live in. And when you mix babies with cowboys…..oh man! It’s the best of everything.

    Wishing you much success with your work.

  31. Thanks, Linda. I think babies bring out the mother or dad in all of us. Even resisent heroes find themselves talking to my babies … sometimes with humorous consequences.

    Thank you for inviting me here!


  32. Love the post an the babies,,as a mom of 6 an grandmother of soon to be 8,,I love to read about Babies,,thanks love the post

  33. The bad news? I can’t say one way or the other re preferences, as I haven’t read any series books before. I have read stand alones that were connected (briefly), but not many of those either. So sorry….
    The good news? I’d love to try YOUR books so I could find out, LOL!

  34. hum…I posted a reply that didn’t seem to go through…so we’ll try again.

    Laney, you’re entered in the drawing just by commenting…so maybe you’ll get lucky and we can seduce you into reading series books!


  35. Here’s wishing you all the best, Susan, in your three-part series. The idea is so clever and them lil’ ones are just so appealing!

  36. Enjoyed reading the article. I have met several authors and I find them not crazy but dedicated people. I will admit some were a lot more humorous than others. The men authors seemed to be more reserve and defensive of their writing.
    Your book sounds really good and would like to win it.

  37. Thanks, Cheryl.

    I do have a thing for the little ones.

    In my next book, the heroine’s daughter is eight. I looked around at my nieces and realized Maddie was eight…and sort of paterned Trisha after Maddie.


  38. Authors are definitely dedicated, Joye. You’d be surprised what some romances novelists give up before they get their big break.

    Most have full-time jobs and write at night or in the morning before they go to work.

    We’e a dedicated crew!


  39. Enjoyed the blog today…thanks for the info on your book…who doesn’t love little babies of all kinds.

  40. Nothing draws people in like babies, especially babies you do not have to change or feed or burp! Don’t get me wrong, I raised 4 kids of my own and did daycare for dozens of others, and now love hugging and playing with grandkids. I love the whole idea of your series!

  41. And my babies don’t cry a lot either! Except when teething. LOL

    We’ve talked about creating unique and different heroes and heroines, but I also worked to come up with three totally different babies!

    Everybody thinks a baby is a baby, but anybody whose been around kids knows they are also unique! That’s what I tried to show with Gino, Michael and Mitzi.

    No standard issue babies for us!


  42. I, like so many of the the blog respondants, love me some babies! Of course, my ten grands are among
    the most attractive of all! All of us mothers and
    grandmothers feel that way! I’ll have to get copies
    of your trilogy so as to have myself a baby-read
    marathon. Would love to win them, but if not, I’ll
    be off on a bookstore run!

    Pat Cochran

  43. Jillian Hart’s MaClaskin series is one of my favorites so I definitely like categories about families!
    I like the idea of your series 3 half brothers searching for common ground and trying to get along.

  44. Pat! Ten grandkids! Wow. That sounds like fun at holiday time.

    One day my sisters and I were standing on my mom’s deck, looking out at all of the younger grandkids who were playing. I turned to my sister and said, “Do you think our kids really are as cute as we think they are, or could we just be prejudiced?”

    She said (with a straight face) “Of course, they’re cute. We’re not blind!”

    Family can be funny.


  45. Laurie, what I liked about the brothers was that at first they didn’t have any intention of searching for common ground. But as they stories went on, they couldn’t help fighting for each other and helping each other…and teasing each other.

    I know I’ve said this before (about a thousand times) but it was a really fun thing to write!


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