Where Do You Like to Read?

It’s a beautiful spring day, and I’m giving serious thought to taking the Kindle outside and sitting in the sun. When I was growing up in Granada Hills, California, a Los Angeles suburb, I’d often read in the backyard. The house had a big sandstone patio, and a fruitless Mulberry tree offered a canopy of shade. Add in a bottle of Orange Crush and a folding chaise lounge and you’ve got the picture. Being outside added to the sense of adventure of whatever I was reading. I still enjoy it.

I’ve got other favorite places to read . . . Here are my Top 5.

Place No. 1 — Airplanes. I love reading on planes! When we lived in the Washington DC area, I’d make twice-a-year trips to see my mom in Los Angeles. A nonstop flight would give me about six uninterrupted hours. The trick is to pick a book that’s just the right length. You don’t want to land with just 15 pages to go. That happened to me once. I was at the most exciting part just as the wheels touched down at LAX. Series romances are a good length for flights, especially Love Inspired Historicals.

Place No. 2 — Hotel Rooms. I don’t do a lot of traveling, but the times I have, I’ve been glad to have books with me. When my husband and I go on vacation, picking which books to take is a big part of the planning. We were in Laughlin, Nevada for a weekend when I read Swan’s Chance by Celeste DeBlasis. I read until five in the morning. Just couldn’t put it down! For travel, I like long books that will last awhile. James Michener’s sagas definitely do the trick.

Place No. 3 — The Beach. There’s something wonderful about reading with your toes in the sand. Add the rumble of waves and can of Diet Coke and I’m set for hours. For a “beach read,” I like something fast-paced with lots of drama.

Place No. 4 — By A Swimming Pool. This one has pros and cons. Community swimming pools can be noisy and crowded, and if we have small kids in tow, they need our full attention. It’s hard to read with all the splashing and noise. On the other hand, if I’m by myself and it’s quiet, I enjoy the ambience.

Place No. 5 — Home Sweet Home. Reading at night in the den is just wonderful. In the winter, the fireplace is ablaze. In the summer, the windows are open and the crickets are chirping. The coziest place in the house is my LaZ Girl recliner. That’s not a real trade name. It’s a LaZ Boy, but my husband calls it my LaZ Girl. It fits!  

So those are my favorite places. Anyone else? Where do you like to read?

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  1. Much as I love books, it’s hard for me to find time to read. I recently accompanied a friend on a business trip – I stayed in the hotel and read, it was heaven. I also love audio books on long car drives. And (do I dare say this?) I do a lot of reading in the bathroom.

  2. Hello, Victoria! I am so glad that you are a fan of Celeste De Blasis! I recently reread her book, “The Tiger’s Woman”, which is one of my all-time favorite reads. I enjoyed it so much, and I did read it all the way through in one very long sitting : )

    I have learned to take a book with me when I am going to be sitting and waiting at the doctor’s office, the automotive repair center, and other places with old magazines in the waiting area : )

    I love spending time with my cats. There is nothing more soothing and reassuring to see my cats curled up in contentment after being well-fed, or stretching and rolling in pure bliss in the warmth of the morning sun on my front porch. One of my favorite ways to spend an evening is reading–curled up on my couch with lots of pillows and an old cotton quilt. With “The Book” that I have been waiting impatiently to read, coffee, chocolate, and cats, I am set. Once I settle in, the cats settle on and around me. I look like a statue in the park with all the birds perched on it! The cats seem to sense that I am ready to retreat, sitting quietly with me until I finish my read. >^..^<

  3. Hi Elizabeth! I hear you on not having enough to read. I’m actually a binge reader. Between mss, I read several books and love it. While I’m working on something, especially a first draft, I read less but I still ove it. I was hoping some would mention the bathroom 🙂 It’s not on my list, but I figured it would be at the top for others!

    About “Water for Elephants” . . . the movie has me intrigued.

  4. Hi Virginia C! The doctor’s office definitely goes on the list but with a qualifier. If I’m waiting for someone else, it’s a great time to read. If the doctor is running an hour late and I’m waiting . . . and waiting . . . and waiting, well, I’m glad for the book but it can be frustrating! Then again, emergencies happen. I get that.

    The Celeste De Blasis “Swan” books were all wonderful. I love historical romance, but there’s nothing more satisfying than a big historical saga.

  5. Hi Victoria,

    I second Elizabeth’s comment about your cover, gorgeous!

    I love to read anywhere and everywhere. But as mentioned while writing I don’t get much time. I, too, tend to binge in between mss.

    My favorite place to read is on the porch swing of a mountain cabin in Montana. But I usually have to settle for my bed. :o)


  6. Hi Vicki,

    Oh, dear! I had forgotten Celeste De Blasis’ wonderful books. Those Swan books were just fantastic. Now I’m going to have to reread them all again. LOL And The Tiger’s Woman–what a fantastic book that was, Virginia. I loved that so much. I don’t get much time to read for pleasure since I have an editing business as well as trying to write. LOL So my reading time for pleasure is usually when I’m eating lunch. I look forward to that because I sit down at the table with a sandwich and read while I’m eating it. Right now I am about 3/4 of the way finished with one of our own Tracy Garrett’s books! If I try to read in bed, I fall asleep. :(( Love your cover, Vicki. That is just awesome.
    Cheryl P.

  7. Good morning, Kristen! A porch swing with a mountain view . . . it doesn’t get any better 🙂 I’m picturing a warm summer day with a breeze rippling through the pines. Big sigh here! The weather turned cold again.

  8. Hi Cheryl, You know, I haven’t read “The Tiger’s Woman.” I should check it out. Right now I’m reading “Valley of Decision,” a family saga set in Pittsburgh against the backdrop of the steel industry. Fascinating to see how different the style is . . . it was written in the 1940s.

    Speaking of lunch, I’m hungry! Time for breakfast!

  9. I read while walking on the treadmill every morning. I have to get up at 5:00 a.m. in order to have time to exercise before work, and many mornings, it is strictly the thought of getting to read another 2-3 chapters in a good book that gets me out of bed.

    So far, I havn’t had any serious mishaps while reading and walking at the same time, although I did have to jump onto the side once when I veered to close the edge. I guess there’s a part of me that likes to live dangerously. 🙂

    I liked seeing the cover for The Black Stallion. I read that series as a girl and this year I convinced my daughter to try them and she successfully read through the entire series. Yay for the classics!

  10. Oh my fav place to read is in the back garden on a beautiful summer day or spring…
    Or curled up on the sofa with my fav throw accros me, espeicially in the winter…
    And the beach for sure, with my fav beverage…Ice Tea..

  11. Hi Karen, Here’s to living dangerously, even on a treadmill 🙂 I’ve been walking first thing in the morning this week, and it’s a good way to get the creative juices flowing. The body? Well, it’s not so enthused.

    “The Black Stallion” books are such favorites. I gave my copies to my cousins. No regrets because they were read and enjoyed, but I wish had that set. Glad your daughter’s enjoying them 🙂

  12. I read mostly late at night setting on one end of my LaZ boy couch. I have a lamp set up there and its the perfect place to read if hubby doesn’t have the TV turned up to loud. I really perfer to read when its late and quite in the house.

  13. hi Vicki, oh, your backyard read as a child brought back so many memories. We had a giant elm tree and a flagstone patio and lounge chairs and yes, I read out there forever. These days, I still enjoy reading on our patio and on planes and…in “my ” lounge chair while hubby watches some sporting event I care nothing about LOL. I can’t remember NOT reading, even just the back of the cereal box. Great post, great memories. oxoxox

  14. P.S. I forgot to mention: I got Outlaw’s Return on my Kindle; what a terrific story. Gus is a precious character and of course, hot outlaw notwithstanding, Fancy Girl has stolen my heart. Great job, my friend! oxoxox

  15. Hi Tanya, I’m so glad you enjoyed “Outlaw’s Return.” I knew you’d like Fancy Girl 🙂 You mentioned reading cereal boxes, and I instantly thought of Cocoa Crispies . . . and Trix . . . and the prizes in the boxes!

  16. I love to read.
    My perfect reading place……
    My recliner in the living room.
    Late night.
    My fuzzy blanket.
    Thick slipper socks.
    Decaf Hot tea at hand. Preference for Tetley’s Earl Grey.
    This is my cure for insomnia
    In the summer I switch out the hot tea for iced tea and with terrible grief give up the blanket and slipper sox. Those are the ONLY things I miss about winter.

  17. In the summer, in the Sierra backcountry, sitting beside a small creek and leaning back against a granite boulder. Smelling the pine and hearing the rustle of the wind through the trees. Sitting there, reading and soaking up the outdoors is my heaven on earth. Of course an ice tea or lemonade is in order, too.

  18. Good Morning Vicki,

    Yes, I love to read too. My favorite places to read is:

    1. Outside sitting in the shade looking out over the mountains as the hawks soar. Favorite spot!!!

    2. Inside my house- looking out at those same mountains

    3. In the car going on a long trip.

    But again most of the time, especially living in AZ I love to go outside and feel the sun as the hawks soar above me and into the canyon

    Thanks Vicki great post

    Walk in harmony,

  19. I love to read and discovered that the Kindle is perfect for reading on the treadmill. So now I get an extra hour a day to read. It sure does help take the pain out of exercising.

    I, too, tend to fall asleep when reading in bed.

    Debbie Macomber once told about a letter she got from a reader who wrote, “Your books put me to sleep every night.”

    Still laughing about that one.

  20. I love curling up on my fav chair or laying down and relaxing with a book in hand… I will read in the car to have an enjoyable time…

  21. Hello Mary J, What a beautiful description! I want to be there right now!

    Hi Melinda, I envy anyone who can read in the car. I tend to get car sick. Even looking at a map is risky biz. Don’t ask what happens if I try to reset the GPS 🙂 It wasn’t pretty!

  22. Hi Margaret! Love the Debbie Macomber fan letter. Definitely a back-handed compliment!

    Hello Colleen, Favorite chairs seem to be winning the “Where do you like to read” poll. I wish I could read in the car. We’ve made several long trips from Northern VA to KY. It’s a long BORING drive. The first time is nice, but the tenth is same-old, same-old. A good book would have helped a lot.

  23. Oh, I forgot: my Snuggie. A book and Kindle are always better with my silly blanket with sleeves. Fortunately I live at the coast which is never very hot, and I can Snuggie-up all year long.

  24. I always take a book to read in the doctor’s office. Makes the wait go by so much faster. I’ve also been guilty of escaping into a warm bubble bath and reading, especially when my kids were younger. I have a plane trip tomorrow and I’ve already chosen the book I want to take.

  25. My first choice is snuggled in bed, late at night when it’s quite except for maybe a purring cat or two. The beach would be my second choice although that doesn’t happen very often. After that – just anywhere and everywhere lol.

  26. Hi Linda, Hope you have a good flight! Here’s hoping for perfect weather, no delays and a plane that’s not too crowded. Enjoy the book!

    Hello Catslady! Had to smile at “just anywhere and everywhere.” That about covers it!

  27. Is there a bad place to read? Well, when you are driving (audio books work for that) or when you are supposed to be watching little ones. I always have a book, and on trips a box of books, with me.
    I love to sit on our porch and read. There is always a breeze and the sounds of the country.
    In the winter, it is the family room with a fire in the wood stove, the dogs and cats curled up nearby.
    Reading while in a waiting room is the only way to make the time fly.
    When I travel, I read to make the trip go by. In the car, I prefer an audio book because I can share it with my husband. When we fly, he sleeps and I read.
    Hotels and condos on trips are perfect. There usually isn’t much else to do during down time. The balconies overlooking the pool or other areas are usually perfect.
    I read during most meals, unless of course it is a family meal. Most mornings it is breakfast, the Today Show, and a book. The only thing that gets my full attention is the book.
    Had the technician ask if I wanted to read while donating blood the Monday. Will have to try it next time.

    I really like the cover of THE OUTLAW’S RETURN. I hope it is doing well.

  28. Hi Patricia, Audio books are nice for long drives. We like Garrison Keilor. He’s good for lots of laughs and a few tears. Very touching!

    Thank you for the kind thoughts for “The Outlaw’s Return.” So far, so good! It got solid reviews and readers seems to be enjoying it. It’s one of my personal favorites 🙂

  29. One of the best books. So enjoyed it.

    For me, reading anywhere is best. The only problem is when I read in bed where I tend to fall asleep. I also love having books with me at doctors offices. Makes the time pass for sure.

    peace, Julie

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