Stacey Coverstone: Saturday’s Guest


Hello Darlings,

Miss Stacey Coverstone is next up in our list of guests. Unless I’m mistaken this is her first time to visit.

The dear lady has an interesting subject in mind: onscreen movie kisses. She lists her top ten and believe it or not she mentions some of my favorites. I bet she’ll also have some of yours on her list.

Miss Stacey will give away an e-copy of her new book called LUCKY IN LOVE.

So walk, run, or hitch a ride on Saturday.

Just be sure you make it to the Junction!

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3 thoughts on “Stacey Coverstone: Saturday’s Guest”

  1. Welcome, Stacey! I’m on chapter 21 of Third Time’s a Charm. I so love it. Hubba-hubba Tucker. Can’t wait for your visit to Wildflower Junction. oxoxox

  2. Hi friends,

    Just to clarify, the winner chosen from comments submitted tomorrow, March 19, on my blog will have her choice of any of my books – not just Lucky in Love. Also, this is my fourth time visiting Wildflower Junction. I love this place and look forward to chatting with you all tomorrow.


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