A Day In The Life Of A Writer . . .

This is going to be a casual post. I’m wrapping up a proposal for a new project, so my head is full of editing right now.  I love that part of the writing process.  I get totally obsessed and everything just sort of stops.  That’s why I’m playing catch-up. A box of tax receipts has been staring at me for a month, and it’s still there. My desk is also mess. Right now it’s littered with gum wrappers and my coffee cup, post-its, and a stack of insurance papers. (In case you’re wondering, I use the screen from my laptop but I type on an ergonomic keyboard. You can see the edge of it on the keyboard tray.  Love my big keyboard . . . I’ve had it for 10 years and it’s missing all the letters except Q, Z, X, T and P.)

Did I mention the line edit for Marrying the Major arrived yesterday? This is my October 2011 Love Inspired Historical. The edit showed up on the doorstep at 8:30 a.m.. I was rushing out the door to the dentist so he could adjust the crown I got last week. The crown was too high, which means I had a toothache for about 4 days.

Just as I brought in the package from the UPS guy, the dog added to the morning by tossing his dog biscuits. The good news is that he did it in the bathroom and not on the carpet.  He’s okay now. Something just didn’t agree with him.

I made it out the door to the dentist, got Starbuck’s, came home and did all the housework I’ve been putting off while working to finish the proposal. Vacuuming–check. Bathrooms–check. Four loads of laundry–check. Kitchen–check. My husband’s man-cave–I tried! In between the chores I checked email, looked at the newest LIH covers, emailed my editor, and loaded the dishwasher.

The best part of the day came when the chores were D.O.N.E. I took the “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” option and phoned a friend. We talked plot and American Idol, bathroom faucets, family stuff and taxes. I have a rocking chair that looks out the front window, and it’s a great place for slowing down and having a good talk with a friend. A school bus dropped off a bunch of kids, and I thought of my son coming home from Iraq and my other son who’s in the middle of wedding plans. Life is good!

After the phone call, I went outside for some fresh air. We live next to a farm for retired racehorses. There are about a dozen that come to our back fence for carrots and peppermints. The big gray mare has been dubbed Miss Piggy by the whole neighborhood because she chases the other horses away. It’s great fun to feed them, even if the gray is hogging the treats. The dog must have gotten over his tummy ache, because he barked like crazy when the horses showed up. We call them Hartley’s buddies. You’d think he’d be afraid of them, but he’s not.

Dinner came and went. So did a neighborhood Bible study complete with chocolate cake. My husband watched a movie and I sat in my LaZ-Girl recliner with the laptop formatting P&P blogs including this one.  That was my day . . . How was yours?

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21 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of A Writer . . .”

  1. Hi Vicki, always fun to get to know cyber-friends better! How lucky are you to live so close to the horses. What sweet inspiration.

    Yesterday was not a good day for me, so hopefully today will improve. We had crazy-scary winds and lost a small tree. (For a small cul-de-sac backyard, that’s HUGE.) And I was just in a major funk all my own. Today the sun is out, the wind has stopped…but I AM on my way to the dentist. Ah well.

    I will get busy with my deadline story after lunch with a friend. So today should be better. Hugs…and have a good one!

  2. Hi Tanya, my filly sister! I hope that trip to the dentist goes well. So sorry to hear about the tree. High winds can be vicious. Here’s hoping today is better for you all the way around.

  3. Maybe you need a bigger desk, Vicki.:)

    And don’t remind me about taxes, yuck!! Living NEXT to horses sounds like the best of all worlds. You can enjoy them without having to take care of them.
    Thanks for the fun glimpse into your busy life.

  4. Hi Elizabeth, Living next to horses really is the best. They’re beautiful animals, too. The horse racing industry isn’t kind to “has beens,” but these critters have a good life. They definitely like their carrots and peppermints!

  5. Wow, Vicki, you’re making me tired! My gosh, you had a busier day than mine. But I admire how you’re able to put in some fun stuff and get some fresh air in the midst of the chores.

    I do mentoring at the middle school here every Monday so that took a good part of my day yesterday. I also delivered Meals on Wheels, had lunch with some friends, and got three pages written on my WIP. Today will be devoted to writing. Hopefully I’ll make some good progress.

  6. Hi Vicki,

    I love your desk all cover with author stuff. I am working on a proposal to. I just got an email from my editor in reference to the new book I am going to be doing.

    I love the life of being a writer. It is the best

    Love the post

    Walk in harmony,

  7. Hi Melinda, I like my desk best when it’s organized. I cleaned it up some for the picture, and today I’m digging out from the editing. I found the hand cream I’d lost 🙂 Yeah!

  8. Hi Winnie, I’m fascinated by how different we all are. I like to work at a desk, but other writers head to Starbuck’s every day. Neat? Messy? Noisy? Quiet? We all have our preferences!

  9. Hi Vicki,
    I like that in the midst of your busy schedule you made sure to swing by Starbucks 🙂 I’m a sucker for cafe mocha’s. I try to make them at home but they aren’t the same. Where would we be without caffeine?! It’s almost 4 and I haven’t written at all today. We had a MOPS meeting and then friends came over afterwards. Most days I sit down about 2pm to write for a few hours before I start supper. The mornings are busy with homeschooling. If I’m in the mood, I’ll get some work done in the evening, too, but sometimes my sluggish brain won’t work. lol You are fortunate to live next to the horses. What a treat! We have alligators nearby. Does that count? lol

  10. I wish I made as much progress as you. Ate breakfast while reading and watching the Today Show. Rushed through my walk and a little housework then headed for the dentist. We live about 20 miles from town, so I run as many errands as I can when I do go in. An insurance check came in so my husband had to come to town so we could both sign it. It is a pain that it was made out to us and the bank, so they had to sign and cash it before we could pay for replacing the roof.
    I’m doing random straightening around the house and starting packing for our trip to New Orleans in a couple days. Gas was $1 cheaper a gallon when we planned the trip and made reservations. Tomorrow will be the day to do laundry and the serious packing. Tonight I’ll check my emails and do some more random cleaning.

    Almost forgot, I need to run out and throw out some greens for the peacocks.

    I like your neat office.

  11. Hi Karen, Put me down for a Venti Skim Cappaccino. We were supposed to have a Starbucks about a mile from our house, but they didn’t put it in when the economy tanked. Probably just as well . . . I’m not as tempted 🙂

    Did you say ALLIGATORS? Oh. My. I bet you’re NOT giving them treats!

  12. Hi Mary, I should seriously take a picture, but the house doesn’t look picked up very often. And if you notice, I didn’t say I dusted … there’s a nice layer on the bookshelves 🙂 I’ll get it next time.

  13. Howdy Patricia! You’re one busy lady! Getting ready for a trip is always a challenge. My mom used to say she could go on a vacation or get ready to go one, but doing both was just too much effort. I hear you on gas prices. They’re through the roof… again!

  14. Vicki, you have been busy–and have earned a slow down time. I just wish my desk looked like yours when I’m disorganized. I can see wood in your picture Mine? Every surface coated in paper. lol

  15. Hi Tracy, You know how some days are just crazy? Yesterday was one of them. Today I got the taxes done — hooray! Tomorrow I’m doing edits then it’ll be back to the usual routine. I’m ready!

  16. Hi Vicki, I’m chiming in late. I just sent a ms to my editor and am now playing catch-up–like you! I just finished my taxes–ugh. Next, clean the desk! Vacuum? What’s that?

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