Twenty five years ago when I first started writing, my goal was to become a successful author.  I wanted to be able to quit my real estate job and write full time.  Fortunately, with my husband still working, I was able to make that happen fairly quickly.

Still, when I finally sold my first book after months of trying and numerous rejections, I earned the whopping sum of four thousand dollars–not much money for a year and a half of working ten hours a day!  But I never lost faith.  I thought, “I can do this.  I know I can.” 

I think one of the toughest things about being an author is continuing to believe in yourself.  Insecurities swamp you.  Is this book any good?  Is this book as good as the last one?  Will my readers like it?  Will the publisher renew my contract?

After twenty five years, those questions remain.  It’s only sheer force of will that keeps a writer pounding the keyboard, sheer determination that keeps an author from quitting.

So when I hit the New York Times printed list (as opposed to the extended list, which I had been on a number of times), it was the kind of validation that keeps a writer going.

Someone must like these books, I thought, Ohmygod, it’s really selling!  It was a thrill to get that phone call–a notification that usually comes late on a Wednesday night.  That Wednesday, I didn’t get any call so I figured any chance I had was past.

Then early Thursday morning, my agent phoned.  “AGAINST THE FIRE made the list!  You’re on the New York Times!”

It’s a real moment for an author, the thrill of a lifetime.  I had made the Times list last year for RULES BRIDE, one of my Victorian Historicals, but this was different. 

My heart is in these books, AGAINST THE WIND, AGAINST THE FIRE, AGAINST THE LAW.  Not only did I love the brothers, Jackson, Gabe, and Devlin, but I loved the ladies who snared these hunky men. 

When I finished AGAINST THE LAW, I didn’t want to let go.


So I didn’t.

In Dev and Lark’s story, AGAINST THE LAW,  three of Dev’s friends show up to help him rescue Lark’s missing four-year-old niece.  Trace, Johnnie, and Jake were such amazing guys I knew I had to tell their stories. 

Fortunately, Mira agreed, and in November, AGAINST THE STORM, Trace Rawlin’s story, is scheduled to hit the bookshelves.

I’m hoping by the time readers finish the Raines Brothers Trilogy, they’ll be wanting more of the yummy AGAINST men and their sexy ladies, and that they’ll be watching for AGAINST THE STORM.

Until then if you haven’t read AGAINST THE LAW, I hope you’ll look for it.  And don’t forget AGAINST THE WIND and AGAINST THE FIRE, the first two books in the trilogy.

Until then, happy reading and all best wishes, Kat

Kat has offered an autographed copy of to one lucky reader. All you have to do is leave a comment to be entered in the drawing.

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  1. Hello, Kat! You’ve made some amazing accomplishments as an author–congratulations on your “NYT” listings! I admire your versatility and perseverance. Combine those two traits with skilled storytelling, and you have the right combination to be a successful author. I love the sound of the Raines boys and their story lines. How exciting that you have more “Against” hunks and heroines in store for your readers!

  2. As one of the fillies I’m not eligible for your drawing, Kat (darn!). But I just wanted to say congratulations on a brilliant career. Your talent and hard work are an inspiration to us all.

  3. Hi Kat, congratulations on your NYT listing and with a western, no less! I don’t know of any writer who has worked harder than you. You truly are an inspiraton. Say hello to your sweet hubby for me!

  4. Congratulations! I have enjoyed reading all of your books. These sound really good and I have added them to my TBR list. I like the covers of this new series.

  5. Hi Kat!
    Thank you so much for coming over to visit here at Petticoats and Pistols today. I appreciate you taking time from your hectic schedule to come and blog with us! I am so glad to know that you are continuing the series with friends of Dev’s. AWESOME! Congratulations on all your writing achievements, but especially this latest one–making the NYT’s printed list. That is just wonderful, and very well deserved. Very inspiring to the rest of us, too! BTW, LOVE YOUR COVERS! Very sexy.

    Cheryl P.

  6. Kat, welcome to P&P. We’re so honored to have you blog with us. You’re one of my favorite authors. Your Against Series is so riveting. What amazing heroes in the Raines brothers. I love them all. They really spring to life on the page.

    Big congrats on making the NY Times Bestselling list!! That’s wonderful. I’m still striving for that honor. Maybe I’ll make it one day.

    Enjoy your day with us and come again soon.

  7. Hi Kat! Thank you so much for visiting P&P. It’s an honor to have you with us. And congratulations on making the NYT Bestseller’s List! What a thrill that is! “Against the Law” needs to get downloaded to my Kindle 🙂

  8. A Western on the NYT list? WOW! Isn’t that some sort of first? Congratulations. That is a wonderful accomplishment. Your series sound like a TBR for me, too. I have only read a few of your books and that was years ago. So, of course, put me in your drawing.
    Mary J

  9. Major Congratulations,Kat! What a cool accomplishment, and the fact it’s a Western makes it even cooler. Here’s to at least another 25 years of great books from you!


  10. I loved the first two books of this series! I have to wait until Friday to purchase Against the Law because I live in a small town and Wal Mart is the only place that sells books. Since your book came out yesterday I have to wait until Friday when the lady puts them out. I would love for you to write about some of the characters in your other series, especially Jonathan Savage.

  11. Welcome to the Junction, Kat! We’re thrilled you joined us today.

    It makes me so happy to see western set books on the NYT. Cowboys have such a special place in my heart–and in the hearts of readers.

    What made you move over to cowboys?

  12. I’m a great fan of books connected in this manner.
    In them, the author gives the readers a chance to
    get to know the characters more closely. Thanks
    for joining us here today!

    Pat Cochran

  13. Hi Kat, I will have to say you just can’t beat a good western and these sound really good. I will have to start looking for them. I want to read them really bad. Congrats on making the NYT list, that has to be just awesome. Keep up the good work.

  14. Congrats on the new release, Kat and on hitting the NYT Bestseller list. I loved Jackson’s story and look forward to reading Gabe and Dev’s books.

  15. I haven’t read any from this series but have to say I’ve enjoyed many of your books. I’ve heard good things about them but knowing that you didn’t want to let go makes me think these are going to be great reads!

  16. Ohmygosh! twenty six comments! Here I was busy working out at the gym, not thinking there would be nearly as many readers on the site! which by the way is a fabulous website. I’m sending the link to my hubby, who has written over 15 Westerns and will be blogging here on March 12.
    You all have made such wonderful comments. I’m posting this but I’ll be right back. kat

  17. Special hello to Margaret Brownley–a long-time old friend. Great to see you are still around. We will be at the Western Writers Conference in North Dakota. If you are anywhere near, stop by. love ya, kat

  18. Lots of comments about cowboys. All my guys are western men, Jackson still lives on a ranch in Wyoming. I love cowboys, too, am married to one. My family were all western people, so I feel very close to western guys. The cover on the next Against book out in November has a cowboy on the front that will make you drool. Trace Rawlins. He’s a cowboy turned city boy but he is delicious.

  19. Linda– not doubt you will make it one day–if that is what you really want and you work hard to get there. I’ve written over 50 books, so you can see it can take a lot longer than you would think! best of luck with your work

  20. A couple of things…since you guys love westerns, don’t miss True Grit. It was amazing. And I want to say again, I totally love your website. Is anyone going to be at WEstern Writers of America in June in North Dakota? If so, let me know and we’ll get together. thanks for having me. kat

  21. I love your books…just got in today’s mail a copy of Against the Law which I had on order. Can’t wait to find time to read it.

  22. Have enjoyed your books for years. I know I’ll enjoy this series and am glad you will be able to extend it. Your characters are always well developed and the plots take twists and turns that keep us wanting more. I am glad you decide to keep typing away.

  23. Kat, Congratulations on making the NYT’s. I just finished reading your Bride trilogy and am really looking forward to reading your new series. I have enjoyed receiving your emails with excerpts of the books.

  24. Congratulations on your accomplishments. Validation of what we do is so important to all of us! I don’t think that I have read any of yur books but I shall be looking for them!

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