Saturday’s Guest: Valerie Hansen


Hello Darlings,

Miss Valerie Hansen is up next here at the Junction. She’ll arrive Saturday, the Good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.

The dear lady has been a guest many times and doesn’t disappoint. Earthquakes and fires will be her topic on Saturday. Seems she has some insight on the subject of nature going beserk. While she’s here she’ll also discuss her brand spanking new book called RESCUING THE HEIRESS. It looks like a dandy.

Miss Valerie isn’t coming empty-handed either. She’ll be toting two autographed copies of the new release and two copies from her backlist. You’ll have four chances to win a book. Yippee! I know that’ll make you happy.

So walk, run, or hitch a ride to the Junction and get your name in the drawing.

Don’t forget now, you hear!

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2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Guest: Valerie Hansen”

  1. It has been a while since I’ve visited here and regret it. I love to reav Valerie’s books. Earthquakes and fires aren’t the best topic for my area here. It is more ice and snow and wishing winter was over.
    Love the picture of the book.
    God bless you Valerie in your writing for his glory.

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