Sharpshooter in Petticoats – A Chance to Win!

Sharpshooter in Petticoats by Mary ConnealySharpshooter in Petticoats released January 1st.

It’s in bookstores NOW!


Today, to celebrate, I’m doing a giveaway of a signed copy of Sharpshooter in Petticoats. 
First a little bit about the book.
Sharpshooter in Petticoats is book #3 in the Sophie’s Daughters series.To find out all about Sophie and her daughters you’ll need to read the Lassoed in Texas Trilogy.


Sharpshooter in Petticoats is my favorite one of the three, not because the others aren’t good, but because I’ve been building to a wild, chaotic, runaway, mayhem soaked conclusion for three books, and in a way…for NINE books. characters from Lassoed in Texas Trilogy and the Montana Marriages Series are in this final book.


If you’ve read books #1 and #2 in the series, Doctor in Petticoats and Wrangler in Petticoats, then you’ll know I’ve been getting the oldest sister in the McClellen clan into deeper and deeper trouble in those earlier books. Finally it’s time for Mandy to have her happy ending.

And if there wasn’t a feuding family of backshooting murderers gunning for her, it’d be no problem because her no-account husband is dead and the hero has been around the edges of her life for years. Her being married to another man is quite an avalanche blocking the trail to true love, though.

But I won’t even beat around the bush here, Mandy’s husband, Sidney Grey,  is dead and gone. Shot by the men who are now harassing Mandy.

I know a lot of people wanted to WATCH Sidney die. And they wanted to watch him die slowly, maybe stake him to a fire ant hill or have him be nibbled to death by small predators. Better yet, have Mandy beat him to death for insulting her for the LAST TIME.

But nope. I needed him dead to start with so I just shot him between the end of book #2 and the beginning of book #3.  Being a writer is kind of fun. You get to solve all the world’s problems in your books. Of course I created the problems. And in real life, the people who are messing up your world usually just stay right there and keep making things hard.

But for a writer, it’s so clean, even though you have to abuse people you love to begin with to make everyone loathe the villain.

But I digress.

Here’s a little bit about Sharpshooter in Petticoats:

Mandy McClellen Grey, has become the focus of a feud thanks to her husband, who made this mess and then died. Far from home, Mandy, the best little rifle woman in the west, has resigned herself to a lonely life under siege rather than call for help and endanger her family.

Tom Linscott is fed up with waiting for Mandy who should have had the sense to come to him as soon as she finished burying her worthless husband. In fact he’d’ve come fast enough to dig the hole if she’d’ve sent for him. He goes to round up his little woman and buys into a heap of trouble from a whole clan of outlaws.

Between Mandy’s deadly skill with her rifle, her determination to not bring trouble down on someone she loves, and an ever growing crowd of varmints who want to bury everyone named Grey—and anyone who sides with them, Tom may not survive getting himself hitched.

And here is an excerpt from Sharpshooter in Petticoats:

“She stole my horse?” Tom’s voice rose to such a high pitch it hurt his ears

“I don’t think a woman can rightly steal a horse from her own husband.” Red shrugged.
“And now you can’t find her?” Tom clenched his fists and stormed straight toward Red and the worthless man Abby had married..
“I think she took out after the men who were shooting at us.” Wade stepped in front of Red. It was his brother-in-law’s way to draw a fist to his own face to protect someone else. He Doctor in Petticoats by Mary Connealymight even have thoughts of Tom’s soul, not wanting Tom to slug a parson.
“She can’t have gone far.” Red came up to Wade’s side. Calm, strong, wise, a hard man to thrash for a lot of reasons, confound it. “We just realized she was gone a few minutes ago. 


“She took enough bullets with her to start a war,” Abby added.
The whole lot of them had realized Mandy was gone and gathered outside by the time Tom came riding into the ranch yard.
“She left her children behind?” Tom couldn’t believe a woman would do such a thing.

“I reckon they’re your children now, too, Tom.” Red lifted his shoulders as he stated the obvious. “Just like your horse is hers.”“So we’re married for sure?” Later, Tom intended to beat the tar out of both Red and Wade for losing Mandy. But right now he had a missing wife to track down. 

“You oughtta sign it, too.” Red handed Tom a piece of paper with a neatly written record of the marriage, signed by Red, Abby, and Mandy, all three. “But even if you don’t, you’re still married.”

Red said that as if he expected Tom to argue, but being married to Mandy, the little horse thief, suited him right down to the ground. Tom grabbed the paper and scrawled his name with a pen that barely scratched a line in nearly-dried ink. He thrust it toward Red.“It’s yours.” Red refused to take it.

Tom folded it roughly and jammed it into one pocket.

“Abby, tell me what went on around here. Sawyer, pack me some grub.”

Abby talked while Tom led his stallion to the barn.

When his sister paused to take a breath, Tom jerked his chin at the stallion. “Will you take care of him? Everyone else on this ranch is scared to get near him.”

Abby agreed and kept talking, letting him know all that had unfolded. She made a point of talking about the way Mandy handled her rifle. Tom had heard a similar story years ago from Belle Harden, who had met Mandy when she was a new bride.He’d asked too much of the black. He strode toward the corral where Tom’s second favorite horse was held. The most perfect colt to ever come out of his stallion, and that was saying something because his stallion bred true.

Tom stumbled to a halt when he reached the corral. A dozen horses grazed in the pen, none of them the one he wanted. “She stole my best horse?” Though it was no time for such a thing, Tom laughed. He had married himself one beauty of a woman.

Wrangler in Petticoats by Mary Connealy“Borrowed, Tom. Not stole.” Red had tagged along to the corral.
Tom remembered well his plan to beat Red within an inch of his life. Right now time was too tight. “Which way did she go?”

Red pointed to a trail in the distance Tom could only see because he knew his land so well. “She asked me where I saw the men riding, the ones who shot up your house.”

“And you told her? Why would you do a stupid thing like that?”
Red shoved his face right up into Tom’s, which reminded Tom that Red wasn’t just a sky pilot—he was also a rancher who’d come out here and tamed a mighty mean stretch of a land. “I told her because it never occurred to me that a woman would abandon three children and a man she’d just married to go hunting a pack of killers. What kind of woman did you marry anyway? She’s acting crazy.”

Tom shrugged. He couldn’t really argue Red’s point, though arguing came real easy. “I married me the sharpest shooting woman in the West, I reckon.”

“That you did, Tom. I saw her in action.” Abby bridled Tom’s second choice for a horse while he saddled.

“I saw her, too.” Red shook his head in wonder. “I’ve never seen anyone shoot like that. Why do you want a woman who appears to have a taste for killing? What are you thinking to pick a woman like that?” Tom looked past Red and saw Red’s wife, sweet little Cassie Dawson, quietly tending all six children, both the Dawsons’ and Mandy’s—Tom caught that thought. They were his children now, too.

Tom’s temper would have crushed Cassie like a bug the first week of their marriage. Shrugging, Tom felt a little sheepish, but this was a man of God. It’d be wrong to lie.


“Honest, Red, that’s what I like most about her.”



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  2. I love the premise of these books with Annie Oakley-type heroines: feminine-sharp-shooting- don’t beat around the bush-with lots of spunk.

    I enjoyed the line….”Just like your horse is hers.” That’s an appalling thought for a cowboy, I’m sure, LOL! 🙂

  3. Whoa, Nellie…er, Mary! Your ladies are something
    else! Their liveliness is what draws me to your
    books! Who is your model for these ladies?

    Pat Cochran

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    Anyway, I have been waiting for this book and look forward to reading it. sounds good.

  5. haha, AWESOME excerpt! 🙂 Please enter me for the book! 🙂 I just finished reading Wrangler in Petticoats and would definitely like to finish the series! 🙂

  6. Hi everyone. More running around for me today.
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    I model this ladies on the un-Mary Connealy. Just the opposite of me.

    I’m the peacemaker in my family, the center in what can be the eye of the storm. Totally non-confrontational. So I write my heroines to say all the things I bite my own tongue over. Which honestly, it’s probably best to just keep my mouth shut.

    Sass is funny in books but in real life, not so much.

  7. I’m trying again – would love to win a copy! It’s been too long since I’ve ready a new Mary Connealy book 😉

  8. So glad to see the next book in the series. I really enjoyed reading the preview. Thanks for the
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  10. I’ve read it but I’d give my copy away to get a chance to win a signed copy!!! No authors ever come to this part of the country. All the good ones are in the midwest. I love, love, love Mary Connealy’s books. They are funny, spiritual and inspiring and informational. Pleae enter me in on the drawing.
    Susan Snodgrass

  11. Have read all the books in this series, Lassoed in Texas, Montana Marriages and I am so looking forward to a happy ending for Mandy and Tom. I know it will be full of humor and drama as they fight off the outlaws. Love all of the books and always look for your new ones.

  12. I am sooo excited about reading this book. I know that it will be as great as your other ones. Can’t wait to see what you may have coming out next.

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    Thanks for such touching characters!!!

  14. I so would love to have a signed copy of this to add to my Mary Conneally shelf.
    Mary, You are so right about the sass in real life. I’m also the peacemaker in my family. I run from confrontation and avoid it (at much cost sometimes) like a plague. In my family, it costs more to confront than it does to not confront. kind of like the Cooters. I’m from Kentucky too, could that be it? lol

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