Happy New Year From The Fillies


With love and appreciation to our readers. 

 Here’s hoping 2011 is full of good times, 

peace and prosperity.  


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12 thoughts on “Happy New Year From The Fillies”

  1. May the year be full of wonderful success, great conversations, and blessings.

    Peace and Happy New Year, Julie

  2. Wishing everyone a bountiful and healthy New Year! The Fillies thank each and every one of you who make P&P the place the visit. We’ll have lots of books to give away in 2011. Yippee!

  3. Thank you for a fun and interesting place to visit. I may not comment every time, but I pop in almost every day.

  4. Happy New Year to the Fillies and all their P&P
    friends! Hope 2011 will be kinder to everyone
    than was the past year! God bless you all!!

    Pat Cochran

  5. Happy, happy New Year to all my fellow Fillies and friends of P&P! And, all of the Fillies are working as fast as we can to give you all some new and exciting books this coming year! Whether you are a daily visitor or check in when you have time … just be sure to come on back when you can. Hugs from Texas, Phyliss

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