It’s lovely weather….

For a sleighride, don’t you think?

I haven’t been on a sleigh ride in years, but I have fond memories, especially of when I was a kid growing up in a small farming community.  I belonged to groups like 4-H and we often had outings that included skating parties, hot cocoa, caroling, and yes, sleigh rides.

Of course you would hope for snow so you could actually go on a sleigh ride and not a wagon ride. There is something magical about the white snow and moonlight and the squeak of the runners against the snow. The sound of the horses’s hooves and the plume of the frosty air out their noses and of course the sound of bells!  But if there was no snow, we made do with wagons and bales of hay just the same. After all, you don’t need snow to sing carols. Or drink hot chocolate. Or eat Maudie Griffith’s fudge.

I got thinking about different books and movies that I love that have sleighrides in them.  How about the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, and burrowing under buffalo robes to keep warm?  Or one of my favourites – YEARS by LaVyrle Spencer. Teddy and Linnea were lovely characters and the day he picked her up from the train after Christmas break and they stopped and saw the wild horses…. happy sigh….

Movies, too. Like The Santa Clause 2 when he uses some magic to create a snowfall around the sleigh as they make their way to the Christmas party. Or at the end of White Christmas when it begins snowing and they roll back the barn doors and a horse and sleigh go jogging past!

Alas there are no sleigh rides in my immediate future, maybe you can recommend some other holiday books and movies I may have missed?

And as this is my last post of 2010 – MERRY CHRISTMAS and a big thank you to the other fillies for welcoming me to the family this year. 🙂

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16 thoughts on “It’s lovely weather….”

  1. There’s a sleighride scene in one of my family’s favorite Christmas movies, ‘The Homecoming’ (the pilot for ‘The Waltons’ TV series). And then there’s the scene in ‘Christmas In Connecticut’ where Barbara Stanwyck and Dennis Morgan get in the sleigh and let the horse take them where it will…with some extra humor as Sydney Greenstreet tries to follow them on foot through the snowy woods. 🙂

    The original instrumental version of ‘Sleigh Ride’ by Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops is my favorite piece of instrumental Christmas music. The composer, Leroy Anderson, began writing it during a July heat wave!

  2. Would love to go on a sleigh ride, but never had the opportunity in this part of Texas. We’ve done hay rides in snow but I guess with our terrain we’d end up in a gulch or something, if we used a sled. In Linda’s story for our new Christmas anthology her rancher hero in the Panhandle (late 1800’s) takes his sled out to the train to help out during a blizzard. It’s a beautifully written scene. Dang sure wish I could go on a sleigh after reading your post. Thanks for a great post. I’m also a L Spencer fan, one of my first romance authors I fell in love with. Hugs, P

  3. We used to have carolers who came by in a sleigh every year. The moonlight on the snow and the jingle bells on the horses’ harness will always be one of my favorite holiday memories. {sigh}

    Didn’t Laurie in Little Women have a sleigh? Maybe I will just have to rent the movie ths year.

  4. Sleigh rides sound so magical. I’ve never gotten to go on one though. It doesn’t snow much where I live. And when it does happen to snow no one even owns a sleigh. We all do hayrides here and that’s pretty fun too. A full moon, laughing and singing, and plenty of hot chocolate. Sigh. You certainly put me in the mood for that today. Thanks, Filly sister! Glad to have you added you to our little family.

  5. It all sounds so romantic. I suspect the truth is somewhat less fun.

    I went on a hay ride about … maybe ten years ago. School trip to a pumpkin patch.

    Never again. I kept being bounced off the stupid tilted bale of hay.

    No romance in my soul when it comes to roughing it I’m afraid.

    I remember the sleigh ride in White Christmas. Bing Crosby and the jingling bells. Lovely.

  6. I always think of the Almanzo taking Laura in the sleigh to her school in These Happy Golden years. Talk about COLD. Fits the weather here today. Laura Ingalls Wilder describes the freezing cold so perfectly. Later, there are sleighing parties.

    Donna, great to see you here and on your blog. May your Christmas be merry and bright!

    peace, Julie

  7. Elisabeth – when I was in concert band in high school, songs like Sleigh Ride were so fun! Especially for percussion, because of all the sound effects. Had no idea it was written in July. Reminds me of writing holiday books…

    Phyliss – I ADORE LaVyrle. I’ve read her books so many times they are all falling apart.

  8. Judy – I don’t know about Laurie! But it sounds right. He’d be game for taking the March girls out for a winter romp!

    Linda – thanks! And hayrides are a fine consolation prize! Plus no frozen fingers or toes!

  9. Mary, you make me laugh. The nice thing about sleigh rides is that they usually are a bit smoother than wagon ruts….

    Julie – yes, Almanzo! And Laura would wait, listening for the sleigh bells…

  10. I have the song, Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let is Snow

    running through my head.

    What’s that song called?

    Oh the weather outside is frightful and the fire is so delightful.

    <<<< Except you know what? I hate it when the weather outside is frightful. My husband owns cattle and he has to go out anyway. So when the weather outside is frightful???? It's REALLY romance the sleigh ride, but give me sunshine and clear skies and dry roads any day. This is what fiction is for, so we can have sleighrides and snowstorms and it's all fun, in our homes with central heating and gas lit fire places and a nice recliner to read all about it.

  11. i have always wanted to go for a sleigh ride!
    of course the horses would have to have bells!

    if someone has the sleigh..i’ve got 8″ of fresh snow and the horses–they are retired harness would be more than qualified i think 🙂

  12. My best friend’s grandfather had big, I mean huge, workhorses that he would hitch to a sleigh every year and give us a ride. Can’t say how romantic it was because at that time boys were yucky.

  13. Have been on many hayrides, but no sleigh rides. Terrible, but the only sleigh ride in a movie I can think of that hasn’t been mentioned is at the beginning of SANTA CLAUS: THE MOVIE, when he and his wife got caught in the storm in their sleigh pulled by reindeer. Freezing to “death” is not the ideal way to finish the ride.
    It is colder here in TN than it is at my Dad’s in NY, though he has more snow. I have been staying in near the fire drinking hot chocolate and hot tea.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  14. Hi Donna, yes, hayrides here too but no sleigh. It doesn’t snow around here. Every night I watch some sort of Hallmark movie and just ache for snow. Now you snowbirds, don’t laugh. Just a nice dusting or two for Christmas. Some day I’ll get a sleigh ride in…it just won’t be thi year. Cool blog, Donna. oxoxox

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