I am so excited to share with you that I just had three holiday short stories released through Victory Tales Press last week!  As you all know, I normally write historical western romance, and two of these stories are just that. The third is a contemporary story, and I would like to tell you a bit about all of them.

HOMECOMING is a story I had written about a year ago.  I knew it was very odd, and probably had no chance of “making it” in the romance market, especially with the larger houses.  I don’t want to give anything away, so I will just have to be content to say that it has a very odd twist to it, a bit of the paranormal, and is a very different kind of story.  It appears in the Sweet edition of A CHRISTMAS COLLECTION.  Darn it, I wish I could tell you more because this is one of my favorite stories, but I’m afraid I’ll say too much!   I’m in this collection with four other wonderful authors.  Here’s the blurb for HOMECOMING, a story of forgiveness and faith at Christmas:

A holiday skirmish sends Union officer Jack Durham on an unlikely mission for a dying Confederate soldier–his enemy.  While thinking of the losses he’s suffered, can Jack remember what it means to be fully human?  Will the miracle of Christmas be able to heal his heart in the face of what awaits him?

My story in the Sensual edition of A CHRISTMAS COLLECTION is called SCARLET RIBBONS.  For as long as I can remember, the song of the same title has been part of my life.  I grew up in the 60’s/70’s and folk music was a staple in my home.  This poignant song, made popular by Harry Belafonte, tells the story of a man who hears his child praying for Scarlet Ribbons for her hair. It’s late, and the streets are empty, with no place to get the Scarlet Ribbons. During the night, the father anguishes over not being able to get such a simple gift for his daughter.  In the morning, just before dawn, he goes into her bedroom and there on the bed are two beautiful scarlet ribbons for her hair. If you have never heard the song, it’s well worth a listen or ten–I promise it will touch your heart (I can never listen to it without crying like a big third grader.)

My story of SCARLET RIBBONS is about a half-breed gunslinger who comes back to Mexico after many years to several surprises.  There is, again, a hint of the paranormal in this story.  I was so happy to be able to place it with Victory Tales Press, as it is quite different.  But this was a story I had had in mind for a long time.  Here’s the blurb:

Miguel Rivera is known as El Diablo, The Devil.  Men avoid meeting his eyes in fear of his gun.  Persuaded by a street vendor, he makes a foolish holiday purchase–two scarlet ribbons.  Can a meeting with a mysterious priest, and the miracle of the scarlet ribbons set Miguel on a new path and restore the love he lost before? 

My contemporary story, WHITE CHRISTMAS, appears in the Spicy edition of A CHRISTMAS COLLECTION along with three other wonderful authors.  I think my idea for this story stemmed from the many hospital visits I have made with my sister this year, and talking with so many wonderful ER nurses and doctors. What happens with their holidays? And what about first responders–fire fighters and police officers?  In my story, I took a lonely divorced ER nurse who hasn’t had a proper Christmas in many years, and a long-single fire fighter who has lost everything dear to him and threw them together for Christmas.  Here’s the blurb for WHITE CHRISTMAS:

Since her divorce, busy ER nurse, Carlie Thomas, is happy to spend Christmas on duty.  Fire fighter Derek Pierce needs special care after being injured on the job.  But Derek’s wounds are more than skin deep.  Will they spend the holidays haunted by the ghosts of the past, or could this Christmas spark a beautiful friendship–or even something more?

If you love holiday stories, this is a treasure-trove!  There are four books in all in the A CHRISTMAS COLLECTION set: sweet, sensual, stimulating and spicy.  The stories are grouped according to “heat” level so there are no surprises.  These are great for gift-giving for this reason.

To order, or for more information, here’s the link. http://victorytalespress.yolasite.com/online-store.php

I’d love to hear from y’all.  What is your favorite holiday story? Is it one of your own, or someone else’s?  I love holiday stories and I’m always looking for new ones.


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  1. Oh,I love this post,Christmas stories are my favorite book to read,I read them all year long to keep the warm fuzzy feeling I get from them,thanks for such a great post!

  2. Fantastic post…I can’t get enough Christmas stories!!! Of course my ultimate favorite is Dickens’ Christmas Carol 🙂

    Last night I read Christmas Showdown by Janette Kenny, a terrific western historical Christmas romance.

  3. Hi Vickie,
    What a great idea! Reading Christmas romances all year long would be a real treat, and one I had not thought of. My aunt used to play Christmas music all year–she said the same thing basically that you did–it was such beautiful music, why only listen to it at one point in the year? Thanks so much for commenting!

  4. Hi Melissa,

    Oh, I love A CHRISTMAS CAROL, too. Such a great story! I think my favorite movie is “It’s a Wonderful Life”–just love the premise of that and of course, I think Jimmy Stewart was so wonderful in that part. Can’t imagine anyone else playing that now! I am still reading my co-authors’ stories in these anthologies right now and loving them. There’s a great western called FELIZ NAVIDAD by Kit Prate in the Spicy edition. She is a wonderful western writer! So glad you commented!

  5. your stories sound wonderful!
    will be sure to listen to scarlet ribbons
    love the idea of a nurse and firefighter together
    how can that not be wonderful?

    my favorite christmas story….i’m not sure…i’ll have to think on it

  6. Hi Tabitha,
    Thanks so much! I hope you like them all if you get a chance to read them. There are a lot of other good story-tellers in those books, too! I have been having a ball just reading through them when I ever get a spare minute.

    Yes, be sure to give Scarlet Ribbons a listen. The words, tune and Harry Belafonte’s voice all just give me chills.

    I liked the idea of a nurse and firefighter, too. In fact, I liked it so much I’ve been thinking of doing a longer story ever since I wrote that one. LOL

    There are so many wonderful Christmas stories out there, it’s hard to choose! (Lucky for us!)


  7. Hi Cheryl, congrats on the releases! christmas came early for you this time around! I love Chrismtas stories and anthologies so much and re-read them every year. As with Melissa, my ultimate favorite has got to be Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. Ooooh, and I adore any stories with firefighters in them. Looking forward to reading these. oxoxox

  8. Christmas and cowboys. It doesn’t get any better than this.

    I wonder if we could ever write a book about cowboys and SANTA comes. I feel this is an unexplored area of historical western romantic fiction.

    I thing I’ll try it on.

  9. hi Tanya,
    YES! This is a great Christmas present!Oh, Tanya, I bet you do know all about those firefighters. now if I do a full length story with a firefighter again I will have to pick your brain–I might not use the right terminology otherwise.
    Thanks for commenting.

  10. Hi Mary,

    You are so right–cowboys and Christmas! YEE HAW! That’s a great idea about cowboys & Santa! That is truly an unexplored area of historical western fiction, Mary–you should go for it!

  11. hi Elizabeth,
    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I hope they do well, because I love Christmas so much! Yes, Scarlet Ribbons–such a beautiful song. You have a great holiday, too, Elizabeth!

  12. I love anthologies, I have 2 shelves of just Christmas ones. I have 4 new Christmas books already this year. Each year I reread as many of my favorites as I can. My favorites are collections of western historicals and medieval historicals.

    I like the sound of each of your stories for this year’s collections. Hope the releases go well.

    Have a great Thanksgiving weekend.

  13. Hi Patricia,
    I love anthologies, too. Especially at Christmas, when it seems like everything is in such a crunch. If I can read a short story, I feel like I’ve accomplished something. LOL

    Oh, a medieval historical anthology would be wonderful! I love medieval stories as well as westerns.

    Thanks so much for your kind words. I hope the sales go well, too, but more than anything, I just hope that I entertain the readers. That’s the main thing I truly hope for.

    You have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, too, Patricia. I’m looking forward to just relaxing tomorrow–I’ve ordered the “Festive Fiesta Fajita Pack” from a local restaurant and will be picking it up at noon. No cooking for me. LOL


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