Howdy, Harold Lowery/Leigh Greenwood!

So much as happened during the last few months I hardly know where to start so let me begin by backing up.

About two years ago I signed a contract to write a spinoff from the Seven Brides series. I decided to write about Salty from ROSE. I finished that book now titled NO ONE BUT YOU. The book was scheduled to come out this past September. I even have a cover which I hope you can see on this blog. In December of 2009, I signed a contract to write the last two books in the Night Rider series. Both were scheduled to come out in 2011. This past summer, my publisher came up with a new business plan and everything changed.

Dorchester decided that, beginning in September 2010, they would publish books only in ebook format. They said that a trade size would follow in about nine months. That meant No One But You, which had been advertised for sale as a paperback, would now be released only in ebook format. If you find the paperback version advertised for sale, it should be listed as out of stock because no books were ever printed.

I’ve just received a list of Dorchester’s publishing plans for the first nine months of 2011 and No One But You is not on the schedule. I don’t know if it will ever be released in trade format.

Now about the last two books in the Night Rider series. The first book, about Ivan Nikolai, was due to my editor in September. In August I learned that my publisher had decided not to pick up the contract we’d agreed on the previous December. So the last two books in the series will not be published by Dorchester. I’m presently talking to an editor at another company about picking up these two books, but it’s difficult to sell anyone on the idea of picking up the last of a series begun by another publisher unless you’re someone like Dan Brown or Nora Roberts.

There’s one additional complication for me that links to Dorchester’s financial difficulties. No books are being shipped from the warehouse. So once copies my books that are already on shelves in bookstores are sold, readers will be unable to buy any of my books without finding them in used bookstores, garage sales, or buying them in ebook form. This may change, but I don’t know if, when, or how.

Now that the depressing part is over, I’ll try to be more cheerful. I am finishing up NOBLE TEXAN, Ivan Nikolai’s book and will start on the last book in the Night Rider series in January. I can’t allow Laveau diViere to go unpunished. I have an idea for a short series after that, but writing it will depend on getting a new publisher who likes series. Not all do.

As some of you know, my marriage fell apart about four years ago. My life has been quite different since then but it is full and exciting. I hadn’t expected to have so many challenges at my age, but they say it keeps you young. I’m not so sure that it doesn’t wear you out so much you just think you’re young because muscles that haven’t been heard from in a long time are speaking up loud and clear. There’s also a lot to learn about starting over on relationships that’s even better the second time around.
I will keep writing, but at a slower pace.

I have to leave time for all the things I’m doing for the first time.

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15 thoughts on “Howdy, Harold Lowery/Leigh Greenwood!”

  1. Harold, thank you so much for coming to Wildflower Junction. I’ve enjoyed your books so much through the years and it saddens me that you’re caught in this mess. Bad things do happen to good writers. Keeping my fingers crossed that another publisher snaps you up, pronto! We want Leigh Greenwood in the saddle where he belongs!


  2. It is a pleasure to have you at Wildflower Junction today. My mother, like so many women of her era, never owned or read a novel in her life. But that all changed when she was in her 70’s and she went to a booksigning for Jodi Thomas. Then she found you and fell in love all over again. When we lost her, we almost couldn’t walk around in the living room because of the stacks of western historical romances. You were definitely one of her favorites, and I know she’d be absolutely thrilled to know I was even writing you a comment on a blog. She adored you, as do million of other readers. No doubt the “business side” of writing takes the fun out of it, even under normal circumstances, but I bet your new books will be even stronger, if that’s possible. Thanks for joining the P&P Fillies and sharing your story.

  3. I’ve just learned that Dorchester will resume selling books from my backlist. However, the books will not appear in stores. They can be purchased only through the Dorchester website ( or from the Dorchester call center. 1-800-481-9191 There is a new CEO at Dorchester so things may continue to change.
    On a personal level, I’m taking things easy, waiting to see how they turn out. It’s the holiday season so I’m busier than I would like. I’m about to travel to Washington state to spend a week with my son and his wife. After that there are Christmas concerts, parties, dinners, and spending the holidays with my family. My mother is 89 so we all gather at her home for Christmas. She’s healthy, active, and as fiesty as ever, but we know our time with her is limited so we plan to make the most of it.
    I have a new house. Anyone who’s ever bought an older home knows it presents many challenges. Between the house and the half acre yard, I hardly have time to worry about what’s going on at Dorchester.
    I hope every one of you has a wonderful holiday season filled with lots of food, fun, and friends.

  4. Welcome to Wildflower Junction, Leigh, from one of your biggest fans. I know things work out well in the long run, so hang in. As Margaret said, we need you in the saddle! You are such an important part of Western romance. We are so honored to have you here with us today! Blessings and good luck and enjoy the holidays with your family, always the best part of any day.

  5. Welcome to the P&P Leigh, I love your books. I read When Love Comes and fell in love with your writing. I was hooked on the western romances after reading your book. Now I am looking for other books by you. So sorry to here about all of your publishing problems and I hope things start coming together for you. Maybe this is why I am having problems finding your books right now. Every thing is bad right now and I keep hoping things will turn around and everything will pick back up. Keep writing those wonderful stories and we will buy them when we find them. You are an awesome writer.

  6. What a shame authors are getting caught in the publishing problems that seem to be going around. One would think that print commitments would have to be honored before switching to another format. If well established writers are having problem, how much worse is it for those just starting out or not so well known? Keep writing those stories we love and hope the publisher comes around.
    Best of luck with your older home. We love ours, but as you say, they take a lot of work and that 1 acre lawn do take a lot of work. We keep thinking when things are finished things will get easier, then something else needs work.
    I am glad things are looking a bit better from Dorchester. I hope they continue to improve.
    I am so glad you have your mother still with you and you get to spend the holidays with her. Enjoy your time with family and have a great holiday season.

  7. Well Dorchester certainly put a crimp in the works but I’m glad you were able to rise above it. I met you at RWA and that was such a thrill. I do hope someone soon will sign you up. I miss good Western Romances. Yours are always a sure bet.


  8. I hope you will find someone to publish the last of the Night Riders series. I also hope No One But You will be published in paperback. I read all your books and they are keepers for me. Whenever someone in my family says they have never read all your books I tell them they can borrow themn but I do want them back.

  9. It’s great to know there are so many fans of western romance. It’s not easy to get westerns published. Most readers seem to prefer an English setting or a contemporary romantic suspense. I’ve been a western fan from the days of Hopalong Cassidy, Roy Rogers, the Lone Ranger, and Cicso Kid. I wasn’t equally fond of Gene Autry. I can remember listening to them on the radio before we got a television.

  10. I’m headed off to an early Thanksgiving dinner with a much of men friends. Believe it or not, we do our own cooking. Nothing western. At our ages, we can’t afford clogged arteries. Considering what people in the old West had to eat, it’s surprising they lived as long as they did. When I learned that a cowboy’s favorite way to cook steak was to deep fat fry it in beef fat I dedided to stick with my grill.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving, Leigh. Love your writing and am very sorry to hear of your troubles. I am not fond of ebooks although am slowly being won over. The department I work in at school now has Kindles, ipads , and ipods for student use. Since they check them out with me, I have had to learn to run them and have read several book on them now. Perhaps one day I will own an e reader. Hang in there, I am sure thereis a publisher out ther that wants you.

  12. Hi Leigh, I saw you at the RWA conference in Orlando. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It lets us pre-pubbed writers know the way isn’t smooth even for multi-pubbed authors. Keep climbing back on your horse, though. Wishing you all the best.

    Anita Mae.

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