Lassoed in Texas Giveaway

I’ve got a book releasing November 1st that is different for me.

It’s called an omnibus 3-in-1 novel.

What that boils down to is BIG. it’s a BIG BOOK.

It’s three books re-packaged into one, called Lassoed in Texas Trilogy.

It’s got Petticoat Ranch, Calico Canyon and Gingham Mountain all in one books.

Now, the main reason this is important is, these books are all out of print. But most especially Petticoat Ranch is not only out of print, it’s also GONE.

I don’t know why exactly, but it’s impossible to find. No bookstores, no Amazon, not even me personally. I’ve got ONE copy left and I’m clinging to it.

I don’t know if every single book they printed has sold or if there was an unfortunate warehouse fire, but either way, Petticoat Ranch does not exist.

You can buy it in hard cover, large print, but it’s pretty expensive. It’s available used on Amazon for (best price) $31.64. Which is kind of exciting, like they’re valuable or something. Of course I DON’T GET ANY OF THE MONEY, so I’m not that excited.

And THIS matters because the series I’m writing right now, Sophie’s Daughters, is the little girls in Petticoat Ranch all grown up.

Doctor in Petticoats released in July. Wrangler in Petticoats came out this month and Sharpshooter in Petticoats is coming in January. And though they stand alone pretty well, I think you’re going to want to see where the girls came from. Their tough Texas rancher mother who raised them to be the strong women they are today. A doctor, a wrangler and a sharpshooter.

So, I’m excited that Barbour Publishing is getting all these books back into print. Gingham Mountain and Calico Canyon come into play in Sharpshooter in Petticoats, too, so you need those, but those you can still find at least online. It’s that pesky Petticoat Ranch that’s vanished.

Mary Connealy

And my publisher put a really good price on Lassoed in Texas Trilogy. About the same price as one full priced book, although on Amazon they’re never full priced. Still, it’s a good deal even if you’ve got some of the others.

So today, to celebrate, I’m giving away one signed copy of Lassoed in Texas Trilogy. (I should be getting my author’s copies in the mail any day.
A little bit about the three books in Lassoed in Texas Trilogy:
Petticoat Ranch
Sophie Edwards is doing just fine, until a strange-yet oddly familiar-man rides into her life, insisting on rescuing her and her four daughters. Can she find a way to love a headstrong mountain man? When Clay McClellan discovers his brother has been murdered, he’s bent on finding the killers and seeing them properly hung. But first his Christian duty demands that he marry his sister-in-law. After all, Sophie needs someone to protect her – right? Faith and love help unruly wed newlyweds find common ground and a chance at love on the Texas frontier.
Calico Canyon
Let yourself be swept away by this fast-paced romance, featuring Grace Calhoun, an instructor of reading, writing, and arithmetic, who, in an attempt to escape the clutchs of a relentless pursuer, runs smack dab into even more trouble with the 6R’s – widower Daniel Reeves, along with his five rowdy sons. When a marriage is forced upon this hapless pair – two people who couldn’t dislike each other more – an avalanche isn’t the only potential danger lurking amid the shadows of Calico Canyon. Will they make it out alive? Or end up killing each other in the process?
Gingham Mountain
All aboard for a delightful, suspense-filled romance, where a Texan is torn between his attraction to a meddlesome schoolmarm and the charms of a designing dressmaker. When Hannah Cartwright meets Grant, she’s determined to keep him from committing her orphans to hard labor on his ranch. How far will she go to ensure their welfare? Grant is determined to provide a home for the two kids brought in by the orphan train. Can he keep his ragtag family together while steering clear of love and marriage?

Leave a comment to get your name in the drawing for Lassoed in Texas Trilogy.

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46 thoughts on “Lassoed in Texas Giveaway”

  1. Mary, thanks for the heads up. I have tried to find Petticoat and it is ridiculous. If you could see the library copy, I read. Dog-eared, shredding, coffee stained!

    Looking forward to it whether I read it or buy it.

    Peace, Julie

  2. I love this series. I have the last two in the series, but not the first one.

    All of Mary’s books are wonderful!

    Jodie Wolfe

  3. Oh, Mary, this is awesome! A really good friend of mine just loves your books (she got hers from the library) and I can’t seem to find them anywhere in town. 🙁 It’s nice to know these will be all together.

  4. I can’t believe I didn’t put two and two together and figure out that Sophie’s Daughters were actually Sophie from Petticoat Ranch’s daughters. Now I want to read them even more. Oh, and I do have a copy of Petticoat Ranch, but it’s on my keeper shelf so no one can snag it.

  5. Your series sounds delightful, Mary. What a stroke of luck that readers will get another chance at Petticoat Ranch.
    The winner of your giveaway is going to be one lucky reader!

  6. Good morning. I re-read my blog post and I swear I sound like one of those late night used car salesmen, hawking late model Chryslers. 🙂

    All we need is a big lot and some of those fluttery pendents.

    Maybe a ferris wheel in the background. Make it a festival.

    I’ve heard this from so many people that they can’t find Petticoat Ranch.

    What do you think? Did anyone HEAR of a warehouse fire at

  7. Oh wow Mary this is great news, three books in one. I love reading your books so I will have to look for this one.

  8. Doesn’t omnibus sound kinda weird though?

    Like a big ol’ FAT thing. Big as a bus?

    Not that the book isn’t a big ol’ fat thing, but still, is that where we want to focus?

    I mean do I want to focus on the parts of me that might well be described as ‘omnibus’?

    I don’t think so.

    In fact, please, please PLEASE don’t focus on that part of me.

    How about instead…thinking…



    Sweeping family saga … no that sounds like they’re cleaning the house with a broom.

    Still, omnibus? How about Collection? (sounds like I haven’t paid my bills and I’ve been turned over to a collection agency)

    I will work on this. We can do better than omnibus.

  9. Sometimes when I read several blurbs from the same author, only a few of them (or even just one) “call me”. This was really strange for me to find that all three of these stories “called me”.
    My fingers are crossed (which is somewhat painful when typing, LOL!!!).
    Have a great day and THANKS SO MUCH for sharing!

  10. Hi Mary, Loved Wrangler in Petticoats, so this giant book of three stories has got to be good. I will check out my library.

  11. Woo-Hoo! Congratulations, Mary! I know how much this trilogy omnibus means to you. Our first anthology, “Give Me a Texan,” is out of print and we can’t find it anymore. We’re all kicking ourselves that we didn’t buy more copies for our personal stock. Hopefully, it’ll re-release at some point.

    Sofie’s daughters in Petticoat Ranch were such great characters. I’m glad you’re continuing with their stories. Should be a great new series.

  12. MARY!
    Congratulations! This is fantastic. OMNIBUS. Doesn’t that just sound great? LOL If I were you I’d be saying that over and over…”MY OMNIBUS…MY OMNIBUS…” LOLLOL This is just fantastic news, and these stories all look wonderful. I can’t wait!

    Cheryl P.

  13. Congratulations, Mary, that is awesome! Petticoat Ranch has sold out? I didn’t know that ever happened when the author was still . . . um, you know . . . alive.
    I was thrilled that you continued the story of Sophie’s daughters. I always thought they would end up with Grace’s boys. I can’t imagine any other girls who could handle them. Hope we see what happens to them someday.
    I’m reading Wrangler in Petticoats, and just ordered Cowboy Christmas from CBD yesterday. I know several people who would love to get your omnibus for Christmas. Thanks for the shopping ideas!

  14. Well, darn. I have GINGHAM MOUNTAIN and CALICO CANYON and was waiting to find PETTICOAT RANCH before starting them since I like to read related books in the order they were written. This explains why I haven’t been able to find it. Looks like I’ll have to hope it turns up at a yard sale or thrift store. I was checking a catalogue yesterday and noticed they had the other 2 and the trilogy. Now I know why. How very lucky for everyone they have decided to print them all together. The only problem is those 3 in 1 books can be awfully hard to handle.
    I am glad you mentioned that your new series is a followup to this one. I definitely want to read these first.
    Congratulations. I hope the trilogy sells well.

  15. Yipee!! I’ve been looking for book one for-EVER! (Well, for a year at least). If I get this, then I can giveaway GM and CC (so others can enjoy your writing as much as I do!)


  16. Thanks for such a great post,glad to have the info,thanks for that,cant wait to read what comes next

  17. Oh, I’ve been hankering to read these books ever since I heard of your writings. I have a couple of others of your works but not this and I intend to have this trilogy one way or the other. Love those cowboy stories. Thanks so much for the chance to win. 🙂

  18. We’re having the most beautiful fall weather here. I’ve been gallivanting today so I’m just back to check in again.

    ABSOLUTELY TRY TO GET YOUR LIBRARY TO BUY IT. I love libraries. If you don’t want to buy it yourself, especially if you’ve already got one or two of the books, go ask your library to buy it. If they won’t, ask them to get it through the interlibrary loan program. That is often either free or very low cost and most states have it.

  19. How awesome all three in one. I have tried to get my hands on PETTICOAT RANCH. Can’t wait.
    Love to read series books they flow so well. You begin to feel like part of the family

  20. Mary,

    I cannot wait for this to come out. I have read some of your books and I have to say they touch my heart deeply. Matter of fact sometimes when I am down I can grab one of your books and it lifts my spirits.

    You are a great writer. Congrats on the new book. I love the three and one. I am holding a writing class our my local library here in AZ and I will definitely speak to the director about getting your books in there

    Walk in harmony,


  21. Oh my! A 3-in-1 omnibus of Mary’s books sounds too good to be true 🙂 Would love to win a copy! 😉 Thank you for the opportunity!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  22. It would be so nice to get your books in this
    omnibus version. I know how large these books
    are, I recently acquired an omnibus book con-
    taining a trio of novels by a favorite author.

    Pat Cochran

  23. i would LOVE to get this book! i’ve read one of your books and devoured it! count me in for this giveaway for sure!

    neednspace at aol dot com

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