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 Since I was born and raised in Oklahoma and I am a member of the Osage Indian Nation, I love to write stories about my home state. I have been a published author for 28 years and I’ve written ninety-six books. (To be more accurate there are ninety-nine. The first three didn’t sell early in my career.) Thirty-eight of the books were set in Oklahoma as contemporaries and historicals.


Thumbing through an Oklahoma history book is a font of ideas for stories. First, there was the removal of the Five Civilized Tribes and the Plains Indians from their homes to reservations that were supposed to belong to Native Americans forever and ever. And guess what? Uncle Sam broke that promise, along with dozens of others.) Then came several Land Runs for free property. Now what, I ask you, could possibly go wrong while settlers lined up to race for the perfect piece of land?) Then somebody had the bright idea to have Land Lotteries. (Again, trouble waiting to happen? You betcha.)

You can imagine the possibilities of story lines in the Oklahoma Panhandle, known as No Man’s Land. (Gee, I bet no bad guys would hide out there to rob whoever was foolish enough to travel through the bandit-infested area.) Then of course, we had the Twin Territories—Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory—the places were jumping alive with settlers, shop owners, cardsharps, and all varieties of outlaws waiting to thicken a plot.


In LADY RENEGADE, the November Western Historical from Harlequin, I combined my favorite settings—The Osage Nation of Indian Territory in the 1880s—with one of my favorite heroes—a lawman. U.S. Deputy Marshal Gideon Fox is half-Osage, cynical and hard-nosed. If Lorelei Russell, who was falsely accused of murdering the man who proposed to her, would have known what Gideon was like she would still be hiding out in the Oklahoma Hills. Yet, she went to him for help to clear her name and he arrested her! Gideon presumes Lori shot the poor man because he refused to marry her and now it’s her word against a dead man. Well, except for the witnesses who didn’t see the actual shooting, just saw Lori hightail it away and presumed the worst.


Gideon plans to take Lori to the “Hanging Judge” in Fort Smith—until snipers try to shoot Lori a couple of times. Then the bushwhackers shoot at Gideon and he begins to wonder if the lady outlaw, who looks like an angel and fires his blood more ways than he can count, is telling the truth. Together Gideon and Lori fight their fierce attraction and solve the murder—while trying to keep from getting their heads blown off.

I hope you’ll enjoy this fast-paced adventure with a clash of wills and a whodunit. And if you are looking for a setting for your own book, think Oklahoma! Why heck, they even made a musical about it so it’s gotta be good.


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54 thoughts on “LADY RENEGADE”

  1. I enjoy westerns and since I live in Missouri and have lived in Oklahoma I really enjoy reading books about Oklahoma. My youngest daughter was born in Clinton. I will look forward to reading your book.

  2. Love the setting, the premise, the whole shebang! Looking forward to it!

    I especially love books that take me to places I have not been (yet) and eras I haven’t fully explored.

    Peace, Julie

  3. Oh Carol, You definitely make me want to visit Oklahoma! Almost 100 books… awesome career!

    Your book with feisty Lori(Lorelei) and a sceptical Gideon sounds very exciting and a “keep me on the edge of my seat” read! I like the bit of mystery which surrounds the outlaw Lori.

    I want to read how tough Deputy Marshall Gideon falls in love with the tempting Lori!

  4. Hello, Carol! I really enjoyed your comments. I have always wanted to visit Oklahoma : ) Historical Western Romance is my favorite genre, and “Lady Renegade” sounds like a wonderful read! You are a new author to me, so I checked out your booklist and found all kinds of great titles for my TBB list : )

  5. I have lived in Oklahoma all my life. My husband is a member of the Cherokee Nation and my Grandmother was Choctaw. I love your books. I ordered Lady Renegade from eharlequin and had an email from them saying it was shipped yesterday. Can’t wait to read it.

  6. Glad to hear from fellow Okies! And from other tribes. Hope y’all enjoy the book. I love to write fast-paced adventure and this one moves pretty quickly. Plus, there are a couple of secondary characters in the book that I would like to have their own stories. We’ll see about that. Presently, I’m doing a prequel Christmas story and the first of a 4 book western continuity with 3 other authors that is about a family in Texas.

  7. Hey, Linda
    Clinton is about an hour west of our ranch. What part of Missouri is home to you now?

  8. Hey, Jeannene, What settings are your favorite? Have you done an Indian Territory or Indian Territory book?

  9. Hey, Julie and Vicki, hope you’ll enjoy the new book. Do you read a lot of western? Contemporaries too?

  10. Carol – thank you for visiting today! Best of luck with this release – I’m really looking forward to it!

    Best – Colleen M.

  11. Hey, Laurie, Gideon Fox is a real cynic who looks for the worst in people since he tracks lying, cheating, conniving outlaws. It takes him a while to believe Lori is telling the truth about the murder. Lori is going to have to whack Gid over the head a few times to get him to listen to her. Just what guys need, huh?

  12. Hey, Goldie, Glad you have the book ordered! I’m also Cherokee, but only a small degree. I did a book set in the Choctaw Nation called Fletcher’s Woman. It came out in Jan 07. That was another swift-paced western. As I said, I love to write about my home state, though I taught school in Kansas and went to college the first 2 years in Texas.

  13. Hey Virginia, Minna and Colleen. Thanks for your kind words. I hope this book brings you several smiles and a few hours of reading pleasure. It’s meant to be fast and fun, so I hope it is!

  14. Carol, welcome to P&P. We’re thrilled to have you come visit with us. And what an interesting blog. Oklahoma does have a very unique history. So many things happened there.

    Love the cover for your new book! Very nice. Wishing you lots of success.

  15. 99 books? I need to learn to read faster!

    Sounds like your heroine might have a little “attitude”. I like a strong heroine and look forward to reading Lady Renegade.

  16. I’ve never been to Oklahoma but I do enjoy reading about it in stories and maybe someday I’ll be able to visit there.

  17. thanks for stopping by
    your book does sound action packed!
    thanks for offering up a giveaway!
    99 books?
    that is really amazing!

    oklahoma–my girlfriend lived there for a short time and LOVED it
    she was in ok city and she said it was so spread out it didn’t feel like a “city”

  18. Hi Carol,
    I am glad to see you on P&P today. Your book cover is beautiful and I look forward to reading Lady Renegade. I love historical western romances!

  19. Passed through Oklahoma last year, but didn’t have time to see much. I have a list of places I still want to visit. We stayed in the Grand Lake area for about a week. We did visit the Cherokee Heritage Center in Tahlequah and the Har Ber Village in Grove. We on;y nicked a small corner of the state and have much more to see.

    I just checked one of my TBR shelves and found two of your books – THE LAST HONEST OUTLAW and THE RANGER. Since I just finished a book, one of these will be next.
    I like the sound of LADY RENEGADE and look forward to reading it.

  20. Wow 99 books…I only have a few of them… LADY RENEGADE sounds like a wonderful and exciting read… thanks for posting today! 😀

  21. Hi, Mary. Thanks for your kind words. It’s great having a job you love. I keep wondering when I’ll run out of ideas, but as I said, I can open history books and find lots of ideas and characters waiting to have their stories told.

  22. Hey, Linda, Okla. has even more interesting eras and plot ideas than I mentioned. It’s great for resource ideas.

  23. Hi, Judy. I’m with you. Nothing better than sassy, spirited heroines who can hold their own against heroes. I also like to see women who join in during confrontations with bad guys instead of huddling in the corner, gnawing on their knuckles. Gotta mix it up with the bad guys, I say.

  24. Hey, Maureen. We welcome you to OKla any ole time you want to visit. Varied landscapes and friendly people with pioneer spirit. I’m glad you like to read stories about our state.

  25. Tabitha, you’re right, we have more urban sprawl than jam-packed uprisers. Plus, we have a little of everything in landscapes–mountains, range land, timber land, rolling hills, plenty of water resources, rugged terrain and great salt plains. There’s a setting for every book an author decides to write, contemporary or historical.

  26. Thanks for your kind words, Sharon. I’m glad you like the cover. It’s a different look than the last for or five books. Historical westerns are my first love, but I like to read different genres when I have time to read–which hasn’t been too often lately because I have several projects waiting.

  27. Hi, Patricia. Yes, you saw a gorgous pat of the country at Grand Lake. But there is lots more to see! Hope you enjoy the books and they give you a few smiles and hours of reading enjoyment!

  28. Hi, Colleen. Glad to hear that you’ve read a few of my books. I hope you enjoy this woman-hunt, clash of iron wills and whodunnit. Oh, yeah, and there’s some sizzling romance there, too!

  29. Hi, Patricia. Yes, you saw a gorgous part of the country at Grand Lake. But there is lots more to see! Hope you enjoy the books and they give you a few smiles and hours of reading enjoyment!

  30. I hope you’re planning something big when you hit 100 books!! I can’t believe I haven’t read one of your books since I love reading anything about the American Indian. I’ll have to remedy that 🙂 And what a striking cover.

  31. I’ve read some of your books and will definitely
    be reading Lady Renegade! It really sounds great!
    Thanks for visiting with us today!

    Pat Cochran

  32. Wow, you’ve written a lot of books! I’m going to check out your website for your backlist.
    Lady Renegade sound great!

  33. I reviewed this book for ‘The Season’ (should be out in the November issue in a matter of days) Carol, I really, really enjoyed this. Gideon was a fantastic hero! All the best for your release!

  34. Hi, Catslady. Glad you like the cover. And yes, I’ve done a lot of books with mixed heritage heroies and a few heroines. It adds another dimension to characters and I love doing them!

  35. Hi, Estella, I think you can find some backlists on powellbooks and other sites on the net. Hope you can finda few oldies!

  36. Hi, Karyn. Thanks so much. Glad you liked the book. I really like Gideon, even though he is highly suspicious of Lorelei’s motives. When I was writing, Reece came to life. I’d love to give him a story in the future.

  37. Thanks, Ann. Nothing beter than gutsy heroines. Lori gives as good as she gets so Gideon has his hands full. Of course, it would take a remarkable woman to nab Gideon’s attention.

  38. I really enjoyed your post, I will have to say I have not read your books before but looking forward to reading them!

  39. Hey, Karyn, Yep, Reece is one of those guys who keep yelling for me to do a book for him. I have a couple in the works before I can get to Reece.

  40. Hey, Quilt Lady, here’s hoping you’ll enjoy the cast of characters in the new book. It’s the 3rd one out in 2010 and there will be 3 more in 2011.

  41. Thanks so much to all the members of Petticoats and Pistols for allowing me to be a guest. As I said earlier, it’s my favorite place and everyone is so supportive. And thanks to everyone who took time to stop in today. It’s been fun!!!!!!

  42. Hi Carol,
    I’m late to the party, but wanted to say hello from another fellow Okie. I was born and raised here too, and all my novels and short stories are set in Oklahoma or Texas. Love your books, and it was nice to learn more about you!
    Cheryl P.

  43. Hey, Cheryl, glad to hear you set your stories here and in Texas! Those are my favs too. Good luck with your next book. I hope you have fun with it!

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