Those Incredible American Indian Men

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Thanks for joining me today.  A friend, Marilyn Wigglesworth, recently sent me some pictures of a Native actor and model, Jay Tavare.  I hadn’t seen him (I don’t watch TV and seldom go to movies) and hadn’t heard of him, but seeing his pictures reminded me of just how beautiful (both body and spirit) some men can be.  You can visit and friend Jay on his facebook site, also. 

Here’s one picture that I really liked.  Don’t know why, but sometimes it seems that we so seldomly see the men smile.  So I was really taken with this one.  Of course the pony in the picture really adds to it, also.  I don’t know what tribe Jay is, but it seems as if he could represent most any of the tribes.  Here’s another one:

This picture — off to the right — I particularly like.  I guess mostly because the flute was used so often in Lakota and Cheyenne societies.  It was the manner in which the young man would woe the girl of his choice — and she would know the song he played.  In my very first book, LAKOTA SURRENDER, I made reference to this custom, which I still love to this day.

This shot I really liked because it looks so much like these men used to look so many years ago.  This, to me, is your typical historical figure.  Proud, handsome, willing to give his life for his people and for those he loved.  By the way, I copied these particular pictures from Jay’s Facebook page, where there are many, many more pictures of him.  But this is a sampling.

And then we come to Adam Beach — who in my opinion is probably one of the most handsome of men in the world today.  I particularly like this photo of him — if only because it reminds me of the historical figures that I research in my writing.  If you come to P & P very often, you might have seen this photo a time or two on my posts.

Here’s another one of my favorites showing Adam Beach — I like this in particular because to me it’s a very spiritual picture.  The eagle (or is it a hawk) seems so at home on his arm.

Another beautiful picture showing Adam and I’m not certain of the woman.  Beautiful, beautiful picture — seeming to transmit beauty much more than sexual tension.  Or perhaps true love.  Again another favorite.

And then there’s Michael Greyeyes.  He was the star of one of my favorite movies — Captured Women/Stolen Hearts.  He was also the star of the TV movie on Crazy Horse.

This image to the left is quite impressive in my opinion.

Off to the right here is another image of Michael.  He has quite an impressive resume of films that he’s been in, another among the many is the movie Dream Keepers, another one of my favorite movies.  In that particular story, Michael played the part of one of the Thunder Gods.

And again, off to the left is yet anothe picture of Michael.  This one is taken, I believe, from the movie Crazy Horse, although I could be mistaken.

His dress looks very Lakota in this particular picture.  And of course the Lakota are a tribe I admire very much.

And last but not least,  one of my most favorite American Indian models and actors, Grandfather George, here with Kathy at  his 90th birthday.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look into the handsome, handsome men of Native America.  What’s your opinion?  Do you have a favorite actor?

Bear with me today if you please.  I have a busy day ahead of me, but I will come onto the blog every opportunity that I have.  And of course I’ll be giving away a free book to one of the bloggers today.  So stay tuned, come on in and leave a post and I will get back to you (although it might not be until tonight.)

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45 thoughts on “Those Incredible American Indian Men”

  1. Good morning, Kay. What great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Each show a beautiful, and tranquil side to these men. I don’t have a particular favorite. Do you know who you model was for “Seneca Surrender”? He’s fabulous! I loved it when one of the book clubs had him and our model, Nathan Kamp, side-by-side. Beautiful men! Hugs, Phyliss

  2. Kay, do I ever feel totally stupid. Just as I hit submit, and discovered that I wasn’t certain I’d spelled Nathan’s last name correct, I went into his website and up popped “Seneca Surrender” … so that answers my question. No wonder “they” looked great together … same guy! Hugs, P

  3. Kay, what a wonderful way to start my day! With sexy Native American guys! LOL Very interesting post. I have not seen some of the films you are referring to, so that gives me something to look for now. I’m not a big tv watcher, either. Hope all is well with you, and thanks for a great “booster” this morning!
    Cheryl P.

  4. I was thinking of the PBS productions of 3 of Tony Hillerman’s works. Wes Studi is a great actor. I really didn’t like him after LAST OF THE MOHICANS, but that is a reaction to the character he played. He has done an excellent job of playing a variety of Native American roles. Then there is the character of Jim Chee, very nice looking. I googled to see who the actor was and had to laugh – Adam Beach. Amazing what a difference short hair makes. I had no idea it was him. Graham Greene is another actor who has put in many memorable performances. I remember him first in DANCES WITH WOLVES. Chief Dan George I probably first noticed in LITTLE BIG MAN. But it was his poetry that I remember the most. I don’t remember how I discovered he wrote, but my husband gave me MY HEART SOARS
    one of the first years we were married. (We saw LITTLE BIG MAN on our honeymoon).
    Except for Adam Beach, these are older men. They may not be the gorgeous hunks you listed, but they show a dignity of spirit which goes to the center of who they are and who native people are.
    Hope you have a great week.

  5. Wow, Kay, I could sit and stare at these pictures all day long! I love that they’re beautiful both inside and out. Their beautiful spirit shines through their eyes and in their facial expressions. I’m with Patricia Barraclough. Native American men are handsome at any age. I loved the older Indian who played with Clint Eastwood in The Outlaw Josie Wales. Don’t know what his name is but I’ve seen him in lots of movies.

  6. I agree with Linda. Just gorgeous. Even as a child, I use to route for the Indian instead of the cowboy lol. I just couldn’t get over the injustice of it all and a lot of people are still just as intolerent unfortunately. But back to the gorgeous pics 🙂 I don’t think I have a particular favorite – like them all. My daughter and her friends have been really learning a lot about the Lakota and some other various tribes. They have prayer mtgs. and sweat lodges (I just went to my first recently) and they have learned to make the drums and rattles and can sing many of the songs. It’s a very spiritual thing!

  7. Enjoyed reading the comments. I agree-Adam Beach is very good looking. A lot of the Indian actors are also very talented, especially Wes Studi. He plays in a band in New Mexico.
    I live in Arizona where I encounter several different Indian tribes. At a young age, they are handsome but as they age they tend to put on weight. There is a lot of obesity on the reservations near Phoenix-the Gila River Indians, the Ft McDowell, and the Pima. Most of these have casinos on their reservations. Near Flagstaff, there are a lot of the Navajo people. Their women are attractive and wear beautiful jewelry of silver and turquoise.
    When I taught Home Economics, I taught several of the girls from these reservations and they did beautiful sewing and needlework but were quiet and hardly talked in the classroom which is their culture.

  8. Hi Kay, I think Joye has the answer to the Native of today. I also live on a Paiute/Shoshone Rez in Califonia. They (the men and also the women), tend toward obesity as they get older. They are like the rest of us. No walking if you don’t have to. A lot of alcoholism and drugs. Pretty sad. But there are some VERY handsome men and beautiful women around here, too.
    The old man actor in Josie Wales movie was Chief Dan George. My all time favorite.

  9. What a great post,I have so many in mind but cant think of their names,I know them when I see them,but being part Cherokee Indian,I can remember my grandfather so well,he was dark an had dark hair even at a older age,he loved to walk in the woods,I love the commerical where the Indian Man has the tear going down his weathered face,thanks

  10. I have had an Adam Beach afternoon, it seems.
    I tuned into Law and Order: SVU and there he was!
    I came to Petticoats and Pistols and there he was,
    again! Simply one of the most handsome men around!
    Thanks for sharing all the gorgeous photographs!
    It’s been a very enjoyable afternoon.

    Pat Cochran

  11. Oh wow what great pics! I forgot just how rugged and handsome the indians were! Thanks for reminding us of how handsome the Indians were. I always love your post!

  12. Great pictures. I especially like to see Adam Beach and Wes Studi act in movies. When I was in college for a Speech class assignment I had to interview the man who played taps at the funeral of Ira Hayes..the American Indian who helped raise the American flag on Iwo Jima. He was very interesting talking about Mr Hayes.

  13. I absolutely agree about Adam Beach being one of the most handsome men around today! Not only that, but he’s a great actor.

  14. I absolutely agree about Adam Beach being one of the most handsome men around today! Not only that, but he’s a great actor.

  15. Okay, so finally I’m home — I’ve been gone from early morning this morning until now — and it’s 6:30 PM. Whew!

    Okay, so let me settle in — get supper going for the gang here — and then settle down to look at all your terrific posts. And pick a winner.

    For those of you on the East coast, so sorry this is late for you. Hang in there with me.

  16. mmmmmmmmm
    oh what? am i ‘sposed to say something else?
    what a grand post
    i’m in a low thinking frame of mind and this was just the post i needed–thanks kay!

    a favorite?
    well–the horses are beautiful
    and i love the man and woman together
    i love the painted face one with bare chest…beautiful with some yummy mixed in
    ah, off to bed now and sweet dreams 🙂

  17. Hi Patricia!

    Your post reminded me that there is another actor who is a little older now, who is still one of the most handsome men that I’ve ever seen — he was in the newer (70’s) version of The Lone Ranger — and that is Michael Horse. Handsome, handsome! I’ve seen him at some pow-wows here locally and my goodness! 🙂

  18. Hi Catslady!

    You are so right! I love the Lakota, also. I have a Godson who is Lakota and it was the first tribe that I ever wrote about.

    I love that they’re learing the songs and that sort of thing. In this materialistic world in which we live, these things are important.

  19. Hi Joye!

    Well, you are so right, but one also has to look at how the diet was changed with the Native American, which makes him/her more inclined today putting on weight.

    In the past, when the American Indian was allowed to consume his own choice of food, even into their old age, the men and women were beautiful — with full sets of teeth and limber of limb.

    Putting an entire race onto carbohydrates (sugar and white flour — ouch!) made quite a negative impact.

    Sometimes I wonder if it weren’t deliberate.

  20. I loved the pictures. I’ve had a crush on Michael Greyeyes since “Stolen Women, Captured Hearts” (a favorite of mine too), so I especially appreciated those. 🙂

  21. What incredible pictures. I’ve always enjoyed good stories about Indians and their lives. I’ve always disliked the treatment of the American Indian by the Europeans that became Americans. They deserved more justice, but only got anger and malice in return. The world they create around them is very creative and their spiritual life very close to God in my estimation. How beautiful are the people and how proud. I think I’m in the mood for a good Indian love story, like “Dances With Wolves.” Thank you for the chance to win. I hope I do.

    Sharing God’s Love,
    Barb Shelton
    barbjan10 at tx dot rr dot com

  22. Hi Mary J.!

    Ah, Chief Dan George. That’s right. I still think part of the problem is the problem we all have with the food today — GMO’s — but heavy carbohydrate (and not the right kind of carbohydrates, either — but in the form of corn syrup, sugar and white flour.)

    During reservation days it was all that they had from time to time because of the corruption of the Indian agents in many places (not all Indian agents). Anyway, I personally think that this was what started the “addiction” to carbohydrates. And yes the drug scene isn’t pretty there or anywhere else for that matter.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

  23. Hi Patsy!

    Not only am I late, but my computer is so slow (naturally) that I’m having to post now on my husband’s computer. Yes, they are handsome, aren’t they?

  24. Ah, Pat,I’d sympathize, except that I’m sure you had a great time seeing him. I didn’t know he was on so much television. But then that’s only because I don’t watch TV — haven’t for over 10 years now. Goodness!

    But oh, how I love my books!

  25. Hi Quilt Lady!

    Me too. With my nose in a history book so much, I tend to forget about modern day — as some people have mentioned about the problems with weight — in the historical journals, over and over are the mentions of what a beautiful people — rivalling the Greeks.

  26. Hi Estella & Tracy!

    Yes, they are beautiful. I will have to thank my friend Marilyn for pointing my nose in that direction. The pictures have inspired me to want to write and write and write.

  27. Hi Barb!

    Yes, I think I might have another look at Dances with Wolves, also. If you get a chance, do have a look at Captive Women/Stolen Hearts. Or Cheyenne Warrior. Great movies.

    Yes, I so agree with you. It’s interesting because Russell Means (who was the father in Last of the Mohicans) talks about the fact that what happened to the Indians is beginning to happen now to Americans in general.

    I do hope that isn’t the case, but with the world seeming to be spinning out of control, it might very well be.

  28. Ah, Karen! Me, too! I love that movie. I must’ve seen it over 10 times now. Another movie I think you might enjoy — just for the sake of another Michael — is the 70’s or 80’s version of The Lone Ranger — not because of the fellow who plays the Lone Ranger — but Michael Horse, who plays Tonto. 🙂

  29. HI Karen
    If I remember right…it’s been a long time…he didn’t know Mr. Hayes personally but was in the Arizona National Guard If I’m remembering correctly and they took part in the burial services.

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