Aunt Dixie’s Divinity

If a recipe can tell a story, my Aunt Dixie’s Divinity recipe written on the back of an envelope with a birthday card inside just might do that.  

Thank you for letting me close out the Great Soup Round-up by sharing my special recipe with you.  

                                     — Jodi Thomas



 Aunt Dixie’s Divinity

Put in a quart size pan—works best in heavy pan, medium heat:

2 cups sugar   

½ cup water   

Dash of salt

Bring to a boil—should be rolling boil but not a crazy boil that climbs up the sides of the pan are you’ll have a mess.

Boil stirring most of the time and watching ALL the time for about 6 to 8 minutes until the mixture will go soft ball stage.  (That means when you drop a drop of it in a small bowl of cold water, you can push it around with your finger and make a sloppy ball.)  Once that happens I usually let it boil for another minute just to make sure it’s ready.

Next:  Pour over marshmallow cream from a small jar 8 ounces,  and start to mix on low for about 30 seconds, then kick it up to high for about 4-6 minutes.  Sometime during this add 1 teaspoon of vanilla.

Stop mixing when it starts to thicken, losses its shine, or the ripples the mixer makes stay up for three seconds.

Add a cup of chopped nuts and make a few more rounds with the mixer


Wait and add a nut on top of each piece.  May also add a cherry on top if you don’t like nuts.

Late: Using two spoons drop candy on waxed paper. 

If the first few drops go flat, slow down a bit and give the candy time to cool a minute.  Once the candy looks right coming of the spoon, move fast.

This makes about three dozen candies.  The first few will be flat, but they still taste just as good.  The last few may be stiff so eat them first.  If you decide to put the nut or cherry on top be sure to dry the cherries on a paper towel first and put them on as soon as you drop all the candy.

Never double the recipe.  It won’t turn out.

Love you, kid, and remember, divinity is like birthdays, not everyone turns out perfect.

Aunt Dixie Kirkland


 What Kids Learn from Cooking —

Found in an old cookbook, source unknown.


Fractions – Have them measure ingredients, dry and liquid. Have them use two half-cup measuring cups when the recipe calls for one cup.

Addition: How many ingredients in all? How many minutes longer will the cornbread be in the oven?

Subtraction:  Count the eggs in the carton, and have them count out the number needed for the recipe. How many eggs are left in the box?  

Multiplication and division:  If I cut this plan of cake into four squares across and five down, how many squares will I have in all?  If everyone gets two slices of cake, how many people will this pan feed?

Geometry:  Circular pans, square and rectangle pans.

Reading:  Have them read the recipe to you. Teaches new words and how to follow directions.

Telling time:  The cake needs to bake 30 minutes.  It’s 3 o’clock. When will the cake be ready?

Science:  The three forms of matter … solid (flour, sugar), liquid (water, milk), gas (steam from the heat of the oven), as well as simple machines, levers and planes, and countless other science experiments.  Coming to mind to me is buttermilk and baking soda.                             

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6 thoughts on “Aunt Dixie’s Divinity”

  1. My mom would always buy me Divinity candy at a holiday bake sale which was sponsored by a local convent and college. The nuns made the most delicious food items: kolaches, danish rolls, breads, cakes, pies, cookies and candies! I looked forward to this yummy treat. Thanks for sharing the recipe!! Your book Somewhere Along the Way sounds perfect for a holiday read.

    I have two friends, Cherie and Denise currently fighting against breast cancer. I definitely will support your book Welcome To Harmony!

  2. Love the recipe! Reminds me of my Grannie’s divinity, and definitely a great way to end our Great Soup Roundup! Also, makes me think of Christmas, and we’re approaching the holiday season way too fast for me. I had the best of the best when it came to candy for the holidays. Grannie made fudge, Mama divinity, Aunt Bobbie peanut brittle and my mother-in-law, Lola, chocolate covered cherries. Each had their own unique, never fail, recipe that only they could make just the right way. Thanks for sharing Aunt Dixie’s recipe and bringing back fond memories.

  3. I love divinity, but have never had any luck making it.

    Am looking forward to reading Somewhere Along The Way.

    I click on The Breast Cancer Site every day to help finance mammograms for women who cannot afford them.

  4. I’ve never made Divinity, but always wanted to try. This is my chance.

    Breast cancer touches everyone in some way. My mother-in-law was diagnosed in 1967 and survived almost 40 years until Alzheimers took her. My daughter’s mother-in-law was just diagnosed with it this past week. My daughter also lost a co-worker who was only 27 to the disease. Unfortunately these are only a few of the friends and family we have that have or have had breast cancer. Hopefully a cure will be found soon.

    I’ll be looking for the READ PINK BOOKS.

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