Stampede’s Comin’ Chili

This recipe is fast, easy, healthful and tasty.  I keep the ingredients on hand for unexpected company.  My family loves it.

1 pound ground meat (I like ground turkey, but beef works)

2 teaspoons chili powder

1 16 ounce carton fresh cut salsa (I like Rojos Garlic but your favorite will do)

2 16 ounce cans low sodium beans with liquid (1 can red, 1 can black is nice) 

Brown meat with chili powder, drain off fat.

Add salsa, beans, and a little water if needed.  For variety you can add some frozen corn.

Mix and simmer about 20 minutes.  Mash some of the beans with a fork or potato masher to thicken and flavor the liquid.

Serve and enjoy (you won’t believe how good this is).

Elizabeth Lane
I'm an internationally published romance author, coming up on 40 novels and novellas. Most of my stories have been Westerns for Harlequin Historicals, but I set stories in other times and places as well. I'll also be writing contemporary stories for Harlequin Desire, with the first release in January 2013. You can learn more on my web site.
Updated: September 27, 2010 — 3:40 pm


  1. How easy is this? And thank goodness for the inventor ofground turkey!

    Thanks for the recipe.

    Peace, Julie

  2. I love chili. Ground turkey works great in chili; just increase the spicing and you can’t tell the difference.

  3. Yummy! I know one thing for sure, I’ve got my menus all planned out for this fall and winter, just with P&P recipes. Hugs, P

  4. Sounds delish! Maybe I will try this for the 2011 cook-off. Bet I win again! oxoxox

  5. Elizabeth, this sounds so yummy! And it’d be so healthy for you. I like that it can be made with ground turkey. And it’s an easy recipe. I’m definitely going to try this.

  6. Hello Elizabeth, This sounds really good and easy, too. I like mixing different kinds of beans. For my husband I’d add jalapenos.

  7. This recipe fits right in with my cooking philosophy: Never take longer to prepare a meal than it takes to eat it.

  8. Hi Elizabeth, wowwwww two tablespoons of chili powder … is hot! It looks very tasty. Beautiful these post of recipes, very interesting.

  9. Hi Elizabeth, wow two tablespoons of chili powder … is hot! It looks very tasty. Beautiful these post of recipes, very interesting.

  10. Thanks all for your comments and suggestions for things to add. Jalapenos…hmmm…

    Veronica, it’s two TEASPOONS, not two tablespoons of chili powder, so it really isn’t that hot.

  11. Ah ok! I read wrong, sorry:(.
    In fact, two teaspoons is better.

  12. Ooooh this looks yummy – can’t wait to it out. And I’m one who would want to add the jalapenos, but since my hubby’s not fond of them I’ll just add them to my own bowl 🙂

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