The Great Soup Roundup is Coming!

Ah swear to my time, the Fillies are taking a week off again! No matter how much ah work to keep their noses to the grindstone, they still manage to rule the roost. But ah guess there’s no use in complaining. We’re not going to leave all you little darlins in a lurch.

The Great Soup Round-up runs from Monday, Sept. 27 thru Friday Oct. 1st. Each day we’ll post two or three recipes.





Yes siree,  these larrupin’ recipes will have your mouth watering in nothing flat. And what better for cool fall weather than a big pot of something that’ll stick to your ribs and warm your bellies, not to mention the cockles of your heart. I kid you not. We’ll have you reaching for your mixing bowls and pots and getting down to business!

These recipes will give you a passel of ideas about what to feed those cowpokes of yours. So, drop by every day to see what’s featured.

You won’t be disappointed!

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