Wyoming Lawman . . . Book Giveaway!

It’s been a long time coming, but Wyoming Lawman, the second book in “The Women of Swan’s Nest” series, will be released on Tuesday, October 12th.  Some of you will remember Pearl Oliver from The Maverick Preacher.  She gave birth to a son out of wedlock and had plans to move to Cheyenne. This is her story and it’s got vigilantes, a little girl who needs a mother, and a deputy sheriff with a secret. 

To celebrate the coming release, let’s do a drawing. And to make the drawing more fun, let’s each include our home state or country.  That’s optional, but I thought it would be cool is see how far P&P reaches.  Three copies are up for grabs, so here we go . . .

Wyoming Lawman . . .

Matrimony? Never again for deputy sheriff Matt Wiley. The only good thing from his first marriage is his daughter. His little girl might want a mother, but Matt knows that no woman should have to deal with his guilty secret, or his anger at God. He’ll do his duty, serve the town of Cheyenne and keep his distance.

Yet when courageous single mother Pearl Oliver comes to town, watching from the sidelines isn’t an option—especially when Pearl lands herself in danger. His heart, Pearl’s life and the safety of their town are all at risk. Only the love and faith he thought he’d left behind can help him win his way to happily ever after.

Here’s an excerpt from the middle of Chapter One. It’s the moment Matt and Pearl meet. 

             “Get back!” Pearl shouted at the mob.

            The crowd parted but not because of her. Every head had turned to a man shouting orders as he shoved men out of his way. As he shouldered past the cowboy who’d whistled, Pearl saw a broad-brimmed hat pulled low to hide his eyes, a clean-shaven jaw and a badge on a leather vest. She judged him to be six feet tall, lanky in build but muscular enough to command respect. He also had a pistol on his hip, a sure sign of authority. The city of Cheyenne, fighting both outlaws and vigilantes, had enacted a law prohibiting men from wearing guns inside the city limits. Foolishly Pearl had taken it as a sign of civility. Now she knew otherwise.

            When the deputy reached the street, his eyes went straight to Pearl. They flared with recognition and she thought of Sarah calling her mama. Just as quickly, his gaze narrowed to a scowl and she knew this man and his wife had parted with ugly words. Loathing snarled in his pale irises, but Pearl didn’t take his knee-jerk reaction personally. She had them all the time . . . to crowds and stuffy rooms, black carriages and the smell of a certain male cologne.

            The deputy’s gaze slid to Sarah and he strode forward. When he reached the child’s side, he dropped to one knee, muddying his trousers as he touched the back of her head. “Sarah, honey,” he said with a hush. “Look at me, darlin’”

            Pearl heard Texas in his voice . . . and love.

            The child peeked from the folds of her skirt. “I’m sorry, Daddy. I was bad.”

            “Are you hurt?”

            She shook her head, but her father wasn’t convinced. He ran his hand down the child’s back, looked at her muddy knees and inspected her elbows. Apart from the scare, Sarah and her doll were both fine. Pearl watched as he blew out a breath, then wiped the girl’s tears with his thumb. When Sarah turned to him, he cupped her chin. “You shouldn’t have left the store.”

            He’d put iron in his voice, but Pearl knew bravado when she heard it. He’d been scared to death.

            Sarah hid her face in Pearl’s skirt. “I know, Daddy. But I saw a puppy.”

            The man frowned. “Sarah–”

            “Then I saw her.” She raised her chin and stared at Pearl.

            Instinctively Pearl cupped the back of Sarah’s head. She’d been close to grown when her own mother died, but she missed her every day, even more since Toby’s birth. If she’d caught a glimpse of Virginia Oliver in a crowd, she’d have acted just like Sarah.

            The deputy pushed to his full height, giving her a closer look at his clean-shaven jaw. Most men in Cheyenne wore facial hair, but the deputy didn’t even sport a moustache. He had a straight nose, brown hair streaked with the sun and the greenest eyes she’d ever seen. If her life had been simpler, she’d have smiled at him, even flirted a bit. Instead she pulled her lips into an icy line. Until she secured the job at Miss Marlowe’s School, she didn’t want to speak with anyone.

            He took off his hat, a sign of respect that made her belly quake because she longed to feel worthy of it. The intensity in his eyes had the same effect but for different reasons. He frightened her.

            “I can’t thank you enough, Miss.” His drawl rolled like a river, slow and unstoppable. “I was in the store. I had an eye on her, and then . . .” He sealed his lips. “The next thing I knew, someone said a child was down in the street.”

            Pearl knew how he felt. Toby had suffered a bout of croup and she’d been worried to death. Her heart swelled with compassion, but she blocked it. “As you can see, your daughter’s fine. If you’ll excuse me–”

            “But I owe you.”

            “No, you don’t.” She tried to step back, but Sarah tightened her grip.

            The man skimmed her dress the way he’d inspected his daughter for injuries. “Your dress is ruined. I’ll buy you a new one.”

            “No!” She could only imagine what kind of talk that would cause.

            Instead of backing off, the lawman thrust out his hand. “Forgive my lack of manners. I’m Matt Wiley, Deputy Sheriff.”

            If she accepted the handshake, she’d have to give her name. She’d be trapped in a conversation she couldn’t have until she spoke with Carrie and the school board. The less she said to this man, the safer she’d be. She indicated her muddy glove. “I don’t want to dirty your hand. I have to go now.” Before he could argue, she pivoted and headed for the hotel.


            The cry came from Sarah. Every instinct told Pearl to hug the child goodbye, but she couldn’t risk a conversation with the girl’s father. Walking faster, she skirted a puddle and stepped on to the boardwalk. Thinking of Toby, her father and the new life she wanted for them all, she hurried to the hotel.


Hope you all enjoy the book! Be sure to leave a comment with your name and home state or country. Winners will be announced later tonight.

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46 thoughts on “Wyoming Lawman . . . Book Giveaway!”

  1. Hi Victoria-
    I am from northern Michigan, and I loved reading this little snippet from Wyoming Lawman. It sounds like a great story, and I will definately be getting myself a copy when it comes out. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Hi Tammy! Glad you liked the excerpt… I really enjoyed giving Pearl her own book with a happy ending 🙂

    Good morning, Laurie! The little girl on the cover steals the show, doesn’t she? She certainly has a bright smile!

    You’re both in the drawing, and we’ve got Michigan and Wisconsin on our map. Oh! I’m in Kentucky, so that’s three.

  3. Hi Margaret! The little girl’s a real charmer. So’s her dad 🙂

    Howdy, Terri! I’m glad you enjoyed the excerpt. The “Swan’s Nest” series has been a real pleasure to write. You’re name is in the hat for the drawing 🙂

  4. How anon1001! You’re in the drawing. The cover is definitely eyecatching. The Art Dept. is amazing.

    Hi, Pearl! That’s the heroine’s name and it’s a perfect fit for her. New Mexico is beautiful. We passed through on our way from California to northern Virginia. Loved it! Your name is in the Stetson 🙂

  5. Vicki, what an excerpt! Wow! Lots of sparks flying there. And also lots of questions raised in the reader’s mind. I definitely have to have it. I’m reading as fast as I can yet my stack isn’t getting any shorter.

    Great cover too! That’s another thing that drew me. Here’s wishing you lots of success with it.

  6. Hi Crystal GB! I love Lexington. It’s got the laid back feel of southern California without the crowds, but it’s a big enough city to provide everything we need. You’re in the drawing 🙂

    Howdy, Linda! I know what you mean about that stack of books. My dream vacation is two weeks at the beach with nothing to do but read. Even then, I don’t think I’d get caught up!

  7. Hi Victoria, That is a pretty dern good story. But since I’m from California, I don’t talk that way. But it’s still good.

  8. Hi Mary J! As a native Californian, I never thought of myself as having an accent . . . until moving to KY. In the past six months, I’ve been asked where I’m from more times than in the rest of my life. Yep, I’ve got a California accent. Last week I saw okra for the first time. And I now know what a “hot brown” is.

    You’re in the drawing 🙂

  9. I live in NE Tennessee where it and North Carolina and Virginia come together.

    I need this book. Sounds like a story I would enjoy. Women had such a hard time. Their motives and morals always being questioned. The double standard has always been there, still is for that matter. If a guy makes a mistake he is sewing his wild oats, boys will be boys, taking what was offered. A female makes one mistake or is taken advantage of and she is a tramp and fair game.

    Good excerpt. Where children are concerned, our hearts and protective instincts come to the fore. Have a great rest of the week and weekend.

  10. Hi Patricia, You’ve got the themes of this book down perfectly. My heroine did nothing wrong, but she’s still being judged for what happened. She’s fighting back with the best weapons . . . her faith and integrity. I’ve added your name to the hat!

  11. I ordered this book last week from eharlequin and received an email this morning saying they shipped it today. I am looking forward to reading it. I read all your books. My home is in Oklahoma and I have lived here all my life.

  12. Cool a book that takes place in Wyoming. Don’t get to read to many book books with Wyoming as the setting. Sounds like a great book.

    My home state is Wyoming

  13. Oops I meant to say that my home state was Wyoming, but have recently moved to Colorado. Not far from the Wyoming border.

  14. Oooh sounds like another wonderful book!!! Well now I am hooked and want to see how things go…
    Saying “Hi” from AZ! 😀

  15. Hi Cathy Ann! I’ve got you in the drawing. Good luck!

    Hello Rebekah E, The books in the “Women of Swan’s Nest” series are all set in Colorado or Wyoming. I love that part of the country. Your name is in the hat.

    Howdy, Colleen! We went through AZ on that cross-country move. Loved the Flagstaff area . . . I’d love to visit it again. I’ve got you in the drawing 🙂

  16. Hi Victoria,
    I love all your books and have been a fan for a long time. I look forward to reading this one,
    especially since I live here in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
    I am originally from Florida, have also lived in Colorado, but have lived here in Wyoming for the past twenty-five years.

  17. Victoria, that cover is so far beyond adorable. I have to get my hands on this one. A tough cowboy holding a little girl. I just melted (and no, nobody poured water on me, shut up)

  18. Hi Sharon! Florida is known for high humidity, and Colorado for low humidity. I’ll take Colorado in the summer and Florida in the winter. Good luck in the drawing! I hope you enjoy in the story as much as you’ve enjoyed others.

    Mary, you always make me laugh! I like the “tough and tender” mix, too.

    Hi Estella! The cover definitely stands out with that little girl’s big smile. I have your name in the hat.

  19. I love reading about the West…I’m a real Western girl…was born in Colorado, grew up in Arizona and now live in California. Your book sounds like one I would enjoy reading.

  20. Vicki,

    I have all of your books and I hope I win this one. The book sounds wonderful, as all your books are, and I love the cover

    I live in AZ now and consider it my home but I was born in TN

    Walk in harmony,

  21. I just have to say the cover art on Wyoming Lawman is beautiful. What an adorable, precious little girl! Your exerpt has me hooked. I guess if I were Sarah I would have ran after a puppy too. I’m a sucker for puppies (and dogs).

    Would love to win a copy of your book.

  22. Gorgeous cover–the lawman and the little lady : ) Sometimes, the very person you don’t want is actually the person you most need. Hearts don’t lie, but heads sometimes need to be knocked together!

    Please enter my name in the drawing!

    “Virginia from VA”

  23. Hello AusJenny! Thanks for visitng from Goodreads 🙂 Your name is in the hat! I enjoyed writing Pearl’s story, mostly because she really deserves her HEA.

    Hi Melinda, How are you doing? Sounds like you survived the move, which I’m sure was an adventure! You’re in the drawing.

  24. Hello Brenda! You’re the second reader from Michigan. You’re entered in the drawing. Good luck!

    Hi Pat! The hero for the story wants to be tough as nails, but he can’t hold back with his little girl. The heroine has an infant son. The four of them are destined to make a family.

  25. Hi Jennifer! You made it in time for the drawing. When I wrote “Maverick Preacher,” I didn’t realize each woman would get her own story. I’ve enjoyed doing them all. Good luck!

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