We Have Winners for Renee Ryan’s Books!

Wasn’t Miss Renee something? Ah sure had a good time talking about heroes.

Ah put all the names in big ol’ pot and stirred them around…….


Anita Mae Draper

Stephanie Buckner

Ah’m doing the happy dance for you! Yeehaw and pass the dumplings! Each of you won a copy of DANGEROUS ALLIES plus HOMECOMING HERO. A real bonanza.

Drop Miss Renee a note with your mailing particulars and tell her how you want the books autographed. You can reach her at renee@reneeryan.com. She’ll be getting the books right out to you.

Miss Renee thanks everyone who followed the trail to the Junction this weekend and kept her company.

Until next time….the Good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.

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  1. By the way…

    If you stop by my Web site and click on the books link. Under the cover of DANGEROUS ALLLIES is a link for some bonus deleted scenes. ENJOY


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