What’s Western on your TBR?

I write contemporary western Romances but surprisingly, I don’t get the chance to read a lot of westerns for pleasure. My TBR is stupendously varied – books on writing craft, series Romance, Women’s Fiction, Classics, Regencies…

 So what’s western on my tbr?


McShannon’s Chance is one book I’ve had on my shelf too long and what I’m reading now.  It’s by Jennie Marsland, an RWA chapter mate and she’s got an independent spunky heroine and a Civil War vet – and it’s a mail order bride story.  Awesome! Her next book, McShannon’s Heart, is due out soon from Bluewood Publishing.  And I think Jennie might be guesting with us here at the Junction really soon.  You’re not going to want to miss that.  Jennie’s pretty talented – she writes, paints and sings.




Virgin River by Robyn Carr.  Would this strictly be called a western?  It’s set in small town California, but cabins, crystal clear rivers and small towns say western to me.  Perhaps y’all can enlighten me more?  I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read any of Robyn’s work yet, and when I bought Virgin River it was because I wanted to get the first book of the series.

And I know your jaw is going to drop when I admit I haven’t read anything by Linda Lael Miller either.  I know.  How can I possibly call myself a western writer? I seriously think I need to put a sign on my head that reads “So many awesome books, so little time.” McKettrick’s Luck is on my TBR too. Again – first in the series so if I fall in love I’ll probably glom up the rest of the series.

I’ve also got some Category Romance books on my e-reader waiting:  Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch by BJ Daniels, Once A Cowboy by Linda Warren, and The Cowboy’s Christmas Miracle by Raeanne Thayne.

 I’ve also got a shopping list as long as my arm as my sister fillies keep writing such wonderful books!

What’s Western on your TBR?

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15 thoughts on “What’s Western on your TBR?”

  1. I just realized I have read almost all the authors here but still have a few I need to explore which is a good thing because all my western themed books don’t stay in my TBR pile for very long.

    Currently, I am reading Pam Crook’s Lawman’s Redemption at the moment. And I have a Lyn Cote historical on my nightstand.

    IMHO, Robyn’s books are not really western as much as gloriously set small town. Shelter Mountain, the second book after Virgin River, is one of my fav rereads. Definitely glom Linda too, both contemporary and historical though I like her historicals best.

    In categories, I am shameless about reading anything with cowboy or ranch in the title. I read Brenda Minton’s and Debra Clopton’s Love Inspired cowboy series and you, of course! Brenda Mott’s Ranch at Rivers End is staring at me from my “need to read this next” shelf.

    Like I said, it is hard for westerns to stay in the pile but I just looked and found some of authors I glommed. Jodi Thomas, an older Cheryl St. John. I read them as fast as they write them.

    So there, I have a big TBR bookcase but a small percentage of westerns on it.

    Now if you look at my KEEPER shelf….:-)

    Thanks for a great post.

    Peace, Julie

  2. I have Karen Templeton’s Welcome Home Cowboy and Prairie Moon by Maggie Osbourne on my TBR shelves.

  3. That was kind of the feeling I got from Robyn’s too, Julie. I think that small town feel is something you see a lot of in western and hence the tie-in.

    I too have a HUGE tbr and a small percentage of westerns.

    I bought a non fic while I was on holidays too – The Cowboy Trail which gives tons of info about small town Alberta both past and present. I think it’s going to be invaluable for research as I try out some “new” town settings.

    Hi anon! 🙂

  4. I’ve got a pile of books and more are sure to find their way into my house. I still haven’t read Robin Lee Hatcher’s “Fit to be Tied” and I love the cover. Caroline Fyffe’s books are in the TBR, and so are the newest LIH westerns. Then there are the Filly books… I need a vacation where I can do nothing but read, preferably at the beach!

  5. I just finished The Lawman’s Redemption. I ordered The Lawman by Patricia Potter and His Dakota Captive by Jenna Kernan from eharlequin. I love westerns. I always read Jodi Thomas, Kate Bridges, Debra Cowan and Elizabeth Lane. If I forgot anyone I am sorry. I probably read you also.

  6. Dang, I should have known better than post this type of blog…because now I just want to go shopping…

    I also have a Jillian Hart on my tbr that I forgot about!

    Victoria, I saw Caroline’s cover on the blog and thought it was so pretty…I’m afraid I’ve been on holidays so I skimmed through recent posts to catch up…

    Goldie – I’ve been meaning to read Kate Bridges fro quite some time!

  7. Donna, this is a subject I have no problem commenting on. My TBR stack is pretty full right now and I’m reading as fast as I can. I just finished the last book in Linda Lael Miller’s new McKettrick series. It’s called “Austin” and goes with “Tate” and “Garrett.” They’re absolutely wonderful! I can’t believe you’ve never read LLM. I devour each one she puts out.

    Then I have two of our Filly sister Mary Connealy’s that’s sitting there waiting at the top of the pile: “The Husband Tree” and “Wildflower Bride.” Can’t wait to read them.

    I also have “Man of the the West” by Sadie Callahan, “A Tailor-made Bride” by Karen Witemeyer, “Sixteen Brides” by Stephanie Whitson, and Pam Crooks’s “Lawman’s Redemption.”

    Oh, and I have to mention our Filly sister Margaret Brownley’s “A Lady Like Sarah.” I finished that one a month ago and if you haven’t read it yet, you’ve got to get it. Very good!

  8. You seriously need to read Linda Lael Miller. I have parts of her MONTANA CREEDS SERIES and MCKETTRICK’S OF TEXAS series on my TBR shelf along withA WANTED MAN and BRIDEGROOM. When I finish getting the books in a series, I’ll read the whole thing.
    I also have MAIL ORDER MARRIAGES an anthology by Hart, Davidson & Bridges and ALASKAN RENEGADE by Kate Bridges.

    I like the sound of MCSHANNON’S CHANCE, all my favorite elements.

    Currently I am on the last story in the GIVE ME A TEXAS RANGER anthology. Loving it. Really enjoyed the stories by Linda Broday and Phyliss Miranda.

    There are a bunch more books on my TBR shelf, but these will be the westerns I get to first. Have about 8 Robyn Carr books on that shelf. I’ll have to check the series lists and see if I have a complete series before I start.

  9. The only thing that hurts worse than knowing how my pocketbook is going to be hit is realizing that as much as I have read there are still so many good books out there that I need to pick up….how do y’all read so darn much?

  10. Donna, the only good thing about menopause induced insomnia is the added reading time! 😉 And I just remembered that I ordered Montana Dawn and Caroline’s previous book….maybe my TBR is fuller than I thought.

  11. I have five books by Linda Lael Miller on my shelves to be read because I keep putting them aside to read the books by the Fillies that are talked about here!

  12. i have a tbr pile in a back bedroom and a tbb lot filling up my shopping cart on amazon
    i am currently trying to read 99% filly books as i love you girls all so much
    seems like every book i’ve won off here is great and it leaving me itching to catch up to every book that author has written

    i’m a fast reader…but with 3 little girls, my reading time is limited…i’ve also started running early in the mornings…so i only get a couple chapters in each night before i fall asleep (i need my sleep) on weekends i sit out by the kiddie pool with my feet dangling in and read while the girls play if we’re home and the weather cooperates

    when i see all the books i want to get to i’m just overwhelmed…so many books, so little time

  13. Since i love westerns they don’t stay on my TBR pile long. I do have Once a Cowboy on my Kindle left to read but I have read all of my westerns up. You need to get Kaki Warner’s Pieces of Sky and Open Country, totally awesome reads, if you have not read these.

  14. Hi Donna, I’m not reading anything Western right now – I’m diving into Judith James’ A Libertine’s Kiss. It’s delicious! You know, I haven’t read Linda Lael Miller either. I know her books are fantastic, I just haven’t gotten to them yet. You said it – too many books, too little time!

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