Spend Wednesday With Paty Jager

Our old friend Paty Jager has taken a notion to visit the Junction on Wednesday. Yippee!

Miss Paty is coming to talk about her new book called DOCTOR IN PETTICOATS. It sure has caught my fancy. Get a gander at that bare chest on the cover! Whoo-ee!

Ah have all these tingles running through me just looking at him!

While she’s here, Miss Paty will share the ins and outs of broom making on the frontier. An interesting subject and one ah really haven’t given much thought to seeing as how ah’m not that excited about sweeping floors. It has to be done though and a body needs a good broom.

Ah can only guess how happy you’ll be that Miss Paty’s going to give away a PDF version of the book to one lucky person. All you have to do is leave a comment. Easy as counting to ten.

So shake your leg and hightail it to the Junction on Wednesday!

You don’t want to get left out.

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