Liz Talley Sets Her Sights on the Junction!

Hello little Darlings,

Liz Talley, a brand new author, will join us here on Saturday.

Miss Liz comes all the way from the state of Louisiana. She’s gonna tell us how she puts tidbits about her life into each story she writes. She believes it helps the readers relate more to her story. Ah’ll have to agree with that. Ah love feeling like I’ve stepped into the middle of a story and have a shot at the cowboy! Hee-hee!

Miss Liz has written a book called VEGAS TWO-STEP. Ah’d like to two-step off to my cabin with the handsome devil on the cover!

And she’s’ giving away an autographed copy to some lucky person who comes by to comment on Saturday. Ain’t that a deal?

You won’t want to miss it!

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  1. I’m looking forward to this I can’t wait to read her new book! Thanks
    Happy Summer reading! Happy 4th

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