Day Three: Filly First Lines Extravaganza

 The prizes are a-dwindling, but we’ve got plenty more to give away to y’all. And don’t forget. The gal who gets the most right answers is up for a $25 gift card from Barnes & Noble. In case of a tie, we’ll break out that ol’ Stetson for a draw-off. Here’s today’s pile o’ prizes from the Fillies.


The Horseman’s Bride by Elizabeth Lane


Give Me a Texas Ranger from Phyliss Miranda


A gift certificate to White Rose Press from Tanya Hanson


A Lady Like Sarah By Margaret Brownley


A Doctor in Petticoats by Mary Connealy


Y’all know the rules . . . It’s simpler than horseshoes.  All you gotta is take a stab at guessin’ which Filly wrote these first lines…   Holler out some names in the comment section, and you just might win a prize.


Filly #5

 1. “Watch out!”   

2. “Sometimes I want to take the top of your head off and screw your brain in right.”

3. Dense clouds parted to reveal a slice of silver moon in the narrow gap of sky above the dark alley where the fourteen-year-old girl crouched beside a stack of crates. She wasn’t afraid. No, there were plenty of things more terrifying than night. 

Filly #6

 1. Quinten Corbett plucked his watch from his printer’s apron pocket and studied the hour. Damnation, maybe time didn’t matter to some folks, but to Quin the world revolved around deadlines … professional and personal.

 2. “What in the …” Morgan Payne wasn’t sure whether to cuss or fight. “Son of a …” He stared across the alley at a young woman holding a bow. He damn sure knew where her arrow had ended up!

3. Not only was he tired, hungry, and dirty, but technically, Hayden McGraw guessed he was still on suspension with the Texas Rangers.

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When I'm not keepin' all these Fillies in line, I'm practicing my roping so I can catch me a cowboy. Me and Jasper (my mule) are two peas in a pod. Both of us are as crotchety as all get-out.

42 thoughts on “Day Three: Filly First Lines Extravaganza”

  1. Good morning all. Guess I’m the first this morning. I believe that the Fillys today are:

    Filly #5 – Cheryl St. John
    Filly #6 – Phyllis Miranda

    Blessing to all of you today.


  2. Good morning, Cindy, Congrats on being first. I too have the fillies as:

    Filly #5 Cheryl St. John

    Filly #6 Phyllis Miranda

    Having a lot of fun along with all of you.

    Peace, Julie

  3. Nice photos!! That sunset is gorgeous!

    #5 Cheryl St. John
    #6 Phyllis Miranda

    I enjoyed reading the first sentence in both of the Fillies #2 slots!! I definitely want to read more.

  4. How could I not get this one.

    # 5 Cheryl St. John

    Number 6 was a little tougher for me.
    # 6 Phyliss Miranda

  5. After reading today’s great opening sentences, I thought I’d share the winning entry from San Jose State University’s BAD opening sentence contest.

    According to the L.A. Times the winner described a lengthy,ravenous kiss between lovers like this: “Ricardo lapping and sucking at Felicity’s mouth as if she were a giant cage-mounted water bottle and he were the world’s thirstiest gerbil.”


    Keep those guesses coming.

  6. Filly #5 – Cheryl St. John

    Filly #6 – Phyllis Miranda

    Had to dig into my keeper shelf for some of these.

  7. Good Morning! Some people sure get up earlier than me! =)

    I’m going to have to tell my husband about that, he will laugh.

    So, here are mine:
    Filly #5 Cheryl St. John
    Filly #6 Phyllis Miranda

    This has been a really fun week!!! I love the games!

  8. That is an awful sentence, but I guess you always have to start somewhere.

    5) Cheryl St. John
    6) Phyliss Miranda

  9. I thought I was early roflmao.

    5. Cheryl St. John
    6. Phyllis Miranda

    congrats to the new winners!

  10. Good morning! This is such a fun contest. A really good first line grabs your interest and makes you want to keep on reading. Today’s lines are real attention grabbers.

    5. Cheryl St. John
    6. Phyllis Miranda

  11. Boy did I have to read a lot to get the answers….first time on this site but I like it!!!!!

    filly #5 Cheryl St. John I sure hope so…

    filly #6 Phyllis Miranda boy I hope I have these right, again I really enjoyed going over your site….and I’ll be back for sure…


  12. Filly #5 Cheryl St. John
    Filly #6 Phyllis Miranda
    I LUV the “Give Me” reads, can’t wait to read this latest one!!! LUV your contest here!!

    Thanks, Sue

  13. This has been a great week, I believe the ladies are Cheryl St. John and Phyllis Miranda. Great first lines by the way.

  14. WooHoo………….What fun!!!

    Filly #5 is Ms. Cheryl St. John
    and Filly #6 is Ms. Phyliss MIranda!

    Pat Cochran

  15. What a great fun day. Congrats to the winners for the first two days! Thanks everyone for entering today’s contest. I’m thrilled for all the votes, but of course, won’t say whether #6 is mine or not. Only Felicia Filly knows for certain and she’s not tellin’ until midnight! My coauthors and I truly appreciate the kind words about the “Give Me” collections. It’s been a blast to work with such talented ladies as fellow Filly, Linda Broday, and the other two gals on the anthologies we’ve done so far. We’re lookin’ forward to the new ones in the makin’. Hugs from Texas, P

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