Day Two: Filly First Lines Extravaganza

The Fillies have a heap more prizes to give out, so keep your guesses a-coming’.  It’s as easy as pie to enter.  All you gotta do is take wild-mustang guess and leave a comment. Right or wrong, your name gets dropped in that big ol’ Stetson. Let’s round up two more Fillies and give away five more prizes. Take a look-see at what’s up for grabs.  


 Give Me a Texas Ranger from Phyliss Miranda


Doctor in Petticoats by Mary Connealy


A gift certificate to Wild Rose Press from Tanya Hanson


Lone Cowboy and other goodies from Donna Alward


Title of your choice from Winnie Griggs’ backlist




HERE WE GO….Remember now, all you gotta do is guess the Filly who kicked off her books with these first lines…

 Filly #3

 1. Vultures signaled trouble ahead.

2. Of all the blasted luck!  Josh Travis couldn’t believe his eyes.  Now he had no choice but to cut the dumb thing off.

3. Old man Hank Applegate should have known trouble was brewing the moment the stagecoach thundered into town one week and two days late.

Filly #4

1. “Don’t kill me! Please!”

2. The steel wheels screamed as the train slowed.

3. Angela Bentley breathed a sigh of pure exasperation.

Felicia Filly
When I'm not keepin' all these Fillies in line, I'm practicing my roping so I can catch me a cowboy. Me and Jasper (my mule) are two peas in a pod. Both of us are as crotchety as all get-out.


  1. Awright, awright, I will be the first one to dive in today.

    #3 Margaret Brownley

    #4 Cheryl Pierson

    Happy day to all,


  2. Okay, the first one was easy but the second was a little tougher for me.

    Filly #3 Margaret Brownley
    Filly #4 Cheryl Pierson

    Everyone have a blessed day!

    Cindy W.

  3. I agree Margaret Brownley is Filly #3 and Cheryl Pierson is Filly #4.

  4. Filly #3 – Margaret Brownley
    Filly #4 – Cheryl Pierson

  5. Filly #3 Margaret Brownley
    Filly #4 Cheryl Pierson

  6. #3 – Margaret Brownley
    #4 – Cheryl Pierson

  7. Filly # 3 Margaret Brownley
    Filly # 4 Cheryl Pierson

    These were tougher I don’t know some of these very well.

  8. You know, the great thing about the toughness level is that I am finding all sorts of new books I want to read…which me thinks is the point. But it is a great alternative to sudoku and crosswords too! 🙂

  9. I think this is going to be neck and neck, especially since I don’t think many have gotten anything wrong yet. This was difficult because I had seen the names before but couldn’t easily place it.

    3) Margaret Brownley (I have read parts of her book time and time again when all of the blogs had snippets)
    4) Cheryl Pierson

  10. You’re all doing amazing! I feel like I’m watching “Filly Jeopardy and it’s a real competition! I love game shows 🙂

    Julie, I’ve done croswords all my life. My grandmother got me started and it’s a lifelong habit. I like Cross Sums too.

  11. 3. Margaret Brownley
    4. Cheryl Pierson

  12. It feels weird to add my 2 cents worth after a bunch of others did…but, I’ll do it anyway…
    Filly #3. Margaret Brownley
    Filly #4. Cheryl Pierson

  13. #3 Margaret Brownley
    #4 Cheryl Pierson

    forgot about it yesterday,

  14. #3 – Margaret Brownley
    #4 – Cheryl Pierson

  15. #3 is Margaret Brownley

    #4 is Cheryl Pierson

  16. #3. Margaret Brownley
    #4. Cheryl Pierson

  17. Whew this was a toughie! But here are my guesses…I’m going with the general consensus here! 😛

    1. Margaret Brownley
    2. Cheryl Pierson

    XOXO~ Renee

  18. Here are my guesses:
    3. Margaret Brownley (LOVED, A Lady Like Sarah)
    4. Cheryl Pierson

  19. I’m trying to do these before I look at the comments . The second one today was tough!

    Filly #3 Margaret Brownley
    Filly #4 Cheryl Pierson

  20. For some reason, I think Margaret Brownley is #3 and Cheryl Pierson is #4.

  21. #3 Margaret Brownley
    #4 Cheryl Pierson

    These first lines are coming from some awesome books! This is a fun little game!

  22. This is turning out to be a lotta fun! I didn’t post yesterday for obvious reasons. LOL. I was surprised that everyone guessed me so easily, though – being new and all. 🙂

    I’ve loved looking at all the first lines as both a reader AND a writer. Good luck y’all!

  23. #3 Margaret Brownley
    #4 Cheryl Pierson

  24. I agree, Margaret Brownley and Cheryl Pierson.

  25. Avatar

    Filly # 3 – Margaret Brownley

    Filly #4 – Cheryl Pierson

    It has been fun visiting author sites. Am seeing books I enjoyed, some on my TBR list, and more I didn’t know about now need to read.

  26. This is really fun! My sincere thanks to all of you participants. I hope my winner enjoys her gift cert. to The Wild Rose Press! TWRP offers a bit of everything!(P.s. I have another book coming out August 27 if you can wait LOL. Hear from ya tomorrow!)

  27. a big congrats to yesterday’s winners!!

    Filly # 3 – Margaret Brownley

    Filly #4 – Cheryl Pierson

  28. I love reading the first lines of books. First lines really set the stage for the rest of the book. These are some great ones today.

    Here are my guesses today:
    #3- Margaret Brownley
    #4- Cheryl Pierson

  29. 3. Margaret Brownley
    4. Cheryl Pierson

    Congratulations to the 5 winners yesterday!!

  30. Filly 1 – Margaret Brownley
    Filly 2 proved to be a Night For Miracles to find
    Cheryl Pierson
    Congratulations to all the winners. Actually we are all winners finding new books to read!

  31. Congrats to yesterday’s winners!

    It’s exciting to see evryone stopping by and joining the fun. The Fillies love giving away prizes!

  32. #3 Margaret Brownley
    #4 Cheryl Pierson

  33. Donna, I loved the Lone Cowboy and the Canadian setting. You may new but your are making an impression.

  34. 3. Margaret Brownley
    4. Cheryl Pierson

  35. 3. Margaret Brownley
    4. Cheryl Pierson

    What great lines they have there too! 🙂

  36. Margaret Brownley but I don’t know the rest! Sorry
    Happy summer reading!

  37. Really interesting opening lines!

    3. Margaret Brownley
    4. Cheryl Pierson

  38. I’m just going to guess and say…
    3) Margaret Brownley
    4. Cheryl Pierson

    LOL 🙂 Kim

  39. HI everyone,

    #3/ Margaret Brownley
    #4/ Cheryl Pierson

    great giveaway.

  40. Wow! I’m thinking I need to review my collection of the Fillies’ books.
    #3-Margaret Brownly
    #4- Cheryl Pierson

  41. Congrats to yesterday’s winners!

    Filly # 3 is Margaret Brownley and Filly
    #4 is Cheryl Pierson.

    Thanks for the fun!

  42. #3 Is Margaret Brownley and
    #4 is Cheryl Pierson.
    Congrats to yesterday’s winners! 🙂
    This is fun!!

  43. I know that #3 is Margaret Brownley.

    For Filly #4, I’d love to break out of the mold…but I think it’s Cheryl Pierson, too.

    Fun game!

  44. 3. Margaret Brownley
    4. Cheryl Pierson

    This is a fun little contest!

  45. Filly # 3 is Mary Connedly

  46. 3. Margaret Brownley
    4. Cheryl Pierson

    i was on a mini-vacation…so just catching up on posts i missed 🙂

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