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Maggie Brendan


Everyone talks about love. They want to be in love, have been in love, struggles with love or have sworn off love altogether. Most of us know the only true and perfect love is the love we receive from God and we can never hope to match his perfect, unconditional love, because we’re mere mortals. But it’s “shore nuf” worth trying, as Wes Owen might say in A Love of Her Own, the final book of my Heart of the West series.

When Wes meets the lovely, sophisticated, but spoiled and self-centered April McBride, he is smitten, but he knows they are from different worlds. That doesn’t stop him from trying to get her attention. I wrote this book with one thing on my mind—to convey how love, based on grace, plays no favorites. In truth, the more flawed a person is, the greater that person’s need and potential for love. April has a beautiful exterior, but on in the inside has a flawed inner character. Wes Owen carries his own set of flaws. Although April has relied on her father’s money, her beauty and intelligence, she has never tapped into the true source of love and grace. Here’s the back copy of the book. I hope my readers will enjoy the fast-paced, exciting ride on a trail of love with April McBride. Leave a comment on the blog and we’ll draw a name for a gift copy.

In A Love of Her Own, April has everything her heart desires—except the one thing money can’t buy—true love. She’s not interested in love or finding a man. Still cautious after a broken engagement, April McBride fully intends to guard her heart when she travels to Lewistown, Montana, to attend her brother’s wedding. One look around the small mining town convinces April that doing so won’t be difficult—just a bunch of dusty shops, bad service, and ill-bred cowboys. But a run-in with horse trainer Wes Owen opens up vast possibilities for frustration, embarrassment, friendship, and . . . love?

Can April and Wes see past their differences in order to envision a future together? Or are they destined to live the rest of their lives alone?

Book three in the Heart of the West series, A Love of Her Own is an adventurous, spark-filled ride through love in turn-of-the-century Montana.


Maggie Brendan is the author of the Heart of the West series. Book #1 No Place For a Lady. Book #2 The Jewel of His Heart. The third book in that series, A Love of Her Own releases this month.
Maggie Brendan is a member of the American Christian Writers (ACW), American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and Romance Writers of America (RWA). She was a recipient of the 2004 ACW Persistence Award in Atlanta, GA.     Find her online here: http://southernbellewriter.blogspot.com/

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Maggie’s new heartwarming book is available now!


Love of Her Own, A: A Novel


 She has everything her heart desires . . . except the one thing money can’t buy.



Praise for Maggie Brendan:

“Brendan’s gentle style of prairie romance is reminiscent of Janette Oke, capturing the heart of the old West with romance that will make you sigh.”—Julie Lessman, author of the Daughters of Boston series

“Brendan blends colorful characters, lively dialogue, and intriguing historical details.”—Amanda Cabot, author of Paper Roses and Scattered Petals

“Maggie Brendan is adept at weaving a sweet love story.”—Tamera Alexander, author of Beyond This Moment

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28 thoughts on “A Love of Her Own”

  1. It sounds like April and Wes’s first meeting had some embarrassing moments! Hopefully Wes’s training with spirited horses will help when he’s dealing with April! April’s going to need some tenderness before she opens up her heart to love again. Sounds like a beautiful story set in gorgeous Montana.

  2. Hi, Maggie! I have the first two books in the “Heart of the West” series. They are wonderful Western romances and have their own place on my “keeper shelf”. The story line for “A Love of Her Own” sounds terrific. Sometimes the person who holds the key to your heart is the opposite of whom you had pictured in your dreams. You can’t really love someone else until you learn to love yourself. By that I mean accepting your true persona, both your flaws and attributes, and being the best “you” possible. We are each given unique characteristics, and we shine best when we shine from within. It sounds as though April and Wes both learn that lesson and discover a powerful love for each other along the way. Thank you for writing this lovely series : )

  3. Your book ALOHO sounds really good, Maggie. I look forward to getting it and reading the story of April and Wes.

  4. That’s so true, Virginia. Loving yourself is key to loving other. April has to take a hard look at herself and examine who she really is. I enjoyed writing how her character developed.
    Thank you for reading my first two, and I’m so glad you enjoyed them. 🙂

  5. Hello Maggie!

    Thanks for stopping by and telling us about your new book. Wes and April’s story sounds like it will be a wonderful read. I love stories where the hero and heroine are from different worlds, but love brings them together.

    Also, the cover of your book is absolutely beautiful!

  6. Hi Maggie,
    I love stories with flawed heroines. The other kind are too hard for me to identify with! And Montana is such a great setting for a romance. This is definitely going on my “to be read” list.

  7. Oh boy here is another western author I have not tried! I will have to start looking for your books. This one sounds great!

  8. Hi Maggie! Thank you for visiting Petticoats & Pistols. I can already see the sparks between April and Wes. And the book has such a lovely cover… I love “clash of culture” stories.

  9. Your wonderful novel has captivated me. What a great and beautiful story. Thanks for this lovely post.

  10. Hi Maggie, welcome to P&P! We love having you come to blog with us. Your book sounds wonderful! I love when the H/H have lots of conflict. Makes for some interesting reading. April and Wes sound like great characters.

  11. You have such wonderful covers… your newest book sounds like another great read thanks for sharing! 😀

  12. Sounds like a wonderful book, one both my daughter and I will enjoy. We so often forget to look past the exterior that we miss getting to know some wonderful people. Those with the shabbiest wrapping can have the most wonderful gift inside. Their kindness, sincerity, and intelligence are there for us all to discover. They may be shy and not attract our attention, but that is all the more reason to attempt to get to know them. Unfortunately, it is the flash and attractiveness that usually attracts. Some are also lovely inside. Others are a disappointment once we get to know them. No matter who it is, we should make an effort to find their true selves and help them bring out their gifts.

  13. Hi Maggie, welcome to Wildflower Junction. What a cover! ANd I love horse trainers! I’ll be getting this one soon. Starting No Place for a Lady on my Kindle momentarily.

  14. Thanks for the warm welcome! I agree the cover is beautiful and I love holding the book in my hands. 🙂 Mary, no I’m not going to the IRCS. I just returned from Orlando where I signed for LifeWay Christian Stores for the Southern Baptist Convention! Great time! BTW-our pastor, Bryant Wright, was elected the new president for the SBC. We’re so proud of him.

    Tracy, the idea for this book came from my critique group, & readers who wanted to know what was going to happen to April. She was the character you love to hate. So I knew she had to be redeemed.:)

  15. Welcome Maggie! wow,a great post,I havent read the books yet,but this sure makes me want to go grab one!my kind of book,love,love em! thanks for coming by!

  16. Enjoyed reading the comments. I am always looking for new authors to read and have added you to my TBR list.

  17. thanks for sharing!
    your excerpt has perked my interest and i will have to add your book to my “wish” list
    love that first comment about making you want to sigh…that in itself makes me want to read your book 🙂

  18. First off, I love the cover art on A Love of Her Own. I just have to say that the woman on the cover bears a striking resemblance you you (except for the hair color). It sounds like a wonderful book. I’m looking forward to reading it.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  19. Tabitha, Julie Lessman’s endorsement meant a lot to me. I hope you’ll feel as she did when she read the advanced reader copy.

    Cindy, I had to laugh..That you think I resemble the gal on the cover. Man, I wish I was as goregous as the blonde. Lol. When book 1 came out people told me the gal looked like me–I said “maybe 20 years ago. On that cover the heroine has dark hair like mine. Then when, book 2 came out, people a church said she looked like me. Lol. She has the most beautfiul blues eyes like the Yogo sapphires of MT.

    I appreciate all of your comments and interest. 🙂

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