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Yippee-ki-yay it’s that honky tonk gal… 


Carolyn Brown


 Happy ever after … a story at a time!

Hi y’all and thank you for inviting me to stop by your site for a visit today! I Love This Bar (Sourcebooks, Inc.) came out the first of the month and is now on the book shelves. It’s definitely modern day petticoats and pistols with a sassy bar owner and a rancher who falls in love with her.

 I Love This Bar is the first in the Honky Tonk series with three more to follow before the end of the year: Hell, Yeah (August), My Give a Damn’s Busted (October) and Honky Tonk Christmas (November).

 The Honky Tonk is an old weathered-wood saloon in Mingus, Texas. If the walls could talk they could tell tales that would put a whole new slant on the history in Palo Pinto County. It’s been there the better part of half a century and like Toby Keith says in his song, “I Love This Bar,” its has a quirky cast of losers, boozers, yuppies, blue collar boys, rednecks, dancing girls and hookers, a big bouncer man and dumb-asses.

 When I Love This Bar begins Daisy has been the bartender/bar owner/vet-tech enough years to have seen all of the folks mentioned in the song and her love for the bar runs deeper than just liking her job. She has absolutely no notions of changing one bit of her life until Jarod swaggers into the Honky Tonk in his tight fittin’ jeans, ten gallon hat, boots and enough sex appeal to give her a case of acute hot flashes.

 It doesn’t help that they collide in the middle of the dance floor and the fall puts him right on top of Daisy:

All the air escaped Daisy’s lungs in a whoosh and when the cowboy collapsed on top of her body. She sucked in air and pushed at the weight but her arms were pinned. She opened her eyes to see a head full of dark hair and felt the sharp bone of his nose pressing into her left breast.

 He moaned or mumbled something. Her breast muted whatever it was.

 Thank God he’s not dead; she thought when he rolled to one side.

 He raised his head and looked over at her, his face only inches from hers, his eyes zeroing in on her lips.

 Hot damn! That’s one sexy face, they both thought at the same time.


© Carolyn Brown, Sourcebooks Casablanca, 2010

I’m not sure any woman could look up and find a sexy fellow like that (Go take a look at the front of the book) stretched out on top of her and not have an acute case of hot flashes. And so begins a ride on an emotional roller coaster that has them both panting and dizzy. The regulars at the Honky Tonk, plus Jarod’s Uncle Emmett with his smart mouth and manipulating ways, fuel the fire that keeps the roller coaster going at break neck speed. Daisy has to learn to trust; Jarod has to convince her he’s trustworthy.

Grab your boot scootin’ britches, pick up I Love This Bar and visit the Honky Tonk. And when you finish the book go on and read the first pages of Hell, Yeah at the end because it’ll be on the shelves in a few weeks!  Tell me, if you could meet Daisy or Jarod in person, what would you like to ask them?  (Quick! Think of something; Carolyn’s giving away two copies of her exciting new book to two lucky responders!)


About the Author

Carolyn Brown is an award-winning author who has published 36 historical and western romance novels for the library market, many of them bestsellers in that market. Born in Texas and raised in southern Oklahoma, Carolyn and her husband now make their home in the town of Davis, Oklahoma. For more information, please visit http://carolynlbrown.com/


                      IN STORES NOW!

                      I Love This Bar


She doesn’t need anything but her bar…

Daisy O’Dell has her hands full with hotheads and thirsty ranchers until the day one damn fine cowboy walks in and throws her whole life into turmoil…

 He’s looking for a cold drink and a moment’s peace…

Instead, Jarod McElroy, finds one red hot woman. She’s just what he needs, if only he can convince her to come out from behind that bar, and come home with him…

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32 thoughts on “I Love This Bar”

  1. Congratulations on this wonderful book. The cover is striking and dramatic as are the characters. I would like to ask Daisy how her life will change with this encounter.

  2. Good morning from Oklahoma,
    I’m glad to be here this morning.
    Victoria: Thanks for the warm welcome. Glad you like the titles. Country music is life in music form so the titles are surely fitting for what goes on in the Honky Tonk.
    Anne: From the beginning Daisy knows her life will never be the same. Every time she shuts her eyes she sees Jarod!
    Happy Reading,
    Carolyn Brown

  3. Hey, Carolyn! You can’t beat a good little Honky Tonk! The walls are small and the tales are tall, beer flows and anything goes : )

    I read the extended excerpt on your website. I like a first meeting with real impact! I would ask Jarod and Daisy the same question: “Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places, and what will you do when love finds you?”

    I have your “Lucky” series, which I love!

  4. I like stories like this one and have added it to my TBR list. I would ask Daisy and Jarod what drinkthey order when they go to the bar and which song do they request to dance to?

  5. Virginia C: Yes, ma’am. Just like the old country song, they have been looking for love in all the wrong places and when it finds them they are shocked and ready to run. But there’s no place far enough away to erase that first intoxicating rush when they looked into each other’s eyes.
    Joye: They order a long neck Coors and they dance to “Amazed” by Lonestar!
    Thanks for the comments!
    Carolyn Brown

  6. Hi Carolyn, I have been seeing your book around and I would love to read it. It sounds like my kind of book. I love the cover and the title! When you put Honky Tonk and Cowboys together it has got to be good! Thanks for sharing with us today and a chance to win this awesome read!

  7. I love cowboy stories and series. Welcome to P&P today.

    I would ask Daisy if she thinks Jarod will totally understand her connection to her job and how she plans on convincing him. Thanks.

  8. runner10: I don’t know about most folks but I love Texas because the people are laid back and the sunsets are gorgeous.
    Quilt Lady: Good luck and I hope it lives up to your expectations.
    RobynL: It takes Jarod a while to understand her love for the bar but he does come around.
    Carolyn B.

  9. Oh my, I love the look of that cover, and the Title!
    If only that happened in real life, I have never had a hunky cowboy literally drop in my lap!
    I would ask Daisy what drink she would recommend, and I would ask Jarod if he needed help buttoning up that open denim shirt!
    All the best for your release!

  10. Karyn: Daisy is a beer drinkin’ woman. Coors, perferably. And I’m thinkin’ Daisy might have a problem with another woman touching the buttons on Jarod’s shirt! LOL
    Carolyn B.

  11. Your book sounds great and what a cover! 😉
    Question for Daisy… before Jarod came along, what did you do in your spare time? An Hobbies? 😀

  12. Welcome Carolyn,glad you came by,love the post an the Novel covers woooooooohoooooooo,Id ask him how he get to lookin so GOOD?????LOL

  13. Colleen: Thank you! Before Jarod came along Daisy was busy with her vet-tech sideline business in the day and the Honky Tonk at night. Her platter was full or so she thought! Then boom! Her world was turned upside down.
    Vickie: Thank you for the warm welcome. Jarod doesn’t even know he looks that goooood! That’s what makes him so damn loveable.
    Carolyn B.

  14. Goldie: Barnes & Noble, Hastings and Borders are all carrying my books. Hope you like it. Don’t you just love this Oklahoma heat? Not me … my poor little fat cells are scared they’ll die if I sweat and they set up a whine every time I walk out the door! LOL
    Carolyn B.

  15. Thank you. I just ordered it on-line from the book store. The nearest Barnes & Noble and Borders is in Tulsa so I order most of my book from them on-line.

  16. My question for Jarod: Since you’re obviously taken, are there any more like you at home?
    I’m just kidding! I’ve had my own long, tall,
    Texan in residence for almost fifty years now!

    I know I’m going to enjoy reading about Daisy
    and Jarod – thanks, Miz Carolyn for writing
    their story!

    Pat Cochran

  17. I can’t wait to start this series. I would ask them if they plan on making return visits in the other books, you know, to let us know how they are doing ?

  18. I’d ask Daisy why she doesn’t trust men. Work is fine, but there has to be more to life than that.
    I had to laugh when I saw the titles of your series, especially MY GIVE A DANM’S BUSTED.

    Good luck with the release of I LOVE THIS BAR and your next one, HELL, YEAH.

  19. Pat: Bless your heart … fifty years! You deserve a big pat on the back!
    Linda: Yes, ma’am. They definitely make appearances in all three of the other books in the series.
    karenk: Happy reading!
    Patricia: She got burned pretty bad when an old boy friend turned out to be a first rate jack ass. Jarod shows her that there is more to life than life than a bar and a bunch of bloated goats!
    Glad you liked the titles … they fit each book perfectly.
    Thanks for all the comments today. This has been so much fun.
    Carolyn Brown

  20. Hi Carolyn, from a fellow Okie! I’m in Oklahoma City. My best friend used to live in Davis. Your books look wonderful! I’m so glad to get to “meet you” through P&P and become familiar with your works. “I LOVE THIS BAR” is going to the top of my TBR pile, for sure (love that song, too!)

  21. Cheryl,
    I will be in OKC on August 7 at the Full Circle Book Store from 3 to 4:30 signing books; and at B&N on August 14 at 2:00 for a book signing. I LOVE THIS BAR and HELL,YEAH will be offered at the signings.
    Maybe I will see you there.
    Carolyn Brown

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