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I thought it might be fun to run an occasional (once a year or so) blog that highlights western movies, TV, music and any other cowboy news of interest.   So here it is, folks.  All the western news that’s fit to print and maybe even some that ain’t.  Let me know what you think.

Mother Nature Will Make or Break Three Montana Ranching Families in this New Series-

A new documentary series The Last American Cowboy profiles three Montana cattle-ranching families.  Freak storms, deadly diseases, forest fires and hungry predators are just some of the challenges these families will battle in the weeks ahead. Who knew that ranch life could be this tough?  Love the show but not so much the name. The last cowboy?   It airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on Animal Planet.

Look who just landed in the Cowboy Hall of Fame!

Tom Selleck was recently inducted into the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma for his body of work—and what a body it is.   His work ain’t bad either.   He’s starred in such favorites as the The Sackets, Quigley Down Under, The Shadow Riders and Last Stand at Saber River.  

Known for his witty charm, craggy face and sparkling eyes he looked great in his Hawaiian duds, but he’s a natural in cowboy boots and hat.   On or off the screen, Tom is the real McCoy Not only did he do many of his own stunts, he enjoys puttering around his 63 acre ranch (although now that I’ve seen The Last Cowboy holding down the fort is more like it).  His many acting awards include an Emmy and Golden Globe, but he claims none meant more than this one.  “I don’t think for an actor who works in westerns there is a bigger thrill,” says Tom.  That’s our boy.

 The Old West has Gone Virtual

If you’re a fan of video games (and even if you’re not) you might want check out this trailer for “Red Dead Redemption.”  Okay, so it’s not how we played cowboys and Indians, and John Wayne is nowhere in sight, but the old west is looking pretty good—even if it’s only virtual.  (Warning this game is R rated)

Mark your Calendars:

Hee-Haw!  July 24th is the National Day of the Cowboy and we fillies plan to celebrate big time. 

That’s all Folks!


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11 thoughts on “All the News–More or Less”

  1. oooh, i like the change up in posting every so often
    especially since i got a heads up to set my dvr for the last amercian cowboy!

  2. Oh darn Margaret! I forgot all about it last night. We had dinner with friends and Last American Cowboy slipped my mind. I hope I remember to catch it this Monday… great post!!

  3. Hi, Margaret! Thank you for this post! Tom Selleck makes a mighty fine man of the West. He and Sam Elliott are great friends and costarred in two great movies based on Louis L’Lamour stories: “The Sacketts” and “The Shadow Riders”. For me, Sam Elliott has no peer as a Western star. Sam and his wife, Katharine Ross, are picture perfect in “Conagher”–also from Louis L’Amour book. Sam Elliott, Katharine Ross and a stellar supporting cast make this sweet prairie love story unforgettable! I own the book and the movie. In addition to playing the title role, Sam executive produced and co-wrote the screenplay (with wife Katharine Ross and Jeffrey M. Meyer ) for “Conagher”. The picture was one of the highest-rated originals ever to air on TNT and would win Sam a Western Heritage Award, as well as a Golden Globe nomination (for Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV). I would truly love to see Tom and Sam in another great Western!

  4. Great post Margaret! I love me some cowboys so I will have to check out that video and yes we played our cowboys and Indians when we where kids. I’ll bet kids don’t play that so much anymore! To many other things now!

  5. Phyliss,
    Yep, we sure do need those cowboys, all right. I’m trying to think of how to finish this sentence: a world without cowboys is a world without…?

    For some reason chocolate comes to mind.

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