ANGEL BOYS, watching my babies grow…

I’m taking a personal detour today and having a total Mom Moment.  The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of another school year coming to an end for my boys, full of concerts, recitals and scrambling to get those last assignments turned in.  Today (yesterday) was the last day of Freshman year for Ethan, my youngest, and I cannot believe both my boys will be finished with high school in only three short years.  I swear it was only yesterday when I sent them off for their first day of kindergarten and first grade.

My angel boys.  Aren’t they precious!  This past week we’ve also been converting all our old VHS home videos to disc, images from sonograms to teens filling my TV for the past week…oh man.  I’ve been blessed to be an at-home mom, and yet it still seems like I blinked and they went from toddlers to this…

My house is currently throbbing with blaring amps, pounding drums and the deep rowdy voices of a whole gang of teenage boys — a steady chaos I know I’ll be missing before long.  Tomorrow their cousin and some of their closest friends will graduate, another friend leaving for the Army in in just a couple weeks. Huge changes, the constant motion and evolution of life, and suddenly, my  babies, who’d seemed securely tucked into our nest a few short months ago, are teetering awfully close to the edge, so to speak. Conversations have shifted from games, toys and movies to colleges, careers, hopes and goals. And DRIVING–egads!  So  much to be accomplished in just a few years!  There seems to be this new urgency combined with the usual impatience of youth *lol*.

Tanner, my oldest, is focused on airplane mechanics, his sights set on a career in the Air Force. He’s been pouring over books on turbine engines and jet propulsion.  Ethan is my musical one, playing the guitar, piano, drums and most recently the ukulele (my house is not a quiet place *g*). He’s also in choir and he volunteered to play his guitar as a pre-show for their spring concert last week. I uploaded a video clip of his solo below—advanced apologies for the bumpy motion for those who check it out–I was filming with one hand, taking pictures with the other.  The lighting wasn’t the best, but the sound came through great–not that I’m a proud mom or anything 🙂

While I’m feeling a tad misty-eyed about all the years that have gone by so quickly, I’m excited for all that is still to come and try to keep a lid on the parental angst and to remember to enjoy today before it’s gone. No matter how old my guys get, they will always be my angel boys 😉

Anyone else out there enjoying this end-of-the-year school scramble? Care to share any advice or memories?

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19 thoughts on “ANGEL BOYS, watching my babies grow…”

  1. Today my nephew graduates from high school and he is the last of the first cousins to do so. Sigh, time does fly.

    Sounds like you have done a great job with your guys.

    Peace, Julie

  2. Hi Stacey,
    Your boys are adorable! Just hang on, it can be a wild, bumpy ride!!! I have two wonderful sons, the oldest is going to be thirty the end of this month and the youngest will be twenty-four in August. Time does fly and there are many days I wish we could go back for those little boy hugs and kisses. Alas, we can’t. Today I enjoy the long conversations about what they are doing in their lives, goals they’re still striving for or just about whats happening in the world. Just savor every moment that you can and give them lots of love.
    Blessings to you all!
    P.S. Loved the guitar solo

  3. What handsome young men! They grow up so fast, you turn around and they are grown! I only have one son and he will turn 21 this year. Where your house has amps blaring mine has computers every where! That is what son and hubby are into!

  4. The strangest fact of motherhood…..

    The years fly by.

    But there are some DAYS that will NOT end.

    They’ll be grown and gone so fast, just enjoy them. Think of them as the most expensive toys you own and play with them…to get your money’s worth. 🙂

  5. Stacey, your boys are handsome young men. I know you’re very proud of them. It’s great that they have such strong interests. Just enjoy every minute you have them with you. Your house will be awfully quiet when they’ve left to pursue their dreams.

  6. The end of the school year brought a change for me as my granddaughter graduated from the school where I work. Next year will be the first year that one of my children or grandchildren will not be there with me. (I work in a k-12 setting)

    They all grow up so fast that we must hold on to our memories and embrase each new day as it comes.

  7. Thank you, Linda!! I have these little panic moments when it hits me how little time I really have to get ’em ready before they leap 😉 I don’t really think I’ll so much mind the quiet though 😀

  8. My mother had four boys at home and our house was always the meeting place.. I was a big sis or little sis to more than just my brothers by birth, I had to take on all thier frineds too. As did my mom and dad. But now the next generation is mostly girls and I am watching them go from dolls to boys.. Not easy and especially when they are away at Unvercity… One is finished &working, one has a baby, then next one off to Uni and more coming up the way.. Oh I feel so old

  9. My four kids are all grown and out of college now so the end of the school year passes almost without me noticing these days (except my schoolteacher daughter mentions it ofte ). But boy do I remember those days and what a dramtic change it made in the rhythym of our household

  10. Hi Stacey, congrats on those sweethearts. My baby boy had a birthday yesterday…oh the years flew by. Now he has a little boy of his own.

    I’ve been retired from teaching for a while now but I still get a little fluttery at the end-of school time of year because I remember longing for it so badly LOL.

    Great post. What lovely boys.

  11. Stacey, what nice lookin’ young men. I know you’re proud of them. I just got back from ordering an Italian Creme Cake with apricot filling for my younger daughter’s 38th birthday tomorrow! Time flies, so enjoy every moment of your kids. Hugs, P

  12. The days go by faster than one can believe! I can
    guarantee that fact: my four range from 48 to 38!
    And it’s the ten grandchildren on whom we are now
    counting the days! Granddaughter Ashley just com-
    pleted her first year of college. The next two are
    both 16, within touching age of college.

    Your Angel Boy Ethan is an excellent musician! And
    it sounds as if Tanner has a good head on his shoulders with his choices. Hang onto every minute
    with your angels, life is already calling to them!

    Pat Cochran

  13. oh my goodness you must be SO PROUD!!!!!!!!
    what great boys!!!
    amazing how totally different their interest are..but it sounds like they are doing awfully well in pursuing them
    ethan’s performance was AMAZING!
    thanks for sharing!!
    nice to get a personal post from the authors every now and again
    i love that about this blog…i learn and i get to know the women who write the books i read on a bit of a personal level…makes my reading even better when i know that the author is a real person too!

  14. Stacey, wow and how is it that time goes by so quickly?

    I’ve been immersed in the aviation world for a long time, so your son going into the Air Force as a mechanic gave me a little thrill.

    You must be such a proud mama!

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