Day Three: Filly First Lines Extravaganza

 The prizes are a-dwindling, but we’ve got plenty more to give away to y’all. And don’t forget. The gal who gets the most right answers is up for a $25 gift card from Barnes & Noble. In case of a tie, we’ll break out that ol’ Stetson for a draw-off. Here’s today’s pile o’ prizes from the Fillies.


The Horseman’s Bride by Elizabeth Lane


Give Me a Texas Ranger from Phyliss Miranda


A gift certificate to White Rose Press from Tanya Hanson


A Lady Like Sarah By Margaret Brownley


A Doctor in Petticoats by Mary Connealy


Y’all know the rules . . . It’s simpler than horseshoes.  All you gotta is take a stab at guessin’ which Filly wrote these first lines…   Holler out some names in the comment section, and you just might win a prize.


Filly #5

 1. “Watch out!”   

2. “Sometimes I want to take the top of your head off and screw your brain in right.”

3. Dense clouds parted to reveal a slice of silver moon in the narrow gap of sky above the dark alley where the fourteen-year-old girl crouched beside a stack of crates. She wasn’t afraid. No, there were plenty of things more terrifying than night. 

Filly #6

 1. Quinten Corbett plucked his watch from his printer’s apron pocket and studied the hour. Damnation, maybe time didn’t matter to some folks, but to Quin the world revolved around deadlines … professional and personal.

 2. “What in the …” Morgan Payne wasn’t sure whether to cuss or fight. “Son of a …” He stared across the alley at a young woman holding a bow. He damn sure knew where her arrow had ended up!

3. Not only was he tired, hungry, and dirty, but technically, Hayden McGraw guessed he was still on suspension with the Texas Rangers.

The Day Two Winners Are…

We got us a real horse race with this li’l ol’ guessin’ game.

You all figured out Filly #3. She’s none other than our Rita nominee Miss Margaret Brownley.  Those toe tappin’ first lines were from A Lady Like Sarah, Chocolate Kisses and A Suitor for Jenny.

And Filly #4 is Miss Cheryl Pierson. She’s one of the new Fillies, and she’s bustin’ right outta the gate.  Those charmin’ first lines were from Fire Eyes, Time Plains Drifter and A Night for Miracles.

Now for the winners of those five prizes…


Congratulations,  Cindy Woolard! You won Give Me a Texas Ranger from Phyliss Miranda. Her email is  

Doctor in Petticoats by Mary Connealy goes to cheryl c. Give Mary a shout at

A gift certificate to Wild Rose Press from Tanya Hanson goes to Stephanie Buckner.  Miss Tanya’s findable at

Abi won Lone Cowboy and other goodies from Donna Alward.  Give her a jingle at

And last, congratulation to  JennJ   You won the title of your choice from Winnie Griggs’ backlist.  Her email is

Congratulations, ladies!

Day Two: Filly First Lines Extravaganza

The Fillies have a heap more prizes to give out, so keep your guesses a-coming’.  It’s as easy as pie to enter.  All you gotta do is take wild-mustang guess and leave a comment. Right or wrong, your name gets dropped in that big ol’ Stetson. Let’s round up two more Fillies and give away five more prizes. Take a look-see at what’s up for grabs.  


 Give Me a Texas Ranger from Phyliss Miranda


Doctor in Petticoats by Mary Connealy


A gift certificate to Wild Rose Press from Tanya Hanson


Lone Cowboy and other goodies from Donna Alward


Title of your choice from Winnie Griggs’ backlist




HERE WE GO….Remember now, all you gotta do is guess the Filly who kicked off her books with these first lines…

 Filly #3

 1. Vultures signaled trouble ahead.

2. Of all the blasted luck!  Josh Travis couldn’t believe his eyes.  Now he had no choice but to cut the dumb thing off.

3. Old man Hank Applegate should have known trouble was brewing the moment the stagecoach thundered into town one week and two days late.

Filly #4

1. “Don’t kill me! Please!”

2. The steel wheels screamed as the train slowed.

3. Angela Bentley breathed a sigh of pure exasperation.

Day One Winners…Come & Get Your Prizes!

Howdy, y’all!  Was that easier than fallin’ off a log or what?  Every single one of ya got ‘em right!    Filly No. 1 is indeed Miss Mary Connealy.  Those catchy first lines are from Calico Canyon, The Husband Tree  and Doctor in Petticoats. 

Filly No. 2 is Donna Alward, one of the new Fillies in the corral. Her first lines come from  Once Dance With The Cowboy, Marriage at Circle M,  and The Rancher’s Runaway Princess. 

It’s a neck-and-neck horse race for sure, so check in tomorrow for Round Two.  Somethin’ tells me this is going to be close all the way to the finish line!

Now for a Filly Yippee-Kai-Yea to the winners: 


Kaitlyn, come on down!  You won a signed copy of Doctor in Petticoats by Mary Connealy. Give Mary a shout at

Sharon just won a signed copy of A Lady Like Sarah by Miss Margaret Brownley.  Send her your mailin’ vitals at

Waving at Joye!  You’ll be receiving a copy of Give Me a Texas Ranger from Linda Broday..

A big round of applause for Anne! She  won  Fire Eyes from Cheryl Pierson  You’ll find Miss Cheryl at

And last, Regina won a copy of Touched by Love and a bracelet from Tracy Garrett. Give her a shout at

Day One: Filly First Lines Extravaganza

Are y’all ready for Filly First Lines?  Before we get started, here’s what’s up for grabs from that ten gallon hat chock full of prizes…


Doctor in Petticoats by Mary Connealy


A Lady Like Sarah by Margaret Brownley


Give Me a Texas Ranger from Linda Broday


Fire Eyes from Cheryl Pierson


Touched By Love and a bracelet from Tracy Garrett.


Winning sonethin’ is easier than falling off a greased log.  You don’t have to guess which book, just the name of the Filly who wrote these high-kickin’ first lines. Leave a comment and your name goes in the hat  for today’s drawin’.  Right or wrong, you’ve got a shot at a prize.

 On Friday the Fillies are gonna count up the guesses on their fingers and pretty little toes. Whoever gets the most right wins a $25 gift card from Barnes & Noble. If there’s a tie, we’ll  break out the hat and have a draw-off. Good luck, y’all!  


Filly #1

1. The Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse rode in, late as usual.

2. Belle Tanner pitched dirt right on Anthony’s handsome, worthless face.

3. Beth McClellen would die before she missed Mandy’s wedding.


Filly #2

1. There were times in life you either had to go big, or go broke.

2. When Mike Gardner came walking up the path in just that way, Grace knew she was in trouble.  

3. “In two hundred meters, turn left.”


Post your guesses, ladies!  The lucky winners will be named in the wee hours of the mornin’, so check back tomorrow .  . . There’s good stuff a-coming from Wildflower Junction!

Karen Templeton Winner!

And now for my favorite part. Ah do love drawing winners!

Ah put all the names in the ten gallon hat and one popped right out…..


Ah’m doin’ the happy dance for you, Julie!

Please contact Miss Karen at and tell her where to send your book.

Take care until the next time we meet. And don’t forget to join us all the rest of this week for the Filly First Lines Extravaganza! You’ll have tons of chances to win books and other prizes.

There’s a Reason New Mexico’s Called The Land of Enchantment


The village of Tierra Rosa, my fictional small town in northern New Mexico, is very, very loosely based on the picturesque, lost-in-time real village of Pecos. Situated about a half-hour west of Santa Fe on the southern edge of the Santa Fe National Forest, the village itself winds like a lazy roller coaster ride through a couple of miles of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, a charming, humorous mix of adobes, turn-of-the-century two-story foursquares and straightforward ‘sixties unadorned – as well as the usual complement of mobile homes in various stages of disrepair).

In the spring, I imagine profuse lilacs suffocate crumbling old adobe walls and “newer” post-and-rail fences alike, since they certainly do all over Santa Fe, infusing the entire town with their delicious fragrance. In the fall, when my husband Jack and I drove up from Albuquerque, the northern New Mexico landscape is nothing short of magnificent. Brilliant yellow aspen and live oak leaves flash against the bluest sky you’ll ever see, pollutant-free at 7000 feet above sea level; a few miles in any direction of the village lead to ranches and tiny farms alike, tucked against mountains, the Pecos river valley, the hauntingly stark red clay mesas that seduced Georgia O’Keefe into never leaving.

That seduced – eventually – this born-and-bred East Coast gal into never wanting to leave, either. For that, I have Jack to thank, since more than twenty-five years ago he suggested we pack up all our goods and chattel (including the first two of our five sons) and move back to New Mexico from New York City. Well, “back” for him – I’d never been farther west than Jersey. And, okay, it took me a few years before I could look up at a plane heading east and not whimper. But there’s a reason why this place is called the Land of Enchantment, because inevitably it cast its spell on me, just as its original inhabitants, not to mention the succession of settlers trooping through a hundred, two hundred, four hundred years ago.










However, until I was well and truly under that spell, I didn’t feel right about setting my stories here, as though I had no right writing about characters who called this fascinating, sometimes spectacularly beautiful place home until I could, too. It was therefore especially sweet that my first RITA award (in 2009, for Best Contemporary Series Romance) was also the first book in my Tierra Rosa-set Wed in the West series for Silhouette Special Edition. I’m also delighted that readers are loving the series enough to allow me to continue setting books there. My latest, WELCOME HOME, COWBOY, about a burned-out country singer finding healing in the last place he ever expected – and with a woman whose heart is even bigger than her butt! – is in many ways my favorite of the series thus far.











And Tierra Rosa – I mean, Pecos – will always hold a very special place in my heart, since my research trip there was the last time my husband and I drove up north before he passed away this past March. Unfortunately, it was already too late to dedicate WELCOME HOME, COWBOY to him…to say how grateful I am that he gave me this truly magical place to call “home.” That, and our five terrific (if sometimes exasperating) sons.  So, thanks, honey, for thirty-one wonderful years. You’ll always be the reason I write romance.


 Yee-Haw! Karen is giving away a copy of her new book.  Leave a comment and you may be the lucky winner! 


Welcome Home, Cowboy (Silhouette Special Edition) 

He’d never really had a place to call his own…

But the broken-down ranch in front of him was the closest he’d ever come. Now, pregnant widow Emma Manning was struggling to keep it, her children and herself going. She could use a hand. Well, that was all burned-out musician Cash Cochran could spare.

He’d never had a woman to call his own, either…

That was painfully obvious to Emma as soon as Cash knocked on her door. And though, with her ever-growing brood and her money pit of a ranch, she was the last woman on earth he could ever fall for, he was falling nevertheless. They both were.

But what would happen when they landed?

Filly First Lines Extravaganza

Dern their hides, the Fillies are taking another week off from blogging! Ah’m gonna have to take a stick to ’em. They keep hightailing off every chance they get and leaving me to hold down the fort. Can you believe that?

But, the good news is we’re having a full week of fun.

Each day starting June 28th through July 2nd, we’re gonna post two Filly’s first lines from three of her books. Your job is to chose the Filly who wrote them. Don’t stand there scratching your noggin, it’ll be as easy as water rolling off a duck’s back.

And oh my Lord, there’s a whole slew of prizes….a bona fide bonanza! There are oodles of books, beaded bookmarks, and jewelry among other prizes.

We’ll have four to five winners each day. Then on Friday, we’re giving away a  grand prize….a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card….for the one who got most answers right during the week. In the event of a tie, ah’ll put the names in a hat and draw a winner.

Sound like fun?

We sure hope so. We want everyone to wake up in the mornings just itching to get over here.

Don’t you be a stranger now, you hear!

I Love Ghost Towns

Lena Nelson DooleyLena


   Characters who grip your heart


Ghost towns are spread all across our country, but there does seem to be a larger number in the western states. What turns a thriving town into a ghost town?

 A number of events can affect the life and growth of a town. Take for instance Golden, New Mexico, the setting for my latest novel.

General Merchandise This area was inhabited by Spaniards and Indians long before Americans became interested in the area. However, the first gold strike west of the Mississippi was in this area. Hence the name Golden, New Mexico. Miners struck gold there in 1825, years before gold was found in Colorado or California.

 The area remained fairly quiet with just mining camps and placer miners. Shortly after these mining camps were formed, the San Francisco Catholic Church was built in about 1830. That building is still standing. Tourists along the Turquoise Trail from Albuquerque to Santa Fe like to take pictures of it. My publisher included the church building on my cover.

 Decades later, several large companies put money into the mines. In 1870 Golden was chosen as the center for the mining district. At the time of my book, 1890, the town supported several saloons, businesses, a school, and even a stock exchange.Golden Mine area

 I believe the major influence that led to the later demise of Golden was when the railroad chose to go through Los Cerrillos far to the north of Golden. When the mines began to play out, the town declined. By 1928, the post office closed, and Golden became an official ghost town.

 Most of these ghost towns have interesting histories if a person wants to dig deep enough to find it. And that’s what I did with Golden.Golden New Mexico

 Perhaps you have areas near you where a town used to thrive. If so, please tell us about some of them.


Photos of Golden, New Mexico used by permission:



Lena’s exciting new book is available now!

Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico


All that glitters is not gold.

Maggie’s Winner!

Woo-Hoo and Hallelujah! We have a winner for A LOVE OF HER OWN…..

Cindy Woolard

Congratulations, Miss Cindy! Ah’ll contact you to find out where to tell Maggie to send the book. Then, she’ll get it out on the first stage.

Miss Maggie thanks everyone who dropped by to chat. She wishes she could give everyone a book. You sure made her day.

Until next time……