Nicola Marsh Visits the Junction

Nicola MarshHello Darlings,

All the way from Australia, Miss Nicola Marsh will join us on Saturday for more fun. Bet we’ll chat up a storm.

This will mark the lady’s first visit to the Junction and she’ll give us the down and dirty on where she gets ideas for her stories. Ah always like to be able to pick a writer’s brain. Ah learn some interesting things.

Miss Nicola will also talk about a new book she has coming out called A TRIP WITH THE TYCOON. By the way, she’s bringing one to give away to one lucky person.

So, get yourself in gear and head over here come Saturday. We always enjoy seeing you!

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  1. Looking forward to being here!

    Just to clarify: I’m giving away my recent RT finalist A TRIP WITH THE TYCOON, and chatting about my upcoming releases too 🙂

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