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Hello everyone.  I’m going to be out of town most of the day today on family business but thought I’d offer you this short post sharing some links I like to visit from time to time.  The first group is provides links to several sites that list cowboy slang and idioms along with definitons and usage.  The second is a group of links to cowboy recipes – I especially like the cowboy candy, but warning – it is not for those who shy away from spicy dishes!


Western Slang & Phrases

Old Slang, Lingo, & Phrases 

Famous Cowboy Sayings of the Wild West and Modern Day

Cowboy Bob’s Dictionary

Cool Western Slang

Cowboy Quotes, Sayings and Wisdom



Cowboy and Ranch Recipes

Old West Cookin’ 

Cowboys Recipes That’ll Put Hair on Your Chest 

Cowboy Cooking Trail Recipes 

Cowboy Candy Recipes!

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15 thoughts on “Cowboy Slang & Recipes”

  1. What great sites.
    The Cowboy Candy is something else. My 12 year old grandson would love it. He loves hot stuff. Don’t know where he gets it, no one else in the family can handle it.
    I just may have to print out a Cowboy Cookbook (to add to the other 600 I have).
    Thanks. Hope your family business is the good kind and goes well.

  2. Thank you for these links, Winnie. I don’t write westerns myself, but I love all historical eras! Some of the slang terms are used in my mom’s family (maybe picked up from my grandpa, lol) — and I love reading new (to me) recipes. Think I’ll have to try the Bear Signs…

  3. good post. Loved looking at the recipes. If it is cowboy my hubby will eat it. However, two urls are bad.

    Old west cooking
    Cowboy cooking trail recipes

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