Guess Who? All About Filly #10 . . .


This Filly took a canoeing class and a bowling class while in college

 College PE

This Filly’s high school summer jobs included
1) shelving books at the public library
2) working as a file clerk at the Water Dept., and
3) schlepping backstage at a repertory theater during their production of  Three Penny Opera (Mack The Knife anyone?)

Summer Jobs

This Filly was born on a Friday the 13th


This Filly taught herself to make a full size quilt (Grandmother’s Flower Garden pattern) – it took her two years to complete it


This Filly once had a fox squirrel named Squeeky for a pet


Updated: March 26, 2010 — 11:13 am


  1. Love these. It’s so much fun learning things I didn’t know about my sister fillies!

  2. Wow, Three Penny Opera was pretty heavy for high school. Love the quilt!

  3. Squeaky is adorable 🙂 And the quilt is beautiful!

  4. Wow, she’s really talented! I’m envious that she made a full size quilt. How beautiful! And a Friday the 13th birthday. Good grief! Hope it’s lucky for her.

  5. that quilt is beautiful!
    is that the actual one??

    i’m blindly guessing here…can’t even remember what i have and haven’t guessed yet

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