Guess Who? All About Filly #9 . . .

Filly Fun CowgirlsThis Filly’s favorite food is Super Chunky Peanut Butter, especially with a crisp Red Delicious apple.

This Filly has lived in California, Virginia and Kentucky.  She likes California the best, but Kentucky is a close second.  How could she not love it? Retired thoroughbreds live next door and come to her back fenLee HOrsleyce for carrots.

This Filly was nominated for a Rita Award in 2006 for her third Harlequin Historical, a western with a preacher hero.

This Filly’s favorite movie is The Sound of Music. Her all time favorite TV show is Paradise with Lee Horsley and Sigrid Thornton.  Yep, she likes tortured heroes!

This Filly plays music while she writes. Her favorites are Bruce Springsteen, Gary Allan and Marty Robbins.  “El Paso” has been her favorite song since she was five-years-old. She won’t tell you what year that was!

Updated: March 27, 2010 — 8:10 am


  1. Lots of clues here … My favorite thing about this blog is the picture of from Paradise 🙂

  2. linda?
    i’m grasping at straws
    can’t wait to find out all the answers

    ps–i love peanut butter and apples also…but with tart apples 🙂 or something like a honeycrisp

  3. My blind guess would be Victoria

  4. I think it is Margaret Brownley

  5. We’ll give answers on Friday, but someone here has it right 🙂

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