Guess Who? All About Filly #7 . . .

osmonds croppedFilly Fun Cowgirls1) This filly has in her and her husband’s immediate family—that’s brothers and sisters, their spouses and children—100 people.

2) This filly’s name is so unusual that she has never found anyone in the United States with her last name who wasn’t related to her.

3) This filly has a day job on an Indian reservation.insomnia1

4) This filly is a raving insomniac and part of the reason she started writing was to save her sanity while she whiled away the night hours.

5) This filly started her first book the year her baby went to Kindergarten and her first published book released into bookstores the year her baby graduated from high school.

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5 thoughts on “Guess Who? All About Filly #7 . . .”

  1. I bet this Filly has some wonderful family gatherings with 100 relatives 🙂 And it’s interesting about the name. I’m wondering which of the Fillies has the most unusual moniker 🙂

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