Guess Who? All about Filly #6 . . .

Since I am the most boring person on the planet, the following are the best I could come  up with.

down escalator

This filly is pathologically terrified of down escalators.  


This filly has the same name as a porn star. (oh, goody! But at least it drives traffic to my website LOL)


zumba_dance_q6xe02This filly does Zumba on Wednesday evenings with the girls on her cul-de-sac. (Latin American aerobics)




This filly is addicted to McDonald’s iced coffee, regular flavor.  (hence the need for Zumba.)iced-coffee





This filly and her hubby went to a California high school together but were not sweethearts. Mostly because she was a dork and he was Football Team Captain/boyfriend of  the Homecoming Queen-Head Cheerleader. They didn’t date until after she went to college in Nebraska. She actually picked “Deliverance” for her first date with him.  If you have seen this movie, you will marvel along with her that he asked her out a second time.Deliverance photo

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10 thoughts on “Guess Who? All about Filly #6 . . .”

  1. yes..more interesting than you thought you were filly #6
    zumba–i think that’s neat!

    no one has a porn star name to me….

    pam crooks?

  2. I’m terrified of escalators too, but only the up ones. I’m always afraid I’ll catch my foot getting on. Funny about the movie Deliverance and the first date with her husband. He must be a keeper if he could go through that AND ask for a second date.

  3. Has to be Elizabeth Lane.

    Yes, I am surprised he went out with you a second time after going to see Deliverance. My husband and I went after his brother said it was a great canoeing movie. His idea of a joke I guess. It was a good thing he lived over 1,000 miles away. One of the few times I’ve gotten sick at the movies (of course I was a few months pregnant. That may have helped).

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