Guess Who? All About Filly #4 . . .

I hope you’re having fun guessing which fun facts belong to which Filly. By the time this is over you’ll have enough to blackmail each of us. LOL!

And now for the nitty gritty:

This Filly was born in a tent. She didn’t live in a house until she was three years old. This is a picture of her.


This Filly’s daddy was a bootlegger during the early part of her life.

moonshine still

This Filly is an avid coin collector.

This Filly has a picture of Willie Nelson holding her first book.

This Filly won The National Readers’ Choice Award for her second historical romance.

Any guesses?

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10 thoughts on “Guess Who? All About Filly #4 . . .”

  1. I know, I know, I know … because everything fits except the coin collection,which I had no inkling into. I won’t say who it is, but eager to see if I’m right! Goes to show you never, never know everything about a friend!

  2. margaret?
    i’m blindly guessing here 🙂

    pretty awesome about the tent…especially since i personally didn’t have to raise a baby in a tent

  3. I think it is Linda Broday.
    My Grandfather was a rum runner from Montreal, Canada south to New York City along Lake Champlain. I believe there is one carload in the lake he ditched one night while being chased.

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