Donna Alward: Who Says You Can’t Go Home Again?

Hello again and thanks for having me back for another visit! Seems like itDonna Alward cover wasn’t too long ago and I moseyed in for a chat – come to think of it, it was January and I chatted about my book One Dance With The Cowboy and the rescue ranch that my hero, Drew Laramie, set up.

Drew’s got a brother, you know. If you got a chance to read Drew’s story, you probably remember Noah getting a bit of a mention. Like Drew, Noah’s been away from home for many years. Drew never went too far from his ranching roots – he chose veterinary medicine for a career and coming back to Larch Valley and revitalizing the family ranch wasn’t a big leap. But Noah…well, Noah’s different.

Noah’s been a soldier for years. And Noah doesn’t choose to come either. He has to because he’s been wounded. Really wounded. Like losing the better part of his arm wounded. That’s really not something you can stitch up, take a couple of Tylenol and get right back out there in the field, you know? This is starting to sound like a soldier story, isn’t it. And you’d think so. I mean Noah’s unit has been his family. The military life is all he’s known, and missing that, getting back to that, is a good part of his conflict. His identity is wrapped up in being Captain Laramie, and now all of that is up in the air as he returns to Larch Valley to recover.

But before he was a soldier, Noah was brought up at Lazy L, and going back there is maybe a little easier than he expected. You see, one of the themes that seem to leak into all my books is the connection between character and place. I happen to believe really deeply in place connections so Noah coming home definitely is going to bring back memories and more importantly, feelings.

Maybe some of those feelings are nostalgic – in one scene he recalls working alongside his father and Drew and how he’s missed it. In another he looks out over the waving hay fields and feels more at home than he expected in the open space and farm land. The problem, of course, is facing all those things knowing that the time in between cannot be changed.

And then there’s Lily. Practical, beautiful, compassionate Lily.

So who is Noah? A soldier? A cowboy? A bit of both? I’ll admit that I really didn’t know which way he was going to choose until the book was well underway. What I do know is that Noah is a cowboy in the truest sense – hard work ethic, loyalty, dedication….

And he sure knows how to dance.

Happy reading!  I’ll be giving away a copy of Her Lone Cowboy to one name drawn from today’s commenters!CowboysandConfetti

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38 thoughts on “Donna Alward: Who Says You Can’t Go Home Again?”

  1. I’d love to find out how Lily helps Noah deal with his “identity” crisis. Larch Valley sounds like a beautiful area to be from and to return to live.

  2. Once a cowboy, always a cowboy! A Westerner’s love of the land is felt through the bone. How many of our service men and women have longed for the serene beauty and quiet of a hay field or the safety of day to day existence at home with loved ones. As for Noah, sometimes what you leave behind waits for you to realize that home is where you’ve wanted to be all along. How sweet it is when that moment of enlightenment becomes fully realized. That’s when the dance really starts : )

  3. Welcome Donna, that books sounds really good,cant wait to read it,a very interesting post,thanks for dropping in today!

  4. Welcome Donna I can’t wait to read about Noah and what he decides to do. You have all of us wondering about if he and Lily will get together.

  5. Hi Donna!
    Sounds like a good combo, soilder, homecoming and then cowboy and love.
    The dancing part sounds fun too!!
    Interesting that you didn’t really know where you were going until you got there writing it.
    I think that’s how I would be if I had the talent for writing.

  6. Hey there, Donna! Fancy seeing y’all here! Great to see ya!
    Thanks for telling us a bit about your new book. Sounds like a doozy! Definitely on my to-buy list. (Duh!)
    I hope y’all have a nice weekend. It’s raining here but it sure beats snow!

  7. I really enjoy cowboy stories, and military ones too. I can’t wait to read your new story. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Hi Donna and welcome;
    I, too, believe that your roots take over no matter what you did after you left home. Home will always be in you amongst whatever it is you chose to do with your life. And who doesn’t love the country and the solitude therein.
    Hopefully the love of Lily will be the ointment for his healing.

  9. Hi all and thanks for having me back, Fillies!

    I really loved writing this book! And Lily was a joy too. She didn’t let Noah away with ANYTHING. There’s probably a lot of me in Lily, because a lot of times I asked myself, how would I act if I were in this situation? And I took it from there.

    In One Dance With The Cowboy, Lily makes the statement that she never dates cowboys. It was a real pleasure making her eat her words. 🙂

  10. Donna, welcome back! We’re so happy to have you. It’s always a pleasure.

    Congratulations on the new book! It looks and sounds great. The title really drew me in. A lone cowboy….Ummmmm! Lots of scenerios flood my brain. But then knowing he’s wounded sure sets the tone. I’m going to have to get this.

    Wishing you lots of luck and much success.

  11. Hi Donna, great to see you again! Congrats on you new book, it sound fabulous and I can’t wait to read the story! I have been really hooked on cowboy lately! I do love them so much! Thanks for sharing yours with us today!

  12. I am always interested in reading a story with a cowboy in it. This one sounds really good.
    Happy St Patrick’s Day

  13. Hi Donna, welcome to the junction today! Noah indeed sounds amazing. And your blog title reminds me of one of my favorite songs by Jon Bon Jovi! Best wishes always! 🙂

  14. I belong to two Mystery book clubs and after reading 3 or 4 mysteries I like to clear my head by reading either a Pirate or a Cowboy/Western story…..this one sounds like a good one…think I’ll read it next. Happy St Pat’s Day

  15. Sounds wonderful. Will definately read. I’ll cross my finges that I’m a winner of the book though. Have a Happy St Paddy’s Day!

  16. Hi Donna,

    There is not one line of Harlequin that I do not like. Your books sounds intersting and I have put them on my must read list.

    I cannot wait to learn more about your cowboy and plots

    Thansk Donna for sharing

    Walk in harmony,

  17. Sounds like an awesome read. Please enter me in your giveaway and thank you so very much for the opportunity.

    Cindy W.

  18. Unfortunately, it seems more soldiers, both men and women, are having to face this problem. Home and a true sense of place and belonging should go a long way to help in such a major life transition.
    Both books are on my To Buy list.

  19. Glad to see you back in the Junction, Donna!

    This sounds like a wonderful book! I look
    forward to reading it!

    Pat Cochran

  20. Wow thanks everyone!

    Quilt lady – if you check in, can you drop me an e-mail at donnaalward at hotmail dot com?

    We’re going to be drawing the winner later today. It’s been so great reading all your comments! But then the junction is always a real friendly place to visit – must be why I keep coming back. 🙂

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